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crimson Thu 01-Mar-12 18:51:07

When I was young I loved my scooter, so I can understand children enjoying the new versions. However, it does my head in walking back from school with children of all ages whizzing past me, clipping my ankles; having to move aside to let them past then, when they drop back to wait for their parent/guardian, move aside to let them whizz past again. Added to which I have a very miserable 4 year old who won't speak to me because he's not allowed to ride home on a scooter because I insist on him walking alongside me. There's at least one accident each evening when one falls off. Today was particularly bad, and I was tired after work as well. One child on a pavement on a scooter is ok, but not loads of them. have some schools banned them, or was I just dreaming that up?

gracesmum Thu 01-Mar-12 19:02:17

From what I see scooters seem to be an accessory for the trendy mummy who carries it the whole way to school , on and off buses, into and out of shops or Costas .I never see kids on them.

wotsamashedupjingl Thu 01-Mar-12 19:03:38

shock You haven't seen my DD Gracesmum, jogging to school alongside her two boys on scooter/bike!

glassortwo Thu 01-Mar-12 21:51:35

Our school have an incentive running to get the children to arrive at school on a bike or scooter, they are trying to stop the car drop off for children within walking distance to the school.. I am in the black books with GC as they also want to arrive at school by scooter/bike but we live 2 miles away from school and along windy country lanes with no paths.

jeni Thu 01-Mar-12 22:06:57

When I was young, just after the war. Toys were at a premium. I was lucky in having an uncle who was a pattern maker for a foundry. He made me a desk and a scooter from off its off wood. I remember it to this day sunshine

Greatnan Thu 01-Mar-12 22:12:16

Never mind children, I see plenty of adults whizzing around on scooters in France and Switzerland, in their business suits.
My nephew asked for a 'one on and one off' for Christmas many years ago, and it took us some time to work out what he meant!

wotsamashedupjingl Thu 01-Mar-12 22:13:14

Greatnan grin

A good description, I'd say!

Annobel Thu 01-Mar-12 22:45:53

I had great fun having a ride on GS's scooter, but he took it off me - meanie!

grannyactivist Fri 02-Mar-12 00:02:11

A friend of mine who is in her sixties (just) has difficulties walking for any distance, but has recently bought a scooter and there's no stopping her now. She loves it and is often to be seen scooting around the town centre. I suspect she's about to start a trend here. grin

Greatnan Fri 02-Mar-12 01:04:09

I have seen them with broader stands and a little motor on the back.

harrigran Fri 02-Mar-12 14:18:51

Infernal things. GD insisted on taking it to the park last week, twice she fell off it. Her mum asked why she hadn't been wearing knee pads as well as the helmet, i don't know why we don't just wrap them in cotton wool and be done with it.

goldengirl Fri 02-Mar-12 14:22:46

I enjoyed my Triang scooter when I was small - red metal with a wooden foot plate. I'd love to try one of todays modern ones. They're not just for children it seems. I went all over the place on mine but even pavements are too busy these days let alone roads.