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jeni Fri 17-Aug-12 12:26:43

DHL tried to deliver my crutches yesterday when I was out working. I phoned and arranged recovery today!
I have just gone into my hall and found a note on the floor " sorry you were out!"
I've phoned again and been told he came, he knocked, there was no answer!
I'm not deaf! My front door is about 12ft from my chair and the door inbetween was open!
I asked why he didn't use the doorbell? The answer 'I never know if they're going to work'confused

They are now going to redeliver later today! Grrrrrrrrrrrangry

jeni Fri 17-Aug-12 13:06:33

Update! Apparently they have been trying to deliver to next door and the git wouldn't answer the door to them. But then he must have come round and put the card through my door!
Honestly I'm so angry I'm fizzing!

Barrow Fri 17-Aug-12 13:13:39

I do sympathise jeni -I was expecting a delivery last week - when it didn't arrive I rang to find out why and was told the driver had left it in the porch! He said he rang the bell by got no answer (I was in all day). I explained I have 2 porches on my property and the parcel wasn't in either one! They spoke to the driver again, yes definitely left in porch.

Two days later my neighbour brought it across - it had been left in her porch and as they don't use their front door hadn't noticed it. This was down to the driver being lazy - we have similar house names except hers ends in "house" and mine ends in "cottage" - we both have clear signs on our houses. Makes me so angry.

Another thing is when you order something, ask when it will be delivered and are told "between 10 and 4" - they obviously think I have nothing better to do than wait in for deliveries.

Sorry - rant over!!

dorsetpennt Fri 17-Aug-12 13:40:42

Amazon use the Royal Mail or Yodel depending on the size of your order. No problem with Royal Mail, arrives on time all fine. When I ordered my laptop they used Yodel, Amazon's web site is full of complaints about this company. They always claim that 'you were out' when you are like jeni in and 12ft from the door. Also expect you to wait ALL day at their chosen day for a delivery. When I tried to speak to the company to say the day they'd chosen was a work day for me. All I got was press this for that and press that for this. Could not speak to a person at all. Luckily I have an understanding manager who'd had trouble with Yodel, understood and changed my shift. When I asked the deliveryman why couldn't I speak to a person on their number he shrugged his shoulders and said I'd have to call the company and take it up with them!!!!!! [angry angry]

Ariadne Fri 17-Aug-12 13:43:55

Sometimes, with the endless "press..." phone calls, if you press # on your phone several times it connects to a person. I have no idea why - someone told me to try it after I'd been ranting. Worth a try!

Anagram Fri 17-Aug-12 13:45:48

At least you got a card through the door, jeni (or Old Git did!). I ordered two duvets from a firm and we waited and waited for delivery (DH was in all that week). After a fortnight I phoned and they said they'd tried to deliver, but as no one was in the duvets had been taken back to the warehouse! angry
I told them that was a ridiculous way to do business and went out and bought the same duvets cheaper locally - honestly, some firms do themselves no favours.

jeni Fri 17-Aug-12 14:17:38

They've arrived!grin

Anagram Fri 17-Aug-12 14:22:22


Do they look glamorous? grin

NfkDumpling Fri 17-Aug-12 14:25:40

I imagine them all light and flowery.

NfkDumpling Fri 17-Aug-12 14:27:20

I was going to say that since we've moved to a house 10 feet from the path instead of up a long drive our parcel post has noticeably improved!

jeni Fri 17-Aug-12 14:37:03

Just plain black! But sooooo light!

NfkDumpling Fri 17-Aug-12 14:40:17

Light is good. Light is important and black is classy - goes with any outfit. But not even one little flower? flowers

jeni Fri 17-Aug-12 14:41:38

No! { but I do have fairy lights for special occasions }grin

Mishap Fri 17-Aug-12 14:47:48

Our problem is with stanavs that delivery firms use - they get directed to another cottage (which happens to be a holiday cottage, so it is often empty) and they swear blind that they have put a card through the door - they may well have done...but it is the wrong door!! The other cottage has a different name, but most drivers choose to believe the disembodied voice on their satnav.

We have taken to giving detailed directions whenever we order anything by phone and online - but it still does not work sometimes!


HildaW Fri 17-Aug-12 15:57:33

Mishap - yes I think its the mindless following of SatNavs thats half the problem. Last year both daughters (independently) organised mother's day flowers for me from M&S. By the afternoon of said day I was inwardly muttering to myself about thoughtless children and trying not to get cross - no cards no nothing hurrumph! Well next day a total stranger knocked on door and was holding two slightly bedraggled flower boxes 'I think these might be yours'. Turned out they had been plonked outside a holiday-let barn in the village _ we live outside said village on a different post code! He had the common sense to realise they were misdirected and not knowing the name asked around for any news about new folks in the area (we were). Any road up - I got my mother's day flowers and could then phone both daughters and say sorry for no phoning to say thinkyou. I was loathed to tell them their orders had gone astray as they would have been dissappointed that their best plans to cheer me up had gone awry. Another lady I know had a similar thing - flower box left out in open at an obviously unused gateway to her house. A downpour totally soaked box and damaged flowers. Common sense seems to elude these folks.

Hunt Fri 17-Aug-12 18:00:16

The Book People always asked if they can leave the parcel some where if you are out and this information (in our case a porch at the back) is printed on the delivery label. So far this has always worked.

Lilygran Fri 17-Aug-12 18:35:08

At least with Royal Mail you can arrange redelivery or go and pick it up from the sorting office. You can also collar the postman/woman and do some haranguing if they've left a card when you were in. It's inefficient private delivery firms that get me hopping mad. Some are very good and phone or email to say when they intend to deliver and then ring to say when they are near. Some are appalling, depot unfindable, card illegible and phones permanently on hold. The quality of the delivery firm doesn't seem to reflect the quality or value of the goods, either!

Wheniwasyourage Fri 17-Aug-12 22:25:55

Yes, Royal Mail is definitely the delivery firm of choice! If they try to deliver when we're out they leave a card and we have to go half a mile to pick up whatever it is. Other firms expect us to go 50 miles, often, it seems, to an industrial estate miles from stations or bus stops (not that we do - if that's the price of getting the delivery, they can send it back). Once we were told a delivery from Hermes had been left in our porch, which we knew it hadn't. Turned out it was on the front doorstep (in the rain, no porch) of an empty house further up the street and perfectly visible to anyone passing by. In fact it was the postie who brought it to us, having seen it when he was delivering something to the empty house!

Annobel Fri 17-Aug-12 23:25:49

A calendar I ordered for last Christmas was sent to an address in my road that didn't exist. The despatching company tried to make out that I had given that address on my order, but the firm I ordered it from managed to find my order and refute that.
The people who deliver for Landsend are very good at observing my instructions as to where to put the goods if I am out.