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I am sick of companies Argos being the worst culprit! Homebase etc etc advertising stuff they havnt got!

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bikergran Fri 09-Mar-12 19:13:49

we have been looking for a modern small kitchen table and chairs....a week or so ago Argoos (not sure if I am allowed to put Arg*s ) was advertising a small modern table and 4 chairs.......I had a look on net ready to order and guess what? (now your only allowed one guess)?
come on hands up!!!

Yes the lady in the corner the one with the blue cardigan on! yes your right! OUT OF STOCK would you like us to email your when back in stock ? "yes please"!
and now yes! they are!! back in the original price of £249 (they had reduced them to £99 but of course they wre "out of stock" what a coincedence! grrrrrrrrrr

then about 2 months ago I kept going into Homebase (if I am right Argoos and Homeb*se are linked)....I was wanting some laminate flooriing slate look a like...I must have goen in at least 5 occasions and the pile ws always empty none in stock... (yes I could have asked one of the staff, but after previous dealings, I think they have one of those cords that you pull at the back of their heads, and an automated voice comes out.... "sorry we expect to have more stock in 3 weeks" ........hmm
Ended up going to B n Q .

glassortwo Fri 09-Mar-12 19:31:57

biker are you coming to the party, have you seen the thread.

bikergran Fri 09-Mar-12 19:43:29

oh hello.!! [grin} hang on I shall take a look!!! grin brb (after corrie)!!

Jams Sat 10-Mar-12 22:42:11

Argos are notorious for this - I once sat and looked at an entire list of their so called 'reduced' products and found something like only four out of over a hundred items were in stock - ridiculous!!

glammanana Sat 10-Mar-12 23:38:05

I don't talk about the Home---- word without steam coming out of my ears, ordered black tiles for kitchen and because they where what really wanted agreed to wait 3/4wks for delivery,we collected them and booked the fitter to come and lay them,another week gone but hey-ho the date was fixed for fitting,when the fitter arrived and opened all the packs three of the 6 packs where a differant shade altogether and all the batch numbers where the same,when we took them back to Home---- they told us they where now out of stock and would we like to order something else ? so glad there weren't any nice refined ladies about !!! both the stores you mention are a joke and don't deserve to be frequented, their staff could do with mega training concerning the attitude to customers and this is a Company that prides its self on employing the older person,so something really wrong here.

nannym Sun 11-Mar-12 07:17:43

Argos'Home Delivery is a joke. A few months ago I ordered a sideboard for our dining room on line, arranged a delivery date and was told I would be phoned the day before delivery to confirm. Sure enough, the afternoon before the arranged day I had the phone call, and a time slot was confirmed, between 8.00am - 11.00. At 9.00 the next day I had a phone call - the sideboard was out of stock!! Why confirm a delivery date and time for an out of stock sideboard!!! DH kept well out of my way as I delivered broadside after broadside to the poor unfortunate who had to ring me!! Needless to say, the order was cancelled and I have no intention of ever using them again.

crimson Sun 11-Mar-12 07:40:49

The S.O. paid B&Q a lot pf money to supply and fit a kitchen. Although there were delivery problems and items being out of stock when they were due to be fitted which meant the job took a lot longer than it should have, they did, overall do a good job. However, he bought floor tiles from them, which he had fitted by a fitter from another company. It was only when he went to get some more tiles, having decided to extend the floor, that he found they were out of stock, the reason being that they were faulty and had been withdrawn [a lot of the tiles were porous and stained very badly]. It took several attempts to get someone to come out and look at them; in fact it took threats of adverse publicity and letters to head office, and even now they haven't definately agreed to replace them and cover the cost of fitting them. Had he not threatened them they would have just ignored him. My grumble about Argos is that I went to get a dog gate yesterday form them, only to be told it was delivery only and I would have to pay £5. Whats the point of having it in a catalogue if you have to pay for delivery? Even Tesco [who I loathe] have items delivered to the store so you can just pick them up at no extra cost. [It's good to let off steam, isn't it grin!

Anagram Mon 12-Mar-12 13:17:10

I wanted some Salter scales from Argos and the machine said said they were in stock. When the assistant brought the box to me, it was the wrong type of scales, but the same number. She tried three times to get me the one I wanted, and it was a different one each time.
I think if something's out of stock, they just substitute and hope you won't notice!