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Pension statement for 2011-2012 tax year -very cross!

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ayse Mon 16-Jul-12 14:10:56

I'm doing an OU degree and I need my DH's pension income for 2011-2012 for financial support application. We were also flooded out so many documents were lost. DH called the pensions people and asked for the information. They said it could take up to 28 days. Well joy! He received a letter today stating the pension he received from ?/11/12 to the end of the tax year. Therefore rather a large chunk of the information is missing. The letter had a sarcastic comment about keeping your own records.

He phoned them back to ask for the correct information and after a lot of argy bargy they said they would send it and guess what, it will take up to another 28 days.

What is it with these people? It seems such a simple request, especially as some of the documents have been destroyed by flood water. They certainly are not public servants anymore. I feel so cross that they can be so unhelpful, especially as we have been flooded. angry angry

Greatnan Mon 16-Jul-12 15:53:51

I get a P60 for my Teacher's and Civil Service Pension, but I have to write and ask the DWP every year for a statement of my retirement pension to give to the French tax office if they ask for it (they never have so far).
I can also look up my other two pensions on line (Teacher's Pension On-line) but that facility is also not available from the DWP.
If I don't receive the statement on time, I have to show the letter telling me what the new pension is going to be from April and just multiply it by 52.

AlisonMA Mon 16-Jul-12 16:12:11

ayse It is the same with HMRC. If they even get round to answering the phone they can be completely useless and also very patronising when they realise they are talking to a pensioner. One one occassion I was asked (in a not very pleasant manner) "and why do you think you are due a tax rebate" to which I replied "I have all my P60s and a calculator, why do you think I am not?" Sometimes they send the same thing twice in the same envelope and on other occassions they have sent me a tax code, followed a couple of days later by a different one and then again the correct one.

I really think they need someone to go in and sort them out and they certainly should not be immune to redundancy. It bothers me that such incompetence is rewarded by inflation linked salary related pensions.

Rant over!

Greatnan Mon 16-Jul-12 16:24:53

Alison, far from needing more redundancies, HMRC needs to employ many more trained inspectors, and stop relying on call centre staff who do not understand the complexities of the tax system. As a retired inspector, I frequently have to explain the rules to the young person on the phone, who is probably much cheaper to employ.

Elegran Mon 16-Jul-12 16:26:26

Anyone in these offices with any grey matter gets promoted to a higher grade, and rises up out of the pool. Those who remain are those with less ability.

eGJ Mon 16-Jul-12 16:30:30

HMRC sent me a leaflet entitled "Do you need to fill in a Self Assessment form?" Catergories listed were followed by a telerphone number which I rang. [it tooks ages to get a human voice!] ALL my details were taken with the promise of a reply in 14 days. Did it happen? No, so I've had to post off the form so I don't get caught out. Three weeks on they still haven't received it. AAAAHHHH.

AlisonMA Mon 16-Jul-12 17:17:15

Greatnan or make the rubbish people in the call centre redundant and put the trained people on the phones. I really can't understand what is so hard about PAYE, I have explained it to lots of non-UK staff many times!

Greatnan Mon 16-Jul-12 18:12:57

The problem is that there are not enough fully trained inspectors. Self Assessment was introduced simply to get rid of the most experienced staff. Your tax return details are now keyed into a computer by a minimally trained Revenue Assistant. Inspectors carry out investigations when the computer programme picks up some anomaly or inconsistency. I heard a spokesman for HMRC admit on the Today programme that they needed to start training inspectors urgently, as each one,once trained, generated many times their salary in taxes.
There are many more areas of tax than PAYE, which is , or should be , simple. There are different regimes for the self-employed, corporations, partnerships, inheritance tax, CGT, etc. etc. It takes a minimum of three years to cover the basics - we had to learn 300 tax cases off by heart and most of the contents of the huge manuals, plus enough book-keeping to be able to read a set of accounts. This is followed by several years of further training 'on the job'.