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Nipple piercing to raise money for breast care unit?

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JessM Fri 11-May-12 09:29:37

AIBU or just old fashioned to think this does not seem right. Yes it is a great way for a local tattoo and piercing business to get a bit of publicity in the paper - £5 for each piercing to local breast care unit appeal (male and female nipples, just before we start ranting)
I think the fundraiser should have declined this kind offer. Not only does it seem just wrong at a gut level.
But the NHS has to treat people who get infected piercings or who want tattoos removed.

Greatnan Fri 11-May-12 09:36:35

Totally wrong on all levels.

Bags Fri 11-May-12 09:41:39

Mad! Completely mad!

Bags Fri 11-May-12 09:42:43

Trouble is, some people seem to think that it doesn't matter how money is raised for charity, so long as it is raised. That's the really mad thing. Makes me sick.

Butternut Fri 11-May-12 09:58:31

I just don't get it. Bonkers!

janthea Fri 11-May-12 10:01:07


absentgrana Fri 11-May-12 10:01:18


nanachrissy Fri 11-May-12 10:19:53

So wrong, especially for women I think. No one should muck around with nipples, they are too important.

Lastsongster Fri 11-May-12 10:38:03

As the only male so far responding, I think, I believe this to be very wrong. Not a fan of body or face piercing, and this is just a cheap marketing gimmick. I hope nobody is daft enough to take up the offer.

gracesmum Fri 11-May-12 10:51:54

Sick, misguided, mercenary, misleading, cheap, exploitative - I think my feelings are clear?

jeni Fri 11-May-12 11:36:53

This mustbe a wind up?

Mishap Fri 11-May-12 11:39:23

For goodness sake! - as McEnroe would say "You can't be serious!"

grannyactivist Fri 11-May-12 11:45:06

Like jeni I honestly thought this must be some sort of headline grabbing wind-up, so I googled it - and sure enough it's true!
Talk about sending out mixed messages! angry Here are some of the reasons why nipple piercing is a bad idea.

susiecb Fri 11-May-12 12:07:25

OH Yuk I hate piercings and tattoos and these 'ideas' smack of publicity seeking rather than a real interest in the charity. Lost count of the people |i have seen with infected sites who then want the NHS to sort them out.

jeni Fri 11-May-12 12:09:26


flump Fri 11-May-12 12:20:45

Agree with you all. Plus, I've never understood why anyone would want tattoos or piercings. I've been told they are thought attractive! Noooooo!

Mishap Fri 11-May-12 13:49:54

Every Christmas the BMJ used to publish several lighthearted articles - many years ago they featured photos of body piercings that doctors had seen - well! - what can I say??? There was little chance of breaking patient confidentiality, as there were no faces on view - enough said!!!! Ouch!

Seriously though - definitely an inappropriate means of raising funds.

goldengirl Fri 11-May-12 14:05:09

Oooooooaaaaaaawwwww! Never. It's madness and an irresponsible of raising funds however good the cause.

jeni Fri 11-May-12 14:16:55

mishap it came in a see through wrapper and the posties complained!

glammanana Fri 11-May-12 15:01:02

I can't believe that anyone would sign up for this madness

soop Fri 11-May-12 15:25:24

Barmey! Batty! Bonkers! Hate the very idea.

JessM Fri 11-May-12 16:13:26

Gosh, I am not being unreasonable it seems! What universal condemnation!
Think I ought to write to the paper?

soop Fri 11-May-12 16:26:22

JessM YES!

jeni Fri 11-May-12 16:28:33


Bags Fri 11-May-12 16:52:09

Yes, do. You can quote us all anonymously.