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To expect gransons birthday cake to be moist! and fresh when ordered from a specialised shop?

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bikergran Sun 12-Aug-12 22:06:55

It was grandsons 6th birthday party yesterday at one of the play areas, his mum ordered a football themed cake (Blackburn Rovers) , when daughter went to pick cake up they had used the wrong colour of blue icing! (light blue instead of deep blue) grandson noticed straight away, daughter rang up and said she wasn't happy with cake, so took it back to the shop and the lady started changing the icing etc,but when daughter said she would like the little t shirts blue changing the woman unbeknown to my daughter muttered "for F* sake"! my daughters partner heard this! but said nothing at the time...anyway the lady was getting stressed so she said "I will deliver the cake back to you when I have done) distance of about 8 yes she delivered the cake and all was ok..until! at the play area after the party the cake was divided up into approx 20 portions and wrapped up as you do! when I got home and unwrapped my piece to have a bite..its was awful! it wAs dry. crumbly and seemed stale, it ws the worst cake I have ever tasted! it had no jam/cream in the middle, it just crumbled in your hand it was inedible! the most embarassing thing is! we have given this cake out and at one point I gave one of the grandmas about 5 pieces. anyway I took a piece to one of our neighbours and asked her "honest apinion" she agreed it was awfull, also another lady. We txt the lady from the cake shop who sent a very rude and words in Capital letters!txt back to my daughter. and was not very helpfull at all.I have emailed her last night and as yet had no reply..the cake cost £30 so was not a cheap thing, it was barely an inch in depth and had thick roll out icing on.The lady concered has a cake shop with all her cakes in...she did apologise when bringing the cake back for her unprofessional manner (I presume the swearing)! and gave my daughter 4 free cupcakes which were also dry)I have saved what is left of the cake and wrapped it up in cling film, would I be wrong in asking for a refund? I certainly couldnt eat it! it was only fit for throwing straight in the bin.I have sent her a polite email, saying that i understand that things can get stressed when catering etc..but as yet not had a reply. what would anyone else was embarrasing for my daughter, of course grandson was none the wiser, other than the colour of t shirts.should we just put it down to experience? shock

whenim64 Sun 12-Aug-12 22:22:33

Yes, request a refund and mention that a number of your Twitter-using friends are very interested in this shop's customer service, for future reference.

glassortwo Sun 12-Aug-12 22:42:56

biker you would expect to be able to eat a cake and enjoy it, give them a hard time.

Bags Mon 13-Aug-12 07:39:09

You didn't get what you paid for. A cake is not just the icing. Keep complaining politely about your disappointment.

Bags Mon 13-Aug-12 07:40:22

when's idea is good. Tell the shop you'll tell all your friends about the disappointment and recommend that they don't buy cakes there.

bikergran Mon 13-Aug-12 07:48:25

ok thanks all.. the shop is closed today and so far still havn't had a reply (grrrrr) a friend of daughters was going to order a Christening cake so that is on hold!. I shall let you know the outcome. smile.

goldengirl Mon 13-Aug-12 17:43:38

You didn't get what you paid for so it's a trades description sort of thing and therefore a refund should be forthcoming. If not you could ring Trading Standards or even Environmental Health or whatever they call themselves. For it to be so crumbly something must be wrong in the mix. My cakes often turn out a bit like biscuits but at least they're edible biscuits!

Annobel Mon 13-Aug-12 19:00:16

Trading Standards - only contact Environmental Health if it's unfit for human consumption - ie if it's a health hazard. Perhaps this cake was!

bikergran Mon 13-Aug-12 21:16:25

I am hoping to take the remainder of the cake back tomorrow afternoon, apparantly she has had 3 cakes back, and when tested for moisture, have been found t be fine.(think I have a battle on my hands) I shall start off "politely" and see how it goes smile

grrrranny Mon 13-Aug-12 21:54:20

It's not good enough bikergran - £30 is a lot of money - you could have ordered a Waitrose one for that which should have been fine. It might be hard work getting refund though as it sounds like this woman is going to go out of business fast given her attitude and lack of cake-making ability. Wear your leathers grin

Anne58 Tue 14-Aug-12 14:06:03

If she has already had three cakes back, as it says up there ^^^, then there obviously IS a problem!

bikergran Tue 14-Aug-12 22:44:54

lol phoenix lol decided not to wear leathers and hells angels gear lol...
decided on smart black trousers and white top..(just wore the crash helmet) grin

No went in with the "gentle/calm" approach as I am no where near a confrontational person, I walked in the shop (had left remnants of cake in the box in the car) I wasn't greeted as I! would greet a new customer! (the lady didn't know who I was,, or maybe just maybe she was expecting me! I said I had sent her an email "yes at midnight"! came the reply....hmm hmm I thought I am in for battle here,,,as for the time of sending emaill I really didn't think that mattered..that is the point of an doesnt matter what time you send it as the person can open it when they are ready.
Anyway to cut long story short, the woman agreed the cake was dry/crumbly/not moist "well that is a tray bake cake " I was told!!! so she apologised ( although through griitted teeth I felt)! and my daughters money was refunded with too much fuss smile ,",hope to see you back again at some time" was the message as I left! hmm don't think so, says me grin

glassortwo Tue 14-Aug-12 22:57:19

Well done Biker I hope your helmet didnt put her off. grin

She possibly has a phone like my new one which whistles as I get a new email and all the Kindle ones etc come through the night ( thought I was being whistled at the first time it went off, it did go through my mind whether they were shortsighted grin ) it has woken DH and I up in the middle of the night since I got it, DD just laughed when I said what was happening and has tonight put it on sleep mode from 11pm to 7 am.... ah a full nights sleep tonight.

Butternut Wed 15-Aug-12 10:01:50

Oh well done, biker! Very pleased you got your money

glammanana Wed 15-Aug-12 11:13:33

bikergran good for you I can't understand the way customers are treated sometimes,don't these shop owners know that bad publicity speads far quicker than good publicity,just think of all your DGSs friends parents who will now never go into that shop after such shoddy service.have one of my cupcake and treat yourself to a brew

bikergran Wed 15-Aug-12 14:15:06

ahaaaa glassortwo I didn't realise that! so maye it "disturbed " the lady during the night hmm lol.. oh yes I have had a piece of homemade chocolate cake,that my lovely neighbour made for me afetr the dissapointment...(warmed in the mocrowave for a few seconds then a helping of double cream) grin but fear not ...I am about to set upone my tast of testing the "Globe Hoover" lol....da da da daaaaaaaaaa...... (I may be gone for some time) a seat for me at the Halloween party if I'm not back grin bfn

bikergran Wed 15-Aug-12 14:16:06

yes! and I must!! check my spellings grrrrrrrrrr...(but Im sure you can decypher it lol)