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It's that man again!

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jeni Tue 26-Jun-12 17:48:54

My next door neighbour has an air rifle. He is using it to shoot pigeons, squirrels etc:
I looked out this morning to see a dead squirrel on my lawn. I phoned angel next door to moan and she swore it couldn't have been him as he hasn't had the gun out and she's been there all the time!
A. Couple of moments later he rang to say it had been him at 7am. It had been a clean shot in his own property. He came removed the corpse.
I am very fed up. I do not like any kind of gun or shooting!
He is shooting within 12ft of a public road, but apparently it is legal on his own property as long as he is not creating a nuisance!
I think dead animals in my garden constitutes a nuisance.

What do you lot think?

gracesmum Wed 27-Jun-12 23:37:11

Surely St Trinians?

jeni Wed 27-Jun-12 20:33:18

I'm too fond of his wife to want to upset the applecart!
No it's not a nightmare! He just makes me so angry
Mind you everyone who knows him says he's nutty!

Nonu Wed 27-Jun-12 20:13:50

oh Jeni it must be a total nightmare for you , I am sooo sorry for you , I only once had the neighbour from hell so I know what you are going through , you have to step very carefully as he sounds like a total pig . I am sure this has been said before but can the council help ? you shouldn"t be having to put up with this it"s not not right x

Anagram Wed 27-Jun-12 20:02:14

Mouse? confused

jeni Wed 27-Jun-12 19:57:40

I have no idea! He has a key to the back gate, so he can trim his side and angel can pick fruit and veg! He has permission to come in as neccessary. If he had removed it I would have been the wiser!
The mans an idiot!

Nonu Wed 27-Jun-12 19:32:28

how if the neighbour shot the mouse on your lawn , could he remove it wouldn"t that be trespassing ?

Bags Wed 27-Jun-12 09:43:19

We get a mouse invasion most late autumns when the weather gets cold. We put down traps. Usually deals with them snappily. (Sorry!)

I don't mind people shooting vermin, but I do think finding dead vermin in the middle of your lawn when you haven't done the shooting is decidedly odd. Couldn't he have cleared it away before you saw it, jeni? And if so, why didn't he?

PRINTMISS Wed 27-Jun-12 09:38:16

What am I doing 'riquochet'? - I have no idea where that came from - I am making it up as I go along, as is probably obvious. I meant of course ricochet!

PRINTMISS Wed 27-Jun-12 08:53:02

In the print shop at Amberley Museum where I volunteer, we have a regular 'mouse run'. He (or she) will come out at any time of the day, however busy we might be, and take the usual course across the printshop floor and out a side door into the rough area of ground - sometimes he takes another route where the visitors are, which creates quite a stir if someone spots him, but we just say 'Oh!, there he goes'. In the winter time, when the print shop is very quiet, we can hear them rustling in the walls.
About the shooting Jeni, a long time ago we had someone shooting locally, we could hear it, and reported this to the police who looked into the matter, and it was stopped. We were concerned about a riquochet, which is something you might consider.

nanaej Wed 27-Jun-12 08:48:19

Gosh that was brave! Our goalkeeper had her jaw broken and had to have it all wired together. No protectors in those days except on your legs!

jeni Wed 27-Jun-12 08:37:12

I played goal keeper as I couldn't run. Oh the smell of linseed oil!

nanaej Wed 27-Jun-12 08:10:03

I loved lacrosse! I had the old wooden sticks with hideous 'gut' nets.. Good for cartching a squirrel or two though!

Mishap Tue 26-Jun-12 21:52:23

We often have mice and they are so bold - they will sit in the kitchen and look at you!

And we have had rats indoors - I am definitely less sanguine about them! We never feed the birds because we are in a rat area and the feed attracts the rats.

So much for or rural idyll!! - but I wouldn't swap it!!

jeni Tue 26-Jun-12 21:18:43

The Friary School Lichfield.
We were all expected to be Ladies (or nuns)
Hats, gloves, grey lisle stockings and jolly old lacrosse!

Annobel Tue 26-Jun-12 21:06:14

This was Mallory Towers, was it, jeni?

Anagram Tue 26-Jun-12 21:04:00

Well done that girl! grin
Must admit, mice don't bother me - we've had a few that got in through a tiny gap in the utility room wall and regularly made a beeline for the porch where OH keeps the birdseed and nuts. I saw one out of the corner of my eye as it made a false turning into the dining room and dashed out again! We have sealed up the hole and haven't seen any sign of them since.

But rats are another matter entirely....[yikes! emoticon]

jeni Tue 26-Jun-12 20:44:33

Mice don't bother me! When I was at boarding school we heard screams comming from the house mistresses room. Her cat had caught a mouse. She was standing on a chair!
Fearless jeni dashes in, grabs mouse.
Mouse climbs up its tail and bites brave Jeni's pinkie.
Not showing any pain, brave jeni goes outside and evicts aforesaid rodent.
Very grateful HM who insisted brave jeni went to GP next day!
Still on my medical records!

Gally Tue 26-Jun-12 20:35:04

I have a friend whose garden is plagued with squirrels. Her painter and decorator traps them and drives them across the river and lets them free on a golf course about 40 miles away!! Unless they learn to swim they have to stay there (actually I don't think it's legal to trap them, but at least they aren't being shot)
Maniac if I saw a mouse I would be off up the road and wouldn't go back until someone had 'done the business' - I hate them - or worse still rats [shriek emoticon]

Maniac Tue 26-Jun-12 20:22:58

That's horrible jeni.I hate shooting also even if squirrels/pigeons are a nuisance .Why can't he just shout 'Shoooo'
What a pity Gary wasn't there.He could have lobbed it back into your neighbour's garden.
I found snake in my garden last week ! It turned out to be a rubber toy one must have been thrown over by neighbour's grandchildren.I threw it back had a word with neighbour's OH next day.He apologised and said it had scared him earlier.
Saw mouse running across my patio recently.Not happy about that as l like leaving door open. What to do?

Anagram Tue 26-Jun-12 20:00:54

Maybe you should shoot a couple of champagne corks at him from the bedroom window when he's in his garden, jeni! See how he likes it! grin

jeni Tue 26-Jun-12 19:36:09

No I do that! He's a rotten aim with a cork. I'm quite good!grin

johanna Tue 26-Jun-12 19:25:07

On the other hand Jeni, maybe you are lucky it is an air rifle with under 12 PSI
and not a bottle of Champagne he is trying to shoot off, which has over 90 PSI.

Mishap Tue 26-Jun-12 19:09:18

Sorry to hear all this - I think you are right to try and avoid getting into any more conflict with neighbours than is absolutely unavoidable.
I cannot imagine the idea of a flying dead squirrel - a corpse leaping fences defies the law of physics!
I wish you good luck with all of this and hope it can be resolved somehow.

Butternut Tue 26-Jun-12 19:03:01

He sounds like a bully to me and knows you would rather not complain, jeni.

jeni Tue 26-Jun-12 18:51:53

He knows them. He's just unreasonable!