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to think someone might want 2 tickets for Bruce Springsteen tonight in Hyde Parkk

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nanaej Sat 14-Jul-12 11:40:55

Friends have had to pull out this morning as one spent night in hospital sad. 2 tickets for Hyde park open air concert Bruce Springsteen et al now available. Ticket price £66 each. PM me if interested. I am leaving in an hour so be quick!

nanaej Sat 14-Jul-12 12:16:49

Bye - off to the mud rain & music!

greenmossgiel Sat 14-Jul-12 19:16:24

Wish I was there envy. Love The Boss!

glammanana Sat 14-Jul-12 19:26:58

green if you have i-player on your TV you can see BS (the boss) in concert with Roy Orbison it was on last night there was a very display of guitar at its best on the version of Pretty Woman,well worth

glammanana Sat 14-Jul-12 19:27:57

should read good display ^^ (gremlins)

crimson Sat 14-Jul-12 19:40:08

Saw that as I was drifting in and out of sleep [think I saw it twice as it was repeated in the early hours and BBC4 was still on] and I was quite confused to see Roy Orbison playing,filmed in black and white so I thought it was very old archive stuff, and then Elvis Costello and Bruce Springsteen were with him. As I say, I was half asleep so it was all a bit surreal.

greenmossgiel Sat 14-Jul-12 22:15:25

Ooh! I'll watch that tomorrow! DH said last night that there was a Roy Orbison thing on ....but he didn't mention Bruce Springsteen....hmm! I went to bed and he watched a Clint Eastwood film.

whenim64 Sat 14-Jul-12 22:23:38

gren I saw a wonderful programme about Roy Orbison last night, so if it's that one being repeated I can highly recommend it. It started with him singing 'Pretty Woman' and progressed over the years to his time in the Travelling Wilbury's, when he died of a heart attack at the age of 52. It was such a heart-warming programme - really enjoyable smile

whenim64 Sat 14-Jul-12 22:24:52

gren? - sorry green smile

nanaej Sun 15-Jul-12 11:02:59

Springsteen sang Pretty Woman last night! It was a great but damp evening. For some reason McCartney muscled in at the end.. they dueted Twist and Shout and a couple of other numbers before the sound was turned off! Back to Hyde park today for Alison Krauss and Paul Simon. Hope the sun and wind dries some of the squishy mud!

whenim64 Sun 15-Jul-12 11:34:36

nanaej I'm envious. What a treat in store for you today. I was given Paul Simon's Graceland 25th anniversary CD/DVD for my birthday (my family WAS listening to the hint) and it's a glorious album. Have a great time! smile

crimson Sun 15-Jul-12 11:44:49

I'm not keen on Paul Simon [although I love the so called 'world music' of Amadou and Mariam] but very envious of you seeing Alison Krauss. Is she with Union Station and d'y think Robert Plant will put in an appearance?

nanaej Sun 15-Jul-12 11:45:20

OH & I love live music (though neither of us can produce any ourselves!) and try to get to see as much as we can..some old favourites such as today and last night but will also go to new bands if they sound interesting!

nanaej Sun 15-Jul-12 11:50:09

crimson yes she is playing with Union Station . Also with Jerry Douglas so not sure that Robert Plant will be there.. will let you know tomorrow!

crimson Sun 15-Jul-12 12:03:35

Thanks; enjoy! I'm hoping to see my favourite band, Levellers in Nottingham next week if it isn't rained off.

nanaej Sun 15-Jul-12 12:36:12

Oh I like the Levellers. OH & I trying to decide where we saw them..can't recall now but was a while back!

crimson Sun 15-Jul-12 13:01:10

Used to go to their 'freak shows' with my daughter and her friends. Don't think they ever do a bad show, although some of their albums of late haven't been quite up to scratch. They quite often play round Derby because Simon is from round these 'ere parts. He's in a little splinter group of his own called Seismic Survey; they played at the Assembly Rooms a while back and were briliant even though there were a lot of gremlins in the electrical department. The latest album is very much back to their roots, although will never be on a parr with Levelling the Land; nothing ever can be! Wherever my musical tastes lead me they always take me back to the Levs. Get orff my land..and all that grin

nanaej Sun 15-Jul-12 13:06:48

Do you like Bellowhead?

crimson Sun 15-Jul-12 13:40:51

Funny you should say that because a friend of mine is going to see them at The Eden Project so I dug some of their cd's out. I've seen them several times and they are, and rightly so, regarded as one of the best live bands around [I'm going to see them in November when theyhave their new album out] but I don't actually enjoy listening to their cd's. I hadn't realised that Jon Boden had some sort of link with the West Bank [being a northener I don't know much about what goes on in London]. He is exceptional, as a performer and a creative genius. The nearest we have to some sort of bygone age of music halls and such like. Pure drama! The best band I have ever seen was Arcade Fire but, just as the whole evening was getting better and better some idiot threw a bottle of water on stage and they all downed tools and walked off. They came back on but, by then the magic had gone. However, what I had seen made me realise that I would never see another band perform like that. Went to see Kasabian recently; like Levellers I never tire of their music, but they were far too loud; even I couldn't make out what they were playing and I know their stuff inside out. A bitter disappointment; along with being sprayed with beer [at least, I hope it was beer confused]...

nanaej Sun 15-Jul-12 14:57:31

crimsonI hope it was beer too! The sound was great last night so hoping same later. I have been to performances when the sound was so loud and distorted it was impossible to know what was being played.

We saw Bellowhead a couple of months back in Guildford in a new music venue which is excellent acoustically so very clear. It was a really exciting and interesting evening.

crimson Sun 15-Jul-12 15:25:22

I don't think a lot of thes 'stadium' bands allow for the fact they're playing indoors sometimes. We went to see Kaiser Chiefs as well recently; now they do know how to put on a show! Interviewed on the radio afterwards, Ricky said he was going to be involved in the latest War of the Worlds; something I've never been to see. He also said to 'watch this space'because someone very interesting was going to by involved [other than him, that is]. Some of the guys from Bellowhead appeared in tribute to Sandy Denny recently; again something I was quite disappointed with apart from the fact that we were bowled over by a girl called Thea Gilmore. Playing lots of Tom Petty at the moment. Only 'discovered' Tom Petty a couple of years ago having seen the film about him on BBC4, 'Running Down a Dream'; well worth watching even if it is 4 hours long. Found myself very much in love with the organist, Benmont Tench; very follically challenged these days but was gorgeous back then wink.

nanaej Sun 15-Jul-12 15:54:56

We have similar tastes! Kaiser Chiefs & Tom Petty music often played here!

crimson Sun 15-Jul-12 16:03:57

I often play 'Refugee' on a loop..imo the perfect song. The hammond [I think] organ is superb. Benmont [sigh] was a great fan of Procol Harem who were more than the 'one hit wonder' band that I took them for. What I do want to get is some Stevie Nicks cd's. She actually wanted to join Tom Petty but was only allowed to do few collaborations with them [jealous emoticom]. Before watching the film I thought Tom Petty just had a series of backing groups; never realising that he and the band had been together right from the start. My daughter taught in a school where one of the teachers used to go out with Ricky [pre fame that is]. She was a bit on the tubby side and, whenever she walked down the corridor the kids used to sing 'I predict a diet...'.

nanaej Mon 16-Jul-12 16:12:46

Paul Simon was on top form! I have to say the sound system was great and the atmosphere electric when he sang Sound Of Silence. Ladysmith BM also great as was Hugh Masekela (though he went on a little too long IMO) and the bonus was Jimmy Cliff. To make it perfect the sunshine was out!!

whenim64 Mon 16-Jul-12 17:14:54

Fabulous nanaej. Ladysmith BM are wonderful entertainment. Wish I'd been there smile