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Hallowe'en and scary things at "Family Friendly" Half term venues

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eGJ Fri 26-Oct-12 09:39:32

Looked after GS (5 & 6 this week and took them to castles (much enjoyed) museum (quite fun) playground (great) and a Heritage Centre "suitable for all the family" Gruffalo Trail wonderful; wooden figures in wood and lots to look at. Adventure Playground not open, Working models of Beam Engine & Water wheel, plus the actual things great. Then we looked at a Victoria cottage. We looked in every room and found it goointeresting and different to now, then we climbed up the stairs and in a bedroom - a skeleton. This lit up, made noises and though one GS laughed the other didn't. No warning that some areas might be unsuitable for small children (the Gruffalo Trail draws families with small ones in) 5 year old woke up in the night talking about the scary skeleton. sad DD emailed me with queries. Should I ring venue and ask them to put notices up warning of the possible scary items? Don't want to spoil older childrens "fun", but want to be able to go places with GS at half terms!

Deedaa Fri 26-Oct-12 20:57:20

It sounds as if there was no reason to expect anything scary so I think it would be quite reasonable to speak to the people and suggest some sort of warning. It isn't just small children who could be upset, I have a friend in her 60's who has always had a thing about skeletons and she would have had a fit if she'd seen it. (Yes, I'm sorry to say I did chase her with bones when we were at school sad

eGJ Sat 27-Oct-12 12:21:12

I rang up the Heritage Centre and got a dust off reply deedaa They said no one else had had anything but praise for everything "We're taking it down on Sunday anyhow" Will put my views in writing and I'm sorry to say won't go again. Pity because the Gruffalo Trail is perfect for under fives. Haven't been able to talk in person to DD yet; hope she'll let me take them out again.

Deedaa Sat 27-Oct-12 20:09:42

Isn't it strange that whenever one complains about anything one is always told that everyone else loves it? I refuse to believe that there are a handful of complainers and everyone else loves everything. The Gruffalo Trail sounds great-I'm sure my GS would have loved it a couple of years ago.

eGJ Sun 28-Oct-12 15:30:12

DD OK about it! Her only comment was that I loooked exhausted!! Will put my thoughts in writing tomorrow, then someone will have to read it!

Deedaa Sun 28-Oct-12 20:48:51

Actually children are very odd sometimes. My GS was really bloodthirsty and loved TV shows with lots of fights & explosions when he was about 5, yet there were pages in some of his picture books that he absolutely refused to look at & yet to the adult eye they seemed quite harmless. So difficult to second guess them sometimes.