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am I being unreasonable

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sarahellenwhitney Sun 08-Apr-12 15:57:40

You are so lucky to have a daughter so near althought you feel Northants to Yorkshire is a milllion miles away.

My daughter and grandaughter live 5000 miles from me.

Be there for when she needs you and do not feel rejected.

No doubt you could be on her doorstep in a couple of hours.

Ariadne Sun 08-Apr-12 16:53:21

Hello, sarahellenwhitney. Please, I'm not interefering, trying to help!

Were you wanting to join an ongoing conversation? If you were, you just scroll down from the last comment and there's a box to write in, then down again to send.

Sorry if I'm completely off the wall, but that's nothing new.

And - 5,000 miles is a long, long way, isn't it. Several of the GNs are in the same position. X