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Presents for Presents Sake, and Buying for Buyings sake

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Anne58 Tue 16-Oct-12 19:39:17

Evening all, I was inspired by nanapug and her post re. what to get for her Aunts 100th birthday, and I do hope that this doesn't offend.

I posted a suggestion on that thread, but then got to thinking, what on earth could a lady of 100 either want or need, other than a visit from her friends and family, along with perhaps a cake or tin of biscuits to share around?

I have some similar thoughts about the dreaded C thing too! I will see people dashing around, all harrassed, looking for things to buy to give to friends and relatives, just because it's a certain time of year. They are possibly spending money they can't really aford, to buy things for other people that they probably don't want!

I used to be in this situation when with ex dh. The gifts we received from his mother were so eye wateringly tasteless, that we used to toss a coin to see who had to open them! Similarly, I seem to remember seeing the shopping list of one of his sisters, and it appeared that she was planning to buy almost everyone on her list a "cuddly toy". I hasten to add that she was a grown woman in her early twenties at the time.

One year I decided I could stand it no more, and said that we would NOT be buying presents for any adults, and neither did we want any. There was a bit of face pulling and muttering, but I stuck to my guns.

Even then it wasn't easy, as both grandmas seemed determined to give their DGC's a mountain of stuff. I think a lot of it was for the pleasure of seeing them open the presents, but the amount of plastic tat that never really got played with, and yet had to be accommodated in the toy cupboards really rankled.

I do hope that doesn't seem to be a bit "Bah humbug", I do look forward to Christmas and enjoy it, but I feel that the present buying has not only got out of hand, but has put the wrong slant on the whole thing.

tattynan Wed 17-Oct-12 21:56:21

Yep - I was describing how the secret santa operates at my work place but it is voluntary and I don't take part anymore. Its was fun to watch the events unfold last year though.wink