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numberplease Tue 08-May-12 21:16:58

What do other GNers think of the Aldi ad where the two little boys are discussing lemonade, and one gives a loud burp? I think it conveys entirely the wrong message to children who`s parents are trying to teach good manners to them Or maybe it`s me who`s old fashioned?

Greatnan Tue 08-May-12 21:20:48

I just thought they were terrible actors! Nearly as bad as the child actors on The Archers. But I agree that many adverts give a very bad example to children - particularly those where they are eating . They seem to hold their cutlery in very peculiar ways.

whitewave Tue 08-May-12 21:21:45

2 litttle boys together without adult supervision will always burp, and do and say things that we would tut about , that doesn't mean that they don't know it is wrong just fun being able to do it without the adults knowing

Anne58 Tue 08-May-12 21:25:52

Burping in youngsters is to be expected, but should be followed by either "excuse me", or "pardon me", once they are old enough.

(To be honest, although I have seen the advert, I have never heard it, as Mr P mutes the television for the advert breaks when we are watching commercial TV! This can actually be quite interesting with some of the ads, actually trying to work out what they are meant to be about!)

Numberplease you are not old fashioned! I sometimes wonder if it's only me that thinks giving a great big yawn in public (without either trying to suppress it or at least putting ones hand over ones face) is uncouth.

Anagram Tue 08-May-12 21:38:32

In my opinion it was only a little burp! And the boys were on their own - not likely to be saying 'pardon me' to each other at that age, surely?
Agree about the terrible acting though....very stilted.

Greatnan Tue 08-May-12 21:45:24

There are several things I find unpleasant today. One is the way sportsmen do that thing with their arm bent at the elbow and their fist clenched - it looks so aggressive. I have seen small boys doing it too.
Another is dancers who thrust their crotch forwards - and was it Michael Jackson who started the fashion for clutching the crotch? Horrible.

whitewave Tue 08-May-12 21:52:36

Just think what our parents had to put up with though. We became teenagers whereas our parents simply became young adults. We had the pill, the mini - just look at the length of some of those skirts! - various drugs, rock and roll, political marches, etc etc etc, Crotch clutching would have been the least of their problems

nanaej Tue 08-May-12 22:07:06

Gas..from either end is a source of huge fun and laughter for most kids! As are most bodily functions! Whilst most parents rightly teach children to say pardon /excuse me after such incidents occurring in public I think it is fairly harmless if children burp and fart as part of their play!

Anne58 Tue 08-May-12 22:08:04

Greatnan the gesture you describe I have no problem with, I see it as a sort of "YES!" celebratory sort of salute. Indeed, I have been known to do it myself when my horse comes in at Racing Club! I definitely do not see it as aggressive.

I have far more of a problem however with sportsmen ( and it does seem to be mainly footballers, please correct me if I'm wrong) spitting! I for one would much rather see an arm raised in celebration, than some over paid ball kicking male equivalent of a prima donna emptying the contents of his mouth/lungs whatever in public!

Greatnan Tue 08-May-12 22:11:15

I don't think we are talking about the same thing, Phoenix. The gesture I mean involves the face as well - the expression is one of pure aggression.
I think it is also used by some people as a symbol of sexual activity.
I am sure I would not find your gesture offensive in any way.

nanaej Tue 08-May-12 22:21:33

phoenix agree re spitting..Yuk! Wherever and whoever!

greatnan think that the gesture you describe is a sort of 'Yes! meaning they have outdone their opponent. Think in heat of games expressions and feelings do appear aggressive and is not the more old fashioned sportsmanlike 'well played' attitudes that would be preferable!

Greatnan Tue 08-May-12 22:47:16

Unfortunately, once big money entered sport , sportsmanship was lost.

shysal Tue 08-May-12 23:12:23

My youngest GS asked me to teach him how to burp on demand. Unfortunately I was unable to help, although I did try! One of the most hilarious times spent with 3 GSs was when they were trying to record a fart to set as a mobile phone ring tone. I was almost rolling on the floor with laughter! They are lovely well-mannered lads, but in the privacy of the home boys will be boys and I see no harm in it.
I was a little surprised at the ad but many children's TV programmes are far worse.

Hunt Tue 08-May-12 23:28:38

I don't often laugh out loud at things I read on Gransnet,but oh! how I laughed at the thought of you all trying to record a fart for a ring tone. I'm surprised my 3 GS didn't think of that.

Greatnan Tue 08-May-12 23:34:32

Oh dear, I will have to try harder to find good jokes!

Ariadne Wed 09-May-12 06:41:09

shysal grin