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Such sad news, I just logged into my email and read that Winnie has died [sad]

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bikergran Sat 18-Aug-12 11:40:16

The mum of Keith Bennet it seems has died, I presume it is true! it has appeared on my homepage.. how verry sad for this lady to have had to go through this torture every day, every waking minute of her life since her som went missing... it really makes the day so sad sad and to think that evil monster has made her life so misarable !

Anagram Sat 18-Aug-12 11:41:31

But at least she's at peace now.

bikergran Sat 18-Aug-12 11:46:00

yes thats true Anangram

Notsogrand Sat 18-Aug-12 11:46:48

I hope she's now re-united with Keith.

At least Brady will no longer have the pleasure of of witholding the details of the burial site from her.

AlisonMA Sat 18-Aug-12 11:47:27

I heard this on the news and felt very emotional. This poor lady has had to endure so much. I just hope she did not know about the news in the last few days - giving her hope again and then dashing it but wondering if it could be true. Just too much for anyone to bear. You are so right Anagram I am glad of that for her.

bikergran Sat 18-Aug-12 12:06:47

yes Notsogrand " just what I thought"! Brady does not hold the cards any more!

absentgrana Sat 18-Aug-12 12:09:27

I should have thought death in this instance was a blessed release.

crimson Sat 18-Aug-12 12:16:04

Oh, poor lady; yes, lets hope she's at peace.

HildaW Sat 18-Aug-12 12:29:47

I hope that she had not been aware of all this nasty business he had instigated recently....that man's cruelty seems to know no bounds. That he was able to form some sort of private relationship with his worker bothers me. All that drivel about 'human rights' when he gave those up by what he did, and more importantly, what he continues to do. I hope that Winnie is now at peace.

Sook Sat 18-Aug-12 12:44:50

How Brady has tortured her over the years by withholding the location of her sons grave. May she rest in peace and may Brady burn in Hell for his sins.

AlisonMA Sat 18-Aug-12 13:11:57

Just heard that she hadn't been told about the latest thing so thank goodness for that.

specki4eyes Sat 18-Aug-12 13:14:28

Seconded Sook

What a scumbag. It seems bizarre that they are force feeding a sadistic murderer like him. Why not let him go - good riddance. Its astonishing - I remember reading all about these murders in the back of my Dad's car on my way to secretarial college aged 18. I'm 65 now and he is still getting publicity for all the pain he caused.

Marelli Sat 18-Aug-12 13:19:33

There's no-one left for him to torture now. He apparently wants to come back to a Scottish prison, and says if he does so he may consider eating again.....bring him back and put him in Barlinnie - and allow him to mingle with the rest of the inmates.

Anagram Sat 18-Aug-12 13:21:44

I thought his reason for wanting to be moved to a prison was because they won't force-feed him there? But I suppose he has to say he might eat....

Marelli Sat 18-Aug-12 13:31:58

I wonder how they do his feed? It must be by tube into his stomach (ie PEG), with his hands out of the way while it's being administered. It's a wonder that that doesn't go against his rights, too hmmangry

HildaW Sat 18-Aug-12 13:44:19

Oh good AlisonMA, must admit when I first heard about it it all sounded a bit suspicious so am glad no one had worried her about it.

Greatnan Sat 18-Aug-12 14:01:23

He wants to be declared sane - they can only force feed someone who has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act
Myra Hindley tried to get her freedom to the last - she conned Lord Longford and seduced a woman prison officer.

HildaW Sun 19-Aug-12 21:18:49

Having seen next weeks TV listings can understand why this story has 'suddenly' erupted....Channel 4 doing a documentary! Typical making a huge story about this horrid person when all the rest of the decent world just want him to disappear into obscurity.

Oldgreymare Mon 20-Aug-12 10:00:00

... and he was treated in an NHS hospital after his recent seizure! I hope they destroyed the bed! I know this may sound ridiculous but the thought of going into hospital and being put in a bed he had used fills me with horror!angry