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Own room for grandaughter at our house.

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justrolljanet Sun 29-Apr-12 10:48:46

We are fortunate to be able to look after our grandaughter for 1 day a week while her mum goes to work, am I being unreasonableto think that it is ok for her to have her own room here with toys, travel cot and some emergency spare clothes etc

justrolljanet Thu 08-Nov-12 13:00:02

Lily I posted an update a few posts ago, smile all round, x

Deedaa Thu 08-Nov-12 16:29:59

This all sounds eminently sensible to me. When my first GS was born I didn,t have a room for him as my son was still living with us, but I still accumulated loads of toys, a travel cot, high chair, spare clothes and nappies etc. etc. Now another one is due at Christmas and I'm collecting useful bits and pieces again.