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PC World! very angry, off to see the manager tomorrow, talk about customer service!

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bikergran Sun 12-Feb-12 18:05:12

Think I am allowed to say PC World am I!
Have been thinking about a new laptop as this one is ancient and dying on me, so picked out a model on the PC World website and trotted off to the store, had only just got inside when the usual "can I help you" "no Im ok at the moment thanks" so I went to find the model I was interested in but no it was not on display, so the chap who spoke to me as I came in was nearby, I asked do you have such n such a model? he said "how much was it"? I said £399, straight away he said "sorry no we don't have that model in stock. he said I know because another customer has just been in to ask"!!!! (hmmm strange I thought) also according to the net it was! in stock, but i didnt argue as I wasnt 100% sure of my facts.....he then said "BUT WE DO HAVE THIS!! MODEL" (£100 EXTRA)..he then goes on to tell me all the so called extras etc etc etc ...I said no thanks and walked out!! puzzled I went back home checked the net and yes it WAS in I rang and spoke to some one who then put me through to customer service..unfortuantly I didnt get the mans name and they asked me to describe him, which I couldnt do as we have to be so carefull what we say these days...havn't we! she was most apologetic and even offered something off if I was to still purchase the item...but I declined...and I am off to the store tomorrow to see the I feel disgusted that this person thought he could pull one over on a "gransnet " person!! angry
huh!! the top and bottom of it..was he couldn't be bothered to go and look and!! he thought "here comesa granny" lets lead her a little dance, and if I get her to buy the more expensive model I will have more! commision!!...huh!!

Carol Sun 12-Feb-12 18:19:38

Good for you*bikergran*. I hope you make them grovel! I came out of PC World in disgust for similar reasons a while back - they seem to check you out and decide you look gullible, then see how much money they can get out of you without putting any effort into being helpful. I went in after reading up about the laptop I had been looking at, and was minding my own business browsing in that section. The spotty twit who started pestering me knew nothing about the item I was interested in, yet had impinged on my personal space, insisting 'can I help you?' He didn't even know how many USB ports it had, and you could count them just by looking at them! I walked out.

jeni Sun 12-Feb-12 18:28:23

Good for you! I'm going apple asi find them all very helpful and patient. They even tried to tell me I could manage with a smaller model!
I know they are all horribly young,but they are nice.

bikergran Sun 12-Feb-12 18:31:32

lol the wrath of a "gransnetter" lol

gracesmum Sun 12-Feb-12 18:48:57

Ooooh! he doesn't know what is awaiting him. if he did he would ring in sick tomorrow. I COULD almost feel sorry for the but I don't. Give it some welly bagitha!!!

Butternut Sun 12-Feb-12 18:50:21

Apple are all horribly expensive, too jeni, but dammit, they are fabulous.

bikergran Sun 12-Feb-12 19:15:55

Duaghter has Apple Mac..used it for her graphics work..very nice they are

bikergran Sun 12-Feb-12 19:16:45

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr daughter......think I have a chinese

Annika Sun 12-Feb-12 19:56:53

Must just say , when I went to PC World a little while ago to buy a new pc. The assistant (a man) asked if he could help. I told him the model I was after, (I had seen it on their web site). He went to have a look to see if any were in stock, they were but he also showed me another pc (same make) with bigger gb and better intel processor, and it was on offer so it was £100 cheaper than the one I was going to buy .
I found him to be very helpful, not only did I save money I got a much better pc ! smile

bikergran Sun 12-Feb-12 21:55:41

Annika must have been his first day !! lol... well done on your purchase....must say I have always dealt with pc world and been fine...but it ws the attitude.of this person..I wish I ahd been armed with the knowledge that I was 100% sure it was!!! in stock ,, that way I could have questioned it there and then and stated my case....we shall see what tomorrow

greenmossgiel Sun 12-Feb-12 22:17:50

Hell hath no fury like a Gransnetter scorned, biker! Go for the jugular! grin

Annika Sun 12-Feb-12 22:22:26

bikergran best of luck, let us all know how it goes

numberplease Sun 12-Feb-12 22:30:16

I`ve bought from PC World, no problems with the service then, but my first ever laptop conked out on me, took it to PC World for repair, they told me it needed a new battery charger, that was all, didn`t cost me as it was still under guarantee, but as soon as I got it home it was still showing the same fault as before. My son took it back for me, took them to task over it, told them what he thought was wrong and needed doing, the youngster at the service centre counter suggested he take it home and mend it himself if he was so knowledgeable about it! He ended up leaving it with them, they had it for 4 WEEKS! When I got it back, the guarantee had run out, just, and a few days later it burst into flames on my knee! Needless to say, I`ve not been back there since.

gracesmum Mon 13-Feb-12 01:06:28

Sorry - the welly-giving exhortation was meant for biker not bagitha (but feel free whatever)

bikergran Mon 13-Feb-12 08:50:23

numberplease that is disgusting service from a big company.... i dont like Pc world but they do sem to have the best offers..I am ready for battle (but I am to polite) also the Stanna stair lift man woke my up rining at 7-30 this morning...!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr I had dropped back off to sleep for the first time in months....and also It is my first fre week for many many many daughter and grandson are away for the I had no need to rise early!! needless to say the Stanna man won't be offered a cup of tea this morn!!!!
gracesmum lol yes realised that..dont worry lol
greenmossgiel where is the jugular situated? it th left or the right side of the body..(don't want to be stood on the wrong lol

Greatnan Mon 13-Feb-12 12:22:11

I love it when they try to sell me an extended warranty - I ask 'Why do I need it, is this model/make not reliable?' When they assure me that it is I tell them that in that case I will rely on the Sale of Goods Act. Face falls, as they get more commission for selling these useless insurances than they do for selling the item. Another good opener is 'My consumer group advises me.....'
I once bought a pair of shoes that fell apart after a week. I took them back and the salesgirl said accusingly 'You have worn these in the rain'. She then tried the usual trick of saying she would have to send them back to the makers, until I pointed out that my contract was with the retailers. A bit of professional sounding jargon goes a long way with most salespeople.
Of course, it is a bit more difficult in France, no matter how fluent you are. You have to keep the original packaging in order to return anything even if you have all the paperwork.

Carol Mon 13-Feb-12 13:31:06

That's my view Greatnan. If I go and buy what is said to be a reliable, good quality product, why are they hinting to me that it might pack up before long? I never buy extended warranties. I tell them my consumer rights will cover any problems (which I don't expect) and I will publicise poor quality and where I got it from if the product doesn't stand the test of time.

Annika Mon 13-Feb-12 13:57:37

A tip from Martin Lewis... when offered extended warranty on goods you are buying, don't refuse them, tell the seller that you will take up the offer of the extended warrany if they reduced the item by £100 (or a price you want). On the agrement form (which you will have signed) is written in small print that you have a cooling off period of 2 weeks. All you have to do is when you are home ring the company that the warranty is with and cancel it. It is also a good idea to put it in writing as well !
That way you have saved yourself a nice bit of cash wink.

Carol Mon 13-Feb-12 14:08:14

Martin Lewis - my hero! What a brilliant idea smile

Annika Mon 13-Feb-12 14:36:27

Carol I get his e-mails every Wednesday its the highlight of my day grin

Greatnan Mon 13-Feb-12 14:41:33

Yes, I get his e-mails every week, but it is mainly for interest as not much applies to France or New Zealand!

Carol Mon 13-Feb-12 14:45:43

I get the emails, too, and have taken advantage of a few of his suggestions, especially switching utilities and broadband/TV/phone suppliers to keep saving.

grannymoo Mon 13-Feb-12 15:37:53

Take my advice and if you need to buy anything with a plug on it buy it from Costco their service and returns policy is the best in the world!

Carol Mon 13-Feb-12 15:44:30

Thanks for the tip Grannymoo. I had forgotten that - I've had a few electrical things from there over the years, and none of them have given me any problems. They aren't that much cheaper in terms of what you have to spend, but the quality is fantastic.

jeni Mon 13-Feb-12 16:34:28

green you have two jugulars, one each side!