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Can i pleaseee post this here?

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NannySam Thu 16-Feb-12 19:02:48

I went 'private' when i found a breast lump ..painful mid November..went to to see if it was or was not...cancer..
I had a'jiggly' fine needle aspiration...and a scan...
I was told by consultant i did not have cancer! Hoorah says i.....but i WAS told to see NHS for a fibroadinoea (sp) a long i was sent a month the flu ..had to cancel...but hey it wasnt urgent was it? so i wait for another app. nothing....i find another cant find it but sends me to Breast we are now 3 months further on....i attend to see consultant...3 lumps now...and she says without hubby in the room....oh it feels like a slow growing cancer to me! i want 3 biopsies and a scan done....i went home in TOTAL shock and am waiting to be seen next week by another consultant...we are now in reicept of 'private' doctors letter...and i was told he lied to us....
Any advice welcome...thank you.

Anne58 Thu 16-Feb-12 19:09:33

Must have been pretty distressing, but not sure what you mean by the reference that you were lied to?

jeni Thu 16-Feb-12 19:14:07

GMC is the complaints body for doctors!

NannySam Thu 16-Feb-12 19:25:04

Sorry, i wish i had not brought this to this board i am too upset to answer questions...but my GP said ..i had been lied to by 'private' consultant...i have already set in motion a complaint...for( after any 'treatment'...i have)...3 months i have sat here thinking i do not have cancer....OK he said...NO cancer....

Anne58 Thu 16-Feb-12 19:51:33

Well, what to think........any initial reactions, ladies? hmm

jeni is right GMC (General Medical Council) would be your first course of action.

Carol Thu 16-Feb-12 19:52:31

You need some time to get your head round what has been happening NannySam. It sounds like you are a bit numb with the shock of what you have heard. You haven't had your biopsies from what you say here, yet another doctor makes a pronouncement before there is evidence of what the problem is. They shouldn't be talking to you like that, but saying 'let's get you looked at so we can determine what's going on.' It might be worth getting an early GP appointment and asking them to explain the process and what you can expect to happen. I hope things go ok for you.

jeni Thu 16-Feb-12 19:55:24


Anne58 Thu 16-Feb-12 19:57:36

Perhaps it's just me, then.

JessM Thu 16-Feb-12 20:45:11

No need to apologise nannysam . But it does not sound like you have a definite diagnosis yet. Just a suspicion by a consultant.
Hopefully now you are in the NHS system and seen a consultant you will get a good and fast service.
Many years ago I had a lump which was poopoohed by an NHS consultant "I don't like cutting holes in young ladies" - I think he had come out of retirement to act as a locum.
Lump grew very slowly and I mentioned it to GP about 10 years later. Hmm he said, that looks like an incomplete investigation. Referred me to another NHS hospital who were fantastic. The scan consultant was brilliant. Day surgery lumpectomy, cancer diagnosis and then a partial mastectomy. Job done, 15 years ago.
So if it is a slow growing cancer then things can move extremely slowly.
I think you need to sort this out and then think about the original consultation at some future date.
I would be surprised if your GP had said you had been lied to by another doctor. Maybe you misunderstood that bit?

NannySam Thu 16-Feb-12 22:23:35

Thank you for your comments... doctor told my partner and i that the 'private' consultant had indeed LIED to us both....but she tried to dismiss..her head of practise being involved in the extreme delay....i was amazed my doctor DID admit it! But she told me that she had been treated by the same consultant herself for a lump...and she expected him to be polite to her ..since she is a GP...but she told me that he was nasty to her! (he was ok with me)
There is so much i COULD say that i have found out....about 'moving' from private to is still very much frowned upon...
I came here under another name...i had to change it...about getting a fibroadenomea...looked at ..a few months ago....if they had...looked at it i'm sure other things may have been picked up..
I am very angry whatever the diagnosis is....if say i havent got cancer...why put me through all this terrible stress and my family too!
I wanted to know in November...i was ready to take whatever was thrown at me...
He the private consultant came into the room after we had waited a while and told us the 'wonderful' havent got cancer...

gracesmum Thu 16-Feb-12 22:50:53

I can understand how shell shocked you must be but don't immediately assume that this is in fact cancer, waiting is hell, but you do need the biopsy results to be sure and then, you know that now you are in the system, action will be taken. I have many grouses about the health service, but think that when it comes to anything serious, you do get a fantastic deal. The advantage of the NHS over private is that you have a consultant with an overview of your case, while when you go privately you are in a position to choose - and for most of us who are inexperienced in medical matters, we do not actually know how to make the best decisions.
You have had a raw deal, but I sincerely hope that you are now in good hands and will get the treatment you need - if in fact the news is what you are expecting. thanksthanks and a {{{hug}}}

Annobel Thu 16-Feb-12 22:53:10

Perhaps you still haven't got cancer. I am surprised that the second consultant made a putative diagnosis before doing any tests. What is the point of putting the wind up a patient until you have a clear and indisputable diagnosis on the basis of biopsies and scans? This second consultant sounds like the unprofessional one - can't really comment on the private one. Who knows? he might have been right.

glammanana Thu 16-Feb-12 23:03:21

Can someone confirm (or not) that a referrel from your NHS GP will be delt with within a two week period if the patient thinks they have suspect lumps ? I would expect a similar time scale for arranging an appointment with a Private Specialist so would always tend to go down NHS route for treatment of this kind,I can't understand any Consultant giving a definate diagnosis until all tests where completed and future treatment discussed.I must say when I had my treatment for Ovarian Cancer 20+ yrs ago I had the scan done privately but the only reason was the waiting time was 6 weeks for the initial scan which would have proved too late in my case.Hoping everything goes well for you nannysam I only know too well how worrying a time this is .

grannyactivist Thu 16-Feb-12 23:04:55

NannySam - it's a horrid situation, but if it does turn out to be cancer you can be assured of lots of helpful sympathy, support and advice from Gransnet. It seems as though many grans have a wealth of experience they can share with you. (((hugs)))

JessM Fri 17-Feb-12 07:03:52

I think generally things have improved a lot in England in terms of waiting times Having said that a relative in Wales is getting messed about waiting for action and then feedback in the prostate dept.
I agree with Gracesmum that NHS usually very good if the matter in hand is serious. Private are good at doing routine surgery. If you need a straightforward op and you are otherwise in good health they will do it sooner and with a nice room. Slick production line. But you will probably be in a hospital with no medical cover if you have a sudden emergency. There are lots of things they just don't do at all. But if you become ill suddenly with a medical condition its the NHS or the NHS.
Cancer falls in the middle because it is not a sudden emergency and does often require surgery. But when my aunt had her BC treated in London privately she had to wait ages for radiotherapy because of course private don't splash out on multi milion pound radiotherapy machines.
Also if you go to see a private consultant he will not have the same backup of all the other departments and diagnostic facilities that an NHS hospital has to hand.
So you will be waiting for a date to have biopsies or lumpectomies now.
I know you are in a state of emotional turmoil but it will be better for you going into this minor surgery if you can crank down the stress hormones. (there is despite all the hype no reason to think that stress bad for cancer or that it causes cancers - but it is better not to be in panic mode for other reasons - anaesthetists prefer it I am sure)
Please remember that the treatment for breast cancer is getting better all the time and that 3/4 of people get fully cured these days. And that you don't know you have got it yet. Old whatsistsface the private consultant might have been right all along!!
I suggest you make yourself a list of things to do; distractions to stop your head going round and round, exercise if possible is a great stress reliever, spending time with other people (as long as they are not full of woe and anxiety ), doing any urgent jobs you may not feel like after lumpectomy.If you can't sleep maybe a little sleeping pill from the doc.

bagitha Fri 17-Feb-12 07:15:09

jess, respect. And thank you.

NannySam Fri 17-Feb-12 09:16:27

Thank you for your very kind and sensible remarks! I have been fairly level headed ..but just have my moments! I have not cried...yet!
I am not terribly mobile ...but do indeed keep as busy as i can!
Everything in the house is up to dressing gown and nightie (just in case).
I will come back when i get the results....promise...
Thank you for the flowers xxx

Ariadne Fri 17-Feb-12 09:20:26

When, like JessM, I had breast cancer, 7 years ago now, the response from the NHS was superb: one week for consultation and mammogram, biopsy etc done same day and results back within an hour. From end of June to operation 4th August! Then chemo etc.

I couldn't have had better treatment. But I am very aware that the speed varies from post code to post code.

And the statistics ARE good, and improving all the time. As I have mentioned before, I am an Ambassador for Cancer Research UK, and talk to groups, especially about BC.

But, you know, while fully acknowledging the research that has gone into improving diagnosis and treatment, I do think that a big factor is the willingness of women to talk freely about it, to share experiences and help allay (I hope) the fears - though the fear is always there. So, while you are going through all this stressful stuff with these consultants, NannySam, keep exploring and talking to GNetters. The support will be so good. xxxx

GoldenGran Fri 17-Feb-12 09:28:03


kittylester Fri 17-Feb-12 09:35:04

All the best NannySam keep us up to date. As grannyactivist said, there are lots of people here to give you support. As a general rule, the NHS is brilliant when it counts. thanks

JessM thanks

jeni Fri 17-Feb-12 10:42:03

I must say I am very very surprised a diagnosis of ca was given on nothing more than a feel! You just can't do that unless there are other signs present ?
However as others have said it still would not be the end. Treatment has improved no end!thanks

NannySam Fri 17-Feb-12 11:29:47

Jeni i was suprised too! especially as they didnt have any of my records either!
All were is a strange chain of events..
The private scan i had the radioligist suggested the lump was in need of antibiotics as she could see inflamation...but it wasnt mentioned again...and i forgot even though i great pain...
But i did remember last week and after a course of strong antibiotics and evening primrose caps..the pain has calmed down! the 3 lumps btw feel quite different to each other is huge i dont know how i missed it for so long the others are like peas..they are new..i do not self examine!
I will come back thank you..

Anne58 Fri 17-Feb-12 20:53:00

Only me then.

bagitha Fri 17-Feb-12 21:01:26

Possibly me too.

jeni Fri 17-Feb-12 21:17:45

Both only you what?