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Supernan Mon 04-Jun-12 10:52:14

I thought the BBC coverage if the pageant yesterday was lackluster and the commentators seemed to have little or no knowledge about the boats that were in it. One example of this was the Havengore. The BBC were interested one of Prince Andrew's daughters taking photos on her mobile, no mention of the history of the boat & the fact that it took Winston Churchill's coffin down the Thames. The MTB102 which took Churchill & Eisenhower to review the boats for the D Day landings & then had a part in the Dunkirk evacuation - a good close up photo, but not a word about what we were seeing. Every Dunkirk Little Ship has a story to tell, but not a mention. In fact we hardly got a glimpse of them. The working boats - a snapshot of our industrial past - no details, no comment. The BBC focused on the man powered section, and it was great that there were some olympic medalists in there. But to me this pageant was about our history. We need our grandchildren to know this history & the BBC did not tell it. A wonderful opportunity missed.

Bags Mon 04-Jun-12 11:17:50

I didn't watch the pageant on telly as I don't have one, but I've picked up a few bits and bobs of pictures and commentary online. I think what you say is probably true, supernan, and an opportunity was missed there. It could still be taken up by a good documentary team, I suppose. Maybe you should suggest it to the BBC?

I would certainly be interested in the history of the boats that took part.

Mamie Mon 04-Jun-12 11:27:40

I thought the commentary was dreadful. "Her Royal Highness The Queen" who was a "precious cargo" and was with her "kids"?!? Most of the commentators seemed completely out of their depth and hadn't done their homework either. As you say Supernan, a missed opportunity.

gma Mon 04-Jun-12 11:33:28

Sat down to watch the pagent....saw the queen and royal party arrive...woke up and it was half way through, yes it was that good!!!! The queen did look lovely though, certainly stood out in the crowd. I called my mum when all the festivities finished, she is 2 months older than the Queen, and she could not believe that her maj had stood for about 4 hours and then climbed down the steps with no help!!! What a trooper!!! Mum said that her maj must be longing for a cup of tea and a rich tea biscuit!!!! Well Done your majesty!!!!!flowers

gracesmum Mon 04-Jun-12 11:35:42

I agree with all that has said. We don't have Sky, but a review I read today suggested that it's commentator was a sailor/yachtswoman/oarswoman(?) and the presentation left the Beeb standing. When I think of the preparation and research commentators did in the past, this was decidedly lightweight. Is this the shape of things to comesad?

Supernan Mon 04-Jun-12 11:43:39

The BBC gave no recognition to the boat owners who had worked for days, if not months, getting their boats shipshape & fit for a queen and at their own expense.

The queen looked wonderful. My grandaughter said she glowed from a distance, and had an aura around her. A wonderful choice of dress.

jeni Mon 04-Jun-12 11:43:41

The sky coverage covered all the things you said super and more!
I would normally have watched bbc but soon realised how poor it was and switched to sky!
Incidentally, why does my iPad insist on its being NBC when I type BBC?

eGJ Mon 04-Jun-12 13:25:32

I hadn't realised it was on Sky as well as I was looking forward to seeing the Herefordshire trow which I saw being built at Gloucester docks. The BBC missed an opportunity with not telling us about the ships and boats. There was a Thames Fireboat restored there too for the Pageant; it was one of those which put out the fire around Sr Paul's after the bombing AND went to Dunkirk. What a lot of toally silly interviews on the riverbanks; did we really want to see Tess Daly dancing? Liked Boris Johnson's comment that he was glad to see crowded banks!

goldengirl Mon 04-Jun-12 14:28:13

Bring back the Dimblebys!

MargaretX Mon 04-Jun-12 14:35:01

I'm no royalist but wanted to see London. After BBC for while I moved over to SKY. Their coverage is always better, they don't feel the need to interview Joe Bloggs or pass sentimental tit.bits and the result was OK. it just wasn't suitable for TV coverage.
I didn't even turn on the German version as I would have cringed.

The Queen did not seem to be enjoying it much except when she saw that plastic war horse on the roof of the Nat theatre. As ususal I thought she was overdressed and would relax more if she could wear her flat shoes and no hat!

Ella46 Mon 04-Jun-12 15:00:13

I watched it on Sky and every time I flicked back to the BBC, they were inside talking rubbish!
I thought the Queen's outfit was a dreadful colour choice, unflattering to most, but would probably have looked stunning in the sunshine. I really think she should have been seated with a warm rug, then she would possibly have smiled a little more! smile crown

I thought Catherine looked beautiful, and I was pleased to see both William and Harry sang the Anthem. flag

Jacey Mon 04-Jun-12 15:11:55

flag I suffered the BBC presenters ...had completely forgotten it was on Sky!! crown
I'd planned my weekend arrangements around watching this flag ...and did stick with it ...but wish I'd remembered about Sky crown let's hope the BBC do better tonight!!
Must remember to check who's doing what coverage on Tuesday????
Yes I thought the presenters were awful ...didn't know what they were talking about...even to the point that one guy didn't seem to know ships have decks not floors!!
Would also have liked to 'spent time' with the music boats ...we got nothing until the end.
Also agree that I learnt nothing about the ships/barges/boats/kayaks at all ...have found out more on-line today ...and found some lovely pictures of things we were not shown by the BBC.

flagAt the moment I am putting together 'my' record of the day thanks to the internetcrown

Yes ...a job well done your Majesty flag

jeni Mon 04-Jun-12 15:53:32

Well they seem to be covering the beacons well!
Ours is on top of the church!confused

mrshat Mon 04-Jun-12 17:37:49

BBC were very disappointing. Wish I had realised it was on Sky. sad

Jacey Mon 04-Jun-12 18:11:18

Ours in on the Great Lines ...hope I'll see it across the valley crown

Isn't it sad that Philip's been taken to hospital??? Seems she's still going tomattend tonight's event flag

glammanana Mon 04-Jun-12 21:48:49

Just watching the concert and was surprised that HRH arrived I admire her strength but unfortunatley she arrived just in time to see Elton John who should be retired gracefully he has certainly aged and the voice has gone,lets hope The Duke is back to normal asap.flag

jeni Mon 04-Jun-12 22:00:50

Perhaps she likes him? He's almost as old as her!

gracesmum Mon 04-Jun-12 22:27:32

glamma - she's HM not HRH (that was one of the beeb's howlers too.)
Apparently Henry VIII was the first monarch to be addressed as Your Majesty instead of Your Highness. As Michael Caine would have said, "Not a lot of people know that!" smile

nanaej Mon 04-Jun-12 23:15:20

My DDs & I enjoyed the BBC commentary as it was so dreadful it became funny. We do not have Sky so no choice ..that or switch off! Cult of the celebrity meant the Beeb chose 'names' & 'faces' to present the pageant and not 'brains' or 'skill'!! I would have liked to know more about the boats too! But I have to say if standing along the riverbank there would have been no way of knowing what boat was what either. £3.5million budget did not run to a good public announcement system along the route!

Mamie Tue 05-Jun-12 06:35:01

I read that at one point one of them said that a hat had been made by the milliners who made Nelson's hat at Waterloo!

JessM Tue 05-Jun-12 07:13:58

i think the commendation industry has got out of hand as well nanaej - the Chelsea coverage is just a series of talking heads muscling the plants to one side to make the most of their few minutes of air time.

Ella46 Tue 05-Jun-12 09:19:00

nanaej You don't need Sky channel to watch Sky news, it is number 82 on the digital channels.
Your photos are lovely by the way smile

glammanana Tue 05-Jun-12 09:36:15

Gracesmum thanks for that ^^ trust me to get it wrong and us being a Military family does not go down too well does it,at least it's better than some of the presenters on the stage last night referring to HM as Liz !!! flag

POGS Wed 06-Jun-12 20:01:42

T he B.B.C. have not only justly come under some stick for it's dire coverage it has lost the plot full stop. The whole day was sabotaged by idiot direction and childish behaviour, what a b....y embarrassment to think it went worldwide.

Sky, once again, proved superior to the B.B.C. on the day, as it has been covering the news in general. I would like to ask why we have to keep paying the licence fee for a second rate service. Why two newsreaders all the while?. Why no worldwide news!. Why the partisan politics? Why the lack of decent interviewers, I only rate Andrew Neil these days.

When Libya fell into opposition hands Sky's Alex Crawford nailed it for Sky. The B.B.C. looked out of it's depth for hours. By the way anyone on Freeview should get Sky you do not have to have a Sky package. No wonder the B.B.C have given so much coverage against Murdoch, Sky is wiping the floor with them and they probably know it.

Woody Wed 06-Jun-12 20:22:17

I would think the person who made and covered those thrones that they never sat on is feeling right royal miffed!