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New to site ...but wish me luck

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jules1 Thu 25-Oct-12 08:18:46

I am just getting ready to go to GS's Harvest Festival at school....I have good contact with my Gs through ex Son I L (which is quite strange smile ..) but my worry is my estranged daughter will be there...such a sad situation, but I can no longer miss out on my GS's growing up milestones...
Very nervous at the moment, but holding my head high and smiling...still sad though.

baubles Thu 25-Oct-12 08:28:01

Good luck Jules and welcome. You will find other Grans in similar situations speaking about their experiences on this site. flowers

absentgrana Thu 25-Oct-12 08:30:48

Hello jules1 Certainly an unusual situation and very hard for you. Of course you shouldn't miss your grandson's milestones and special events and, in the future when he understands the extent of your courage and love, he will surely appreciate it. I hope all goes well. Good luck. flowers

Greatnan Thu 25-Oct-12 08:31:22

A big welcome, Jules. There are very many of us in similar situations so you are not alone. Please let us know how you get on.

glammanana Thu 25-Oct-12 08:36:47

Enjoy your day and best of luck and a very big welcome you will find endless help and information here and lots of empathy,so keep popping in and join in the With regard to your DD just say hello and comment on how nice she looks and let it go from there you will be fine,enjoy your DGS and the festival if things are very strained you can slip in at the back and leave if you think that there will be confrontation.((hugs)) flowers

Bags Thu 25-Oct-12 08:38:05

Welcome, jules, and good luck! Sending strong thoughts to support you flowers

shysal Thu 25-Oct-12 08:44:15

What a sad situation for you jules1, I am so glad you are braving it to support your GS.
I have to avoid being at family gatherings where my ex-husband's wife will be. At my youngest GS's christening she shouted abuse at me, after which I could not stop crying, so ruined it for everyone. I have never done anything to upset her, even had the silly idea that we could be friends!
Family relationships can be so difficult sometimes, you will find lots of support here, there is always someone who has similar experiences or just virtual hugs. Imagine us at your shoulder at the Harvest Festival, and if there is a tear or two that is quite normal at these events, my GSs always ask me not to embarass them by crying - but the love just overwhelms me! flowers (((hugs)))

whenim64 Thu 25-Oct-12 08:58:43

Welcome Jules and good luck. Enjoy seeing your grandson and just smile pleasantly when you see her. Ignore any behaviour that could be interpreted as hostile - it could be that she is anxious about today, too flowers

annodomini Thu 25-Oct-12 09:02:09

Hope you have a lovely day and I know it will mean a lot to your GS to have you there on a special occasion. I live too far from mine to be able to do this regularly, but in year 2 GS1 requested my presence at a 'take your grandparent to school' day, so I made the journey and together we made a rather unconvincing fire engine. Such fun and great pride. Enjoy being there. x

Gally Thu 25-Oct-12 09:21:28

Jules and shysal flowers

jules1 Thu 25-Oct-12 11:20:29

Thanks all.....I am back now.
Smiled all the way through it, and enjoyed it, back home and feel so sad sad...
One thing about coming on here I have realised how fortunate I am, at least I still have some sort of relationship with my GC...and I am truly grateful for that.
My heart and thoughts go out to anyone going through this turmoil.

Anyway thanks again...xx

glassortwo Thu 25-Oct-12 11:24:43

Hello jules so pleased you enjoyed your GS Harvest Festival he would have loved having you there, sunshine just think of how happy he was to see you and try not to be sad.

whenim64 Thu 25-Oct-12 11:33:18

Another step forward! That's great Jules. I hope more opportunities like this come along and you can start to relax flowers

glammanana Thu 25-Oct-12 12:38:20

jules what a nice morning for you and your DGS he will have been delighted to know you where there if he is anything like my youngest DGS.anno what a fab idea in Take a Granny to School for the Day I am going to suggest this to my DD who does a lot with the school it would be a great insight as to how our little ones engage in their lives away from the family circle.

celebgran Thu 25-Oct-12 15:08:08

good luck Gran Jules and so very sad for you about daughter, as put on other thread I am very sadly in same boad with my DD.

BEST OF LUCK. hope one day it is sorted for you flowers

Ella46 Thu 25-Oct-12 15:14:11

Jules don't be sad, at least you were there, and I'm sure your dgs was delighted flowers

jules1 Thu 25-Oct-12 15:26:11

Thank you all....
Celebgran, I just read your response on the other post, so good to feel someone else knows what it is like.

I have a lot to be thankful for and life isnt all bad, like you I have a loving Son who shows me how much he loves me, I have good friends and family.

I would send you all a bunch of flowers if I knew how to....

Mishap Thu 25-Oct-12 16:05:48

Gald you were able to be there - I am sure it was appreciated.

Marelli Thu 25-Oct-12 16:12:21

Jules the DGS will have been so excited to see you there. Well done. flowers Keep on posting - I'm sure you'll get so much comfort and support here. xx

celebgran Thu 25-Oct-12 21:05:06

so pleased you enjoyed it Jules and please keep posting!! I not been on here very long and find it is a good place to be!!

Nanban Fri 26-Oct-12 10:39:02

Hello Jules, my son as one of my 'sins' said I shouldn't share with 'faceless types on a weird website' - and yet, this is the place of such comfort and who cares about 'faceless' when the personalities are so lovely.

Welcome and good luck with your family.

Elegran Fri 26-Oct-12 11:45:40

Nanban I don't suppose your son would chat to a complete stranger on a bus either? How else do we make friends but by talking to other people?

Nanban Fri 26-Oct-12 13:01:53

Absolutely - but we are for sure a different generation and live in a different world.

soop Fri 26-Oct-12 13:55:47

jules flowers flowers flowers

Deedaa Sun 28-Oct-12 21:05:47

My husband just asked me what I was writing about to all my "old dears"! I told him it was all about "people" and "relationships" and everything he can't stand grin Personally I enjoy being on a weird website - it makes me feel right at home.