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AIBU to be astonished by how many people lie about speeding?

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sarahcyn Thu 20-Dec-18 12:55:52

I'm thinking of the Labour MP who has been caught lying repeatedly to avoid a few points on her licence. She was going at all of 41mph in a 30mph area - not exactly Speedy Gonzales - but it seems she may have been texting at the same her landscape gardener, no less.
I don't know why she didn't just fess up but the fact she lied so promptly AND is a solicitor suggests she knew, professionally, that she could get away with it.
Not long ago David Beckham was caught trying to wriggle out of a speeding ticket even though he can afford a chauffeur for a bit. And then of course there is the notorious Chris Huhne affair of a few years back.
That people in the public eye think they can get away with these lies suggest to me that LOTS of people do it and it's practically "a thing". Is this correct? Does anyone here have friends/relatives who've lied about who was behind the wheel - or even done it themselves?

driverann Fri 21-Dec-18 18:48:22

Those who try to hoodwink the police are idiots. The police get great pleasure nabbing them. The MP will now most probably be jailed.

Aepgirl Fri 21-Dec-18 17:37:07

Of course we would take advantage of a clever lawyer if we could afford it - but that doesn’t make it right.

Pippa22 Fri 21-Dec-18 17:20:57

I am surprised that anyone should think that an M.P. wouldn’t lie. I think that we regularly see behaviour that most of us wouldn’t dream of exhibiting and the way they act is a disgrace. I think that come the next election whenever that might be a I will think very carefully before voting and I have never previously not voted for any elected. I am ashamed our politicians. I am also very disappointed that they can just walk away from this awful situation the country is in and go on holiday.

Jalima1108 Fri 21-Dec-18 17:02:25

You'd think she would have learnt from the Chris Huhne and Vicky Price saga and imprisonment, wouldn't you.

And to think I wanted him as leader of the Lib Dems … hmm

GrandmaKT Fri 21-Dec-18 16:42:26

Yes curlilox, we have blanket 20mph speed limits in the town where I live too. As you say, it is more or less impossible to keep to such a slow speed. Fair enough on play streets or roads with schools, but on main thoroughfares, it really is silly. The local police have said that they will not enforce the speed limits as they do not have the staff, so the result is that everyone totally ignores it.
It is a real problem for driving schools as they obviously have to comply with the legal limit and drivers aren't able to practice driving at higher speeds.
I suppose the only thing to be said for it is that people actually drive at 30mph rather than 40!

POGS Fri 21-Dec-18 16:34:52

As for the lie by Labour MP Fiona Onasanya I am waiting to hear if Peterborough will have a bi-election?

It will depend on her sentence as it doesn't appear she is going to resign over the fact she persistently and deliberately lied and has been found guilty of ' perverting the course of justice'.

Consequences ?

MawBroon Fri 21-Dec-18 16:15:51

Oddly enough, she seems to be comparing her 'persecution' to that of Jesus! I think I've heard it all now

I saw that too.
I don’t remember Jesus endangering the lives of others by driving dangerously or texting while driving.
Perhaps she can enlighten me?

MawBroon Fri 21-Dec-18 16:13:14

I am astonished at how glibly some people lie, full stop.
“Thou shalt not be found out” seems to be the only commandment they have ever heard of.

Hm999 Fri 21-Dec-18 16:02:46

Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce were jailed for lying in court? I think that's a crime, as should knowingly lying to Parliament be.

endre123 Fri 21-Dec-18 15:33:03

I think everyone should go on a speed awareness course, it really does sharpen up your driving! I was caught doing 32mph in a 30 zone in my village soon after they removed the leeway. I chose the course and every single offender there had been caught doing between 31-35 mph. in a 30 area. We couldn't lie because the organisers had all details on us!

Doing 41mph in a 30 limit was way over the top which is probably why the MP wasn't given a choice of a speeding course. We see drivers speeding every day but we were assured on the course they do get caught. Many don't tell even their nearest and dearest!

grannyactivist Fri 21-Dec-18 15:28:26

I was once a passenger in my sister's car on a long journey and I have never allowed her to drive me anywhere since - she broke speed limits the whole way. When I worked in Cambridge me job entailed a lot of driving and I became the butt of some (good natured) office banter because I refused to drive as if possessed when visiting clients. My colleagues all routinely broke speed limits and consequently spent less time on the road than I did. They presented me with a cheeky framed 'Diploma' when I left that awarded me a prize for always going two miles slower than the speed limit!

Driving fast is dangerous and speed limits are there for a reason in my view.

Esmerelda Fri 21-Dec-18 14:41:21

Elrel is right ... MP's lie professionally so why should we be surprised.

PamelaJ1 Fri 21-Dec-18 13:57:46

Mumofmadboys, I have an automatic so 3rd gear won’t work for me.
When the speed limit changes there should be a ‘gateway’ i.e. a post on either side of the road. I learnt this from DH after his course.

icanhandthemback Fri 21-Dec-18 13:53:13

annodomini, same here. After the first one I really have tried to keep to the speed limit but every so often, I find myself going quicker than I thought. It was one of those occasions where I had my AC talking to me which distracted me. I had actually braked before I saw the speed van but it was too late. I was really cross with myself.

Willow10 Fri 21-Dec-18 13:05:24

Oddly enough, she seems to be comparing her 'persecution' to that of Jesus! I think I've heard it all now.tchconfused

Mapleleaf Fri 21-Dec-18 12:48:29

Yes, it's wrong that she lied and deserves to be punished for doing so. Some people don't seem to think that the speed limit applies to them.
I get really annoyed by drivers behind me who don't seem to like the fact that I am sticking to the speed limit, usually this is in the 20 and 30 zones, but I refuse to be bullied into going over the limit. If they want a speeding fine and points on their licence, fine. I don't. I also don't want to be responsible for injuring or killing someone because I was going too fast. This possibility just not seem to occur to some of these drivers.

sandelf Fri 21-Dec-18 12:22:26

umhum. Oh yes - I'm shocked and depressed by how ordinary people think that lying on job forms etc is totally acceptable. I might have got somewhere in life if I'd known earlier that's how the system works...

newnanny Fri 21-Dec-18 12:17:05

I just think if MP's are caught blatantly lying they should be banned form public office for 1 years. If caught a second time 2 years and if a third time life time ban. My sat nav also pings to let me know I am going over limit. I use it even when I know exactly where i am going for that very reason. It is easy to slip a couple of miles over limit without realizing especially on motorway when everybody and their dog seems to zoom past me but I am driving at 70.

curlilox Fri 21-Dec-18 11:25:38

Manchester council have changed the speed limit to 20 mph in all the residential streets round here in an effort to cut speeding. If you drive at 20 mph you get an impatient driver on your tail, so hardly anyone does. Also it's not environmentally friendly to be driving in 3rd gear all the time. Have the speeders paid any attention to the new speed limit ? And has anyone enforced the new limit? NO!

evianers Fri 21-Dec-18 11:10:12

Yes. We live very close to the Swiss border, where speeding fines are horrendous {CHF400.--}. Our English-speaking friend was caught after having had to pay the above, so talked his partner into accepting the penalty. I habitually ask OH to slow down when we are in Swizzle, but he thinks he will never be caught - little does he realise. The Swiss police do not have a great deal to do - everyone is more or less law-abiding, so spend their lives trapping unwary motorists. But that doesn't make speeding right.

mumofmadboys Fri 21-Dec-18 11:06:20

My sons were taught to drive in 3 rd gear in 30 zones. It works well to keep your speed down. Do it myself now.

Crazycatwoman Fri 21-Dec-18 11:05:49

As a point of information, David Beckham was issued with a penalty notice beyond the prescribed time and his lawyer duly pointed out that, as he should have been notified within the legal limit, he could not legally be charged. Wouldn't most people take advantage of a lawyer who knows his stuff if they had the wherewithal? It was hardly the same thing as Chris Huhne "persuading" his wife to take the blame for his offence.

Legs55 Fri 21-Dec-18 10:54:45

I took the Speed Awareness course on a voluntary basis a few years ago, Somerset police ran it & you could go just to check on your driving awareness (not as a punishment). It was very interesting & I did learn some things, amazing what you forget 40 years after passing your test. I do my best to stick to the speed limit but I will admit to speeding on a Motorway usually because the rest of the traffic is going above 70 mphthlblush

4allweknow Fri 21-Dec-18 10:50:57

Anyone remember Christine and her husband ? Hamilton and the saga of who was driving when caught speeding. Seemed to go on for months- it was him, it was her, they just couldn't remember!! Everytime on the roads see so many important people having to hurry to their important events in their important lives and of course usually meet them again at the next roundabout or traffic lights. The standard of driving has also deteriorated, mustn't be behind anyone so have to cut in at last minute, no warning. And don't get me started on those who think everyone should stop to let them join carriageway from sliproad. They make me fume.

annodomini Fri 21-Dec-18 10:45:17

It would be interesting to know if the speed awareness courses for offenders really do any good. I've been on two. And I'm not proud of it. I remember a few facts, most of which I learnt the first time. I think I am being very careful now, but just occasionally find that the speedometer has crept higher than it should. I wonder what others think of the courses they've been on. Were they useful or a waste of time?