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Anyone watch "undercover undertakers" not a nice subject but one that will at sometime effect most of us.

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bikergran Fri 29-Jun-12 21:06:11

I don't want to go on about it too much as it can be a raw subject to some , but just wondering if anyone eles watched it and what they thought? it focused on the Co-op funeral service.

grrrranny Fri 29-Jun-12 21:20:15

biker I missed this - is it on iplayer or similar?

merlotgran Fri 29-Jun-12 22:06:14

More 4 I think, grrrranny. I hope to watch it there as I missed it as well.

Annika Fri 29-Jun-12 22:23:01

No missed it. Is it worth watching. I have sorted and paid for my funeral hmm

glassortwo Fri 29-Jun-12 22:28:26

Saw a few minutes of it and it was disgraceful, so if the rest of the programme was the same it would make me think twice about using them. My MIL insisted when she passed she would come back and haunt us if we used The Coop for her... we didnt.

Annika Fri 29-Jun-12 22:32:51

Thank heavens I am not with the Coop !

Hunt Fri 29-Jun-12 23:05:13

our Dad said 'not the Coop' even though it would have brought a nice bit of what Mum called 'the divi'. Of course we followed his wishes.

Mishap Sat 30-Jun-12 08:01:53

My dad is a bit tight - that is an understatement!
My mum always said that if she died first he was not to be so stingy as to use the co-op just for the divi.
So...following her request my dad used another company.
After the funeral, when the undertaker was presenting his bill, he said "You don't belong to the co-op by any chance do you, only we are affiliated to them and you can get a discount!" - well Dad tried, we must give him that!

shysal Sat 30-Jun-12 09:04:17

I was disgusted by the 'sales techniques' of course, but I am sure it is not only the Co-op. I worked in Pathology so was not at all shocked by the method of storage of bodies, it is the way it is done in all hospital mortuaries.
My ex-husband worked as a funeral director for a while after being made redundant and had many tales of kindness and good practice, so it is best to ask around friends and family then act on recommendations.