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Grindos Mon 02-Jul-12 14:26:44

Hi, I'm new to the site today. I looked at mumsnet to find out which the best name tapes are (my granddaughter starts school soon), only to read how much mums hate sewing. I thought to myself "I could do that!" Wondering if anyone else had same idea? Should I advertise at local schools? Would I be inundated and how much should I charge? P.S. I really like sewing and it would give me something to do while my husband plays golf! That sounds SAD, it is a bit, but not as SAD as him being home all the time!

Anagram Mon 02-Jul-12 14:52:31

A lot of them buy those stick-on name tapes which curl up at the edges when the garment's been washed! It's worth a try, Grindos, but I'm not sure you'd get many takers.

Welcome to the site anyway - hope you'll find lots to interest you. smile

nanaej Mon 02-Jul-12 14:54:25

grindos Hi & welcome Good idea! I guess I would base it on the minimum wage hourly rate! No idea how long it would take you to sew name tapes onto a set of uniform.. 15 items??? 3 skirts/trousers, 3 shirts, 2 sweatshirts, coat /jacket, PE top & shorts plus miscellaneous bags etc! Do people name socks?? Good luck!

Anagram Mon 02-Jul-12 16:04:59

I think I meant 'iron-on' rather than 'stick-on'! blush

kittylester Mon 02-Jul-12 16:07:32

Welcome grindos

My Mum had to have her clothes name taped when she went into her home. You could advertise in the shop where the uniforms are bought and in the school newsletter. For homes you could put an ad on the notice board (with permission) I would have welcomed that service when my 5 kids all needed stuff naming and when Mum needed hers doing - especially the underwear!

glammanana Mon 02-Jul-12 18:41:49

grindos welcome to GN how nice to have a idea like that,many young mums don't have the time to do all these fiddley jobs do they? my own DD has the name tags ordered at school at the end of term and picks them up before they go back in September but again these are the iron on types,and with the older boys their names where embroidered into their sports kits as part of the cost of the shirts and shorts along with the school logo. I hope it works out well for you.

kittylester Mon 02-Jul-12 19:59:10

As to which are the best, I still think Cash's are brilliant! But I have been using them for hundreds of years. grin

Anagram Mon 02-Jul-12 20:10:07

They are wonderful, aren't they? Beautifully made - they deserve to be sewn in!

Sook Mon 02-Jul-12 20:16:12

I always used Cash's too you can't beat them. My hounds have Cash's dog leads too with their names woven in (sad I know but I like them).

nanaej Mon 02-Jul-12 20:33:01

I have some serviettes /napkins and some single bed flat sheets with my name on (Cash's) from boarding school! 50 years on & my mum's stitching still holds strong!

Annobel Mon 02-Jul-12 20:40:09

Getting the Cash's name tapes was a rite of passage in the 1940s when we started school. I got them for my DSs too and, 13 years later, sewed them on to DS2's bedlinen and towels when he went to Uni.

artygran Mon 02-Jul-12 20:56:06

God, I hated sewing in Cash's name tapes in when my son was at boarding school! I would gladly have paid someone to do it!

Lilygran Tue 03-Jul-12 09:37:08

Grandos; I think you may have a good idea there! My DiL has several times mentioned that she thinks there is a niche for someone to offer to sew on name tapes, missing buttons, Scout badges etc for a fee. I'm happy to do it for love for my dear grandchildren but don't want to try to set up a business. You could try advertising in play groups, nursery schools, through the NCT, local shops..... And have you seen what they charge for minor repairs at dry cleaners? smile

AlisonMA Tue 03-Jul-12 09:49:22

I love the Cash's tapes too and it brings back happy memories of sewing them into my sons' clothes. I do remember some 18 years ago taking my son back to boarding school and finding the House Mother busily sewing elastic onto the new boys ballet shoes as so many had come without. From then on I helped her every year and taught my sons to do their own.

I think I liked doing such things for my boys as it was part of the nurturing thing.

Grindos Tue 03-Jul-12 16:48:02

Thanks for all your comments! I have just ordered name tapes for my granddaughter, we chose them together, and she chose the style of lettering and colour I would have chosen! Think I will sew all hers in and see if I still want to do anyone else's. I can mention it to some mums I know locally, but it might be a bit awkward asking them to pay. It took me 3 mins to sew 1 in, so I reckon I could charge£6.00 for 20.

york46 Sat 21-Jul-12 22:08:08

Here is a money-saving tip a friend told me she used many years ago when buying woven name tapes. Say you have two children, one called Peter and the other called Sarah and the surname is Jones. You order just one lot of name tapes as follows: P Smith J. When sewing on Peter's name tapes you just tuck under the initial J so that it read "P Smith". Then when sewing Sarah's on, you tuck under the initial P, so that the name tape reads "Smith S".

Anagram Sat 21-Jul-12 22:29:53

Or Smith J. wink

Bags Sun 22-Jul-12 07:06:47

Brilliant idea for earning a bit of dosh, grindos. Go for it! and good luck! smile

Most people round here don't bother to name their kids' clothes, not even with biro on the label. I don't believe it has anything to do with mums being too busy; more a case of clothes being cheap enough to replace if they get lost. Otherwise, they'd find the time to do it.

Easy come, easy go.

Bags Sun 22-Jul-12 07:11:28

Besides, what about the dads? Even men could do a job like that.

HildaW Sun 22-Jul-12 15:53:57

Can remember that we had to have our names embroidered in letters large enough to be seen across a hockey field on our bottle green knickers. Hey those were the days............can you imagine the hooha that would be in the press if such a thing was done today!!!

Bags Sun 22-Jul-12 16:23:17

Well, I'm jolly glad I sewed a nametape into DD's good rain jacket, because she left it at the archery club yesterday. It's raining here today so she's getting wet as she's already lost her kagool, and her other jackets are too warm for this time of year. Kids, eh!?

glammanana Sun 22-Jul-12 16:46:18

bags nearly as bad as my DGS Luke who last week used his good sports top for a goal post (name inside thank goodness) and this week left his kit bag (with name) at the local sports centre containing his trainers and football kit,he is so busy chatting to his pals he always forgets !! love him .

Bags Sun 22-Jul-12 16:54:30

I wonder if I was that bad too, glam? I do seem to remember my mum complaining about my scattiness quite a lot! DD won't get her jacket back for three weeks as we aren't going to the archery club the next two Sats and it's too far away to go just for that. Maybe a few soakings will help her remember. Then again, maybe they won't. Hey ho.

gracesmum Sun 22-Jul-12 17:11:33

I was sewing name tapes into pants for DD on Friday - it was her Hen Do yesterday and one "game" was for each "hen" to buy her a pair of pants, anonymously, and she had to guess from the choice who had given them. (Actually totally tasteful)
I had dozens of Cash's name tapes from her Brownie/Guide/school days so that was what I did. She guessed!
Mother Hen smile

glammanana Sun 22-Jul-12 17:20:36

gracesmum what a fab idea I think I will suggest that for the two hen parties I am going to in August,you are a genius thanks smile