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Thinking its a shame not to of met son's new partner yet?

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tanith Mon 09-Apr-12 19:26:11

My son lives abroad and although I knew he has a new girl I just heard from my eldest daughter that they are planning on buying an apartment together. Now that sounds serious to me but we haven't yet met her or had any contact although we all have Facebook accs and I have seen pics of them together and he has mentioned her when we've chatted on the phone. I know its not the same as if he was living in the UK but I just feel that things are moving on a pace and they'll likely have a family together by the time we meet! My sons not the best communicator and neither am I if the truth be told but would anyone else find this situation hard to deal with.. He's in his mid 30's by the way and isn't planning on coming back to the UK apart from business trips any time soon.
Maybe I'm just feeling left out? I am involved in almost daily basis with both my daughters and grandchildren.

Annobel Mon 09-Apr-12 19:51:16

I would be inclined to trust my son's judgement - I had to as he was working in Europe, and it paid off. Is there any chance that you could be in touch by Skype? It would be one way of getting to know your possible prospective DiL. Mine was more apprehensive than I was when we first met (I can't imagine what DS had told her about me) but we struck up an immediate rapport and have been friends ever since.

Lucyella Mon 09-Apr-12 21:03:29

My son met a girl (now his wife) when he lived in New Zealand. By the time we met her they had thought about moving in together but had not done so as we did a trip to NZ before they had bought a house. Is it possible for you to go and visit them perhaps. If not please do not feel left out just because he lives a long way away he is still your son and you will always be his Mum and I am sure an important part of his life. We keep in touch via Skype and it is brilliant because we can see each other, makes all the difference. You would be able to get to know his girlfriend too.

Anne58 Mon 09-Apr-12 21:17:40

Sorry, pedant moment.

I suppose that given the geography, it might not be exactly easy for you to have met her, but I think you will just have to go with the flow, as they say.

tanith Mon 09-Apr-12 22:24:54

Thanks for the input, I could go visit but its not been suggested yet , he is coming here in July for a family wedding but she isn't coming because of work commitments which is a shame. I do wonder if he is nervous about me chatting to her as I am still in contact with his previous girlfriend of 3yrs,she now lives in OZ but keeps in touch with us as she had become like part of the family and they had a mutual parting of the ways and manage to remain friends.
I really will just have to go with the flow as Phoenix says and hope that he's more forthcoming in the near future.
He prefers to contact me via Facebook I've never managed to catch him on skype confused

tanith Mon 09-Apr-12 22:27:01

Phoenix I agree the title would of been better had it read , been introduced to sons new partner..

gracesmum Tue 10-Apr-12 13:57:19

To be honest, buying a property together is not quite starting a family yet, so I wouldn't worry too much not to have met her yet- but I can see why you would like to! Maybe Skype is the way forward?