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AIBU expect United Utilities to at least tell me they are turning the water off?

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Carol Thu 16-Feb-12 15:46:52

Grrrrr....!! Just in the middle of baking and washing up, no water in the kettle, only muggy water in the washing up bowl, dog has just emptied her water bowl, and then I discover I have no water. The swines are up the road digging yet another hole, and didn't have the decency to inform any of the neighbours that we were going to be without water. It's obvious someone is in as I have two lamps on in the sitting room. No card, no letter, no loudspeaker, nothing on website. !*@&"%ing ....grrrrr!

Annobel Thu 16-Feb-12 16:38:12

Not unreasonable of course! They are not good at communication. That happened here not so long ago. Suddenly no water and no explanation. Something to do with the long-lasting road works here. One hot summer when I had had surgery on my shoulder we were without water for almost a week and they installed bowsers around the streets. Try carrying big buckets with one arm in a sling! No help for the elderly and incapacitated. Luckily I did have someone to bring me large bottles, but no thanks to United Utilities.

Carol Thu 16-Feb-12 17:10:31

My lovely neighbour has just called to say he strolled over to say 'hello' to our water engineer friends. 'Any idea how long it will be till water goes back on?' says he, politely. 'Ugg' says the engineer. 'Okay, thankyou' says neighbour and wanders back. So that's alright then!

JessM Thu 16-Feb-12 17:26:36

Oh dear. Things were not like that in my heyday of managing men in muddy boots. But I suspect in the effort to keep bills down they have cut customer services. I had a team of about 15 who just did customer stuff. No digging, no testing, just dealing with queries, organising warnings, talking to people etc.
In those days we were obliged to warn for planned interruptions - I'm sure they still will be. Obviously if there is a sudden emergency you cant put cards through doors. The people digging will be contractors who are paid to get the job done asap and then on to the next one.
But complain, call the call centre. You might get a little bit of financial compensation.

Carol Thu 16-Feb-12 17:30:19

It's been put on the website emergency section in the last hour 'Jess' so they have managed to hit their dubious target! Could you just nip over in the tardis and put the wind up them, please?

JessM Thu 16-Feb-12 18:21:32

Ah yes I was good at that job, but i did have a big team.
Is it still off?

Anne58 Thu 16-Feb-12 18:25:42

I must say that although we pay one of the highest water charges in the country, South West Water are actually very good about informing residents of times when they will need to cut off our supply.

That said, I think you have every right to be cross, to be left high and dry (so to speak) is very inconsiderate.

I agree with JessM even if it was an emergency situation, they could have knocked on each door in the street before they actually turned it off, to give you the chance to fill kettles etc.

Carol Thu 16-Feb-12 19:23:05

Hurray! It's just been put back on. How did we know? We saw the van scarpering into the distance and tried the taps again. Customer Service par excellence! Mmwah...that's for you United Utilities!

Anne58 Thu 16-Feb-12 19:59:08

I think that you shoulod still make a complaint.

Nothing to loose?

Carol Thu 16-Feb-12 20:15:23

Have I got the energy now? I might have a go at them tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to relax and hope that nothing else happens. I still have to face the mechanic who took my car when he brings it back tomorrow - he's probably been traumatised from his encounter with me at quarter to eight this morning in my (almost) altogether. I bet he never turns up too early again.

glammanana Thu 16-Feb-12 23:20:58

So sorry Carol to have come on to this so late if I had been tinternetting earlier in day i would have got out the new 4 x 4 broomstick as it has not had a trial run as yet grin could do with a bit of customer complaining at the moment. Glad everything OK now.