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Dogs in cafes

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Silverlining47 Sun 14-Apr-19 11:00:41

I am having a Sunday morning coffee in a very pleasant cafe....people quietly reading the Sunday papers. A lady comes in with two small dogs which yap loudly and screeching. The waitress looks despairingly and approaches the owner but clearly there seems to be no official line about dogs in cafes and the yapping continues to destroy the peaceful morning. Nearby is another smart and trendy cafe with closely spaced tables. I went there last week for lunch. Soon a huge dog is sitting next to me, its nose almost resting on my table. The owner is either amused or unaware.
AIBU to find this unacceptable.

Sara65 Sun 14-Apr-19 11:02:50

I hate dogs in cafes, I would have left

KatyK Sun 14-Apr-19 11:21:47

I think it's unacceptable to have dogs in restaurants and cafes. On the last two holidays we had, Lyme Regis and The Lakes, there were signs on most cafes to say dogs welcome. The places were full of them. We found a gastro type pub, a bit posh. There were dogs in there, one of which came and sat by our table watching us eat. It was very off-putting. The owners said nothing.

Oldbat1 Sun 14-Apr-19 11:23:16

I love dogs and have 3 but wouldn’t dream of allowing this behaviour. I agree with a dog area like they do in our local garden centre or sit outside. Mind you I feel the same about unruly children.

Feelingmyage55 Sun 14-Apr-19 11:25:30

I was in this situation yesterday and had to move, which clearly caused hurt. I had to explain to the staff that I was allergic to dogs. The staff were helpful and kind but it occurred to me that a “dog” area and a “no dogs” area might help in the way that there used to be smoking/no smoking areas. The issue really gets to me when waiting staff stroke the dog and then go on serving. I want to ask them to go and wash their hands - and I don’t go back.

Sara65 Sun 14-Apr-19 11:26:20

I think generally, dog owners always think people will love their dogs as much as they do! Well I don’t! And I certainly don’t want them loitering around whilst I’m eating

Feelingmyage55 Sun 14-Apr-19 11:26:58

Oldbatl cross post - mine in more ways than one!

Septimia Sun 14-Apr-19 11:31:05

If you can't take dogs into a supermarket, why should you be able to take them into a café? Surely it goes against food hygiene regulations. A dog area (preferably outside!!) is a good idea.
But then there are all the cat cafés that are springing up. Cats are a bit more stand-offish and less likely to crowd you but there's still the hygiene issue. I like cats and at least if you choose to go into a cat café you know what you're letting yourself in for.

leyla Sun 14-Apr-19 11:31:42

Must admit I hate dogs in cafes or anywhere where I'm going to eat - I think it's unhygienic. More bearable if there's a lot of space between tables but I'm not keen. Obv no problem with guide dogs,etc.
I went to an out of town outlet recently and some people had dogs there - again, I feel totally inappropriate: it was crowded, I felt sorry for the dogs and frankly they were in the way.

KatyK Sun 14-Apr-19 11:32:38

The pub I mentioned above kept what they call 'fresh dog food' behind the bar which they were giving to the dogs. Yes I sincerely hope they wash their hands.

Chewbacca Sun 14-Apr-19 11:33:31

I've posted about my experience in the past....

We were having lunch in a very nice riverside restaurant when a young couple came and sat at the next table. They had a pug with them. Because a pug has a very short snout, they snuffle and wheeze constantly, as did this one. Their meals arrived and the man proceeded to pick bits off his plate and feed it to the snuffling cur under the table which then snuffled and drooled even louder as it ate it. When the dog felt that too long had elapsed between morsels to eat, it started to yap for more. The noise emanating from that dog, whilst people were trying to eat, was revolting and completely put us off our lunch. When our meal was over, we stood up and saw that the floor around their table was covered in dog drool and bits of half eaten food. When we went to pay, the waitress apologised but said that the owner didn't want to ban dogs because it would lose him custom. He lost at least 2 that day. Detest dogs in cafes and restaurants.

MamaCaz Sun 14-Apr-19 11:34:38

Last time I was in Holmfirth, My mum and I went in a cafe that had a sign saying that well behaved dogs were welcome.
Although we didn't have a dog, we still chose to go in.

While we were there, several dogs came and went with their owners, and they weren't a problem

What I was less happy with was seeing the cafe owner go and give a dog some kind of treat, patting it at the same time. As far as I could see, she didn't wash her hands when returning behind the counter to continue preparing and handling food for the human customers. Now that has put me off going there again!

FlexibleFriend Sun 14-Apr-19 11:40:21

I have dogs, I love my dogs but have never expected anyone else to tolerate them let alone love them. The only time my dogs go anywhere with me is a 2 hour romp over the woods every day and a trip to the vet when needed. Apart from that they stay home. I think people that take them shopping and to cafe's probably don't take them out where they can be dogs and run about like nutters having fun. Poor dogs.

Sara65 Sun 14-Apr-19 11:41:04

We never stay in hotels, which state dogs are welcome, nor even in self catering accommodation, just puts me off!

Charleygirl5 Sun 14-Apr-19 11:41:50

I love dogs but not in cafes and restaurants, obviously with the exception of any type of guide dog.

Luckily where I live in London I never see this - is it more of a problem in a "seaside resort"?

We get unruly screaming children running around with mother usually attached to her mobile or just seemingly unconcerned. I go for a coffee and expect peace and quiet.

Labaik Sun 14-Apr-19 11:46:21

My local pub now has a sign outside saying 'well behaved dogs welcome'. I think that, with so many pubs closing down they're having to rethink who they're targeting.

Sara65 Sun 14-Apr-19 11:54:08

Possibly Labaik, but the would definitely be losing my custom

sodapop Sun 14-Apr-19 12:41:38

I agree Flexiblefriend we do the same with our dogs even though France is much more relaxed about them. I wouldn't expect other diners to be comfortable with my dogs around the table. I don't want to stay in accommodation which allows dogs either. I am very definitely a dog lover but they need to know their place. Assistance dogs excepted of course.

Sara65 Sun 14-Apr-19 12:46:17

You sound like my kind of dog owner Sodapop, I don’t dislike dogs particularly, mainly just their often selfish owners, lovely to take a dog on a lovely country ramble, but pubs and cafes, definitely not!

GrannyGravy13 Sun 14-Apr-19 13:32:33

I am extremely allergic to dogs. I can tolerate them outside as long as I do not come into contact with them. Guide/Assistance dogs should be allowed anywhere, they are well trained and behaved.

jura2 Sun 14-Apr-19 13:38:34

Our experience is that there are very few cafés that allow dogs inside. In the small Market Town where we have our holiday apartment, there is only a couple of cafés, and a couple of restaurants- where we can take the dog. A couple of pubs too as long as we go to a separate room. So it is very easy for people who don't like dogs, or are allergic - to avoid these places.

In France or Switzerland, we can go practically anywhere with a dog. The key is about being well-behaved. We take her bed with us and she settles straightaway and you wouldn't know she is there.

Witzend Sun 14-Apr-19 14:42:18

We don't have dogs any more, but I'd pick a dog-friendly cafe or pub over a no-dogs one any day. I always enjoy meeting other people's dogs.

There are nearly always more no-dogs places than the other - why not just pick one of those?

Sara65 Sun 14-Apr-19 14:47:29

Fair point Witzend, but you don’t always realise till you’ve ordered your meal, and then a big wet smelly dog comes in! I shall endeavour to check first in future!

NfkDumpling Sun 14-Apr-19 15:00:39

Dogs and children in restaurants and cafes are fine - provided they are quiet and well-behaved.

Dogs can’t be left alone in B&Bs or caravans or tents or cars especially if the weather is warm. So eating out can be a problem.

Around here dogs are generally allowed in pub bars and their owners have bar meals which are generally very good and often better value than in the restaurant bit.

nonnasusie Sun 14-Apr-19 15:21:45

Only one of our dogs has ever been in an hotel. That was when we moved here 10 years ago. We stopped in Switzerland for the night ( we had checked with the hotel previously as she is a large dog) and took her bed to the room and then sat in a quiet corner of the restaurant for our dinner. She was as good as gold the whole time and slept under the table. I hasten to add that it was a one off and has never been repeated with any of our dogs! When we go out they stay home and when we go on holiday they go to Kennels run by a friend!

jura2 Sun 14-Apr-19 15:35:51

we adopted Emma followig difficult circumstances - she is nearly 14 now and she is as god as gold. But we can't put her in kennels as she cries and howls all night and won't eat.

She will happily stay on her own in the car for up to 2 hours - but we prefer if she comes in with us. She won't make a noise, won't bother anyone.

And we have had to change our life because of her- no more plane travelling, we go everywhere in the car- back to UK, t France and Italy- and she stays with us in Hôtels B&Bs and gîtes. As Labaik says, there is good money to be made there for places that welcome dogs. In Hôtels we pay £10 a night on average, for her.

I am in discussions now with a local Tour Operator- to organise a road trip by luxury coach, for owners with small and well-behaved dogs- as we have many older friends who would love to go on hols but can't because of their dog. Also a company that does direct flights from here to Croatia and Corsica.

As she does at times jump on the bed- we always take with us a massive super KS flat sheet to protect the bed, just in case and out of respect for others- or she is in her bed on the floor.

vintanner Sun 14-Apr-19 15:37:56

We have a dog who is very well behaved but it is difficult, when out and about to get something to eat, especially as I don't like pubs but if necessary I will eat in one if they allow dogs in.

The law states that dogs, understandably, are not allowed in areas, where food is 'prepared' but it is the manager's decision to allow dogs into their establishment.

The manager also has the responsibility to ensure that all their customers are happy if there is any unacceptable behavior, be it dogs barking, children crying or people shouting, they should be asked to leave.

If you are so against dogs in pubs, cafes, restaurants or even shops, just don't go in, choose somewhere else.

If I have my dog with me and we aren't welcome, I seldom return, they have lost my custom and I go elsewhere.

The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.
Mark Twain.

Plus, you know what DOG spells backward.

vintanner Sun 14-Apr-19 15:48:43

I also agree that hands should be washed if they have patted or fed a dog but I find it much more common where they take payment and then serve your food without washing their hands.

If you take the time to watch the servers you will realise this happens a LOT.

Sara65 Sun 14-Apr-19 15:54:39

Sorry to all you dog lovers out there, but I don’t think cafes or hotel rooms are the places for dogs, if you choose to have a dog, that’s fine, but accept that there are places, you simply can’t take it

Littleannie Sun 14-Apr-19 16:02:32

We have just returned from lunch at a dog friendly pub. The woman at the next table let her dog climb from her knee onto the table. Another pub crossed off our list.

Anja Sun 14-Apr-19 16:26:19

If the cafe or restaurant or pub allows dogs then I will certain take mine in. They will sit under the table and go to sleep. They will not scrounge food.

If you don’t want a dog near you when you are eating then go elsewhere. There are far more places where dogs are NOT allowed so you will have plenty of choice.

Anja Sun 14-Apr-19 16:29:29

I personally have never seen any of this behaviour that some people mention, I accept some irresponsible owners might be found occasionally, just as irresponsible parents let children run around in cafes, restaurants, etc.

I personally avoid ‘child friendly’ places unless I’m with my grandchildren then I have to tolerate other people’s badly behaved offspring.

Telly Sun 14-Apr-19 16:32:31

My dog is very well travelled and has stayed in some 5 star hotels and we always take her with us when we are out. She stays put under a table and most people don't even know that she is there. She is often a lot better behaved than some children! I don't expect her to be a nuisance or to impact on anyone else. I imagine that business owners know that business is boosted when they make some accommodation for dogs.

Anja Sun 14-Apr-19 16:34:58

Exactly Telly

It is just like only really notice the badly behaved ones.

sylvia1231 Sun 14-Apr-19 16:38:53

Our village café has a 'dogs friendly' sign and the dogs sit quietly under the tables. They get a treat as they leave. They know. You read the sign and have two options - to go in or not. There's no other place in the village.

ginny Sun 14-Apr-19 16:47:24

You might also want to check if there are men with beards in the pub/ cafe/ restaurant. I have read today that a full beard often has more ‘bugs’ in it than a dogs coat.

BlueBelle Sun 14-Apr-19 16:47:25

I hate really do hate dogs in eating places and will never go to one after my one and only venture in one and watched a bulldog type sitting on the chair eating off the plate and another on the floor being given the owners tea in a saucer Yuk yuk yuk
It’s absolutely nothing to do with bad behaviour it’s about smell, hairs, drooling, and I like dogs but outside not in a cafe or restaurant

We have just had word from head office that we have to let dogs in our charity shop and none of us like this at all and we are waiting for the first one to cock it’s leg
We have a very nice but small vegan bistro open up a few months back, the food is delicious, then about a month ago they wrote on Fb that they were going to let well behaved dogs in I wrote well that’s a shame as you ve now lost my custom They must have had a lot of similar comments and the following week the status came up that owing to many negative messages they had changed their minds
Animals should be left at home and taken to places they can be themselves and that’s not shops or cafes

DINNNO Sun 14-Apr-19 16:50:32

I personally think that dogs don't belong in kitchens, cafes, restaurants, or dining rooms, for hygiene reasons of course.

Usually, dogs are allowed in places like these though because the place might have a guide dog acceptance. I still don't think it's acceptable for places where people eat to have these guide dog allowances.

Usually people tend to lie about owning a guide dog, it being just a regular dog, and you can tell if the dog is misbehaving.

Last year I went to a lovely restraunt abroad that made all smokers and dog owners dine using the outside tables, so no dogs were allowed inside the building

BlueBelle Sun 14-Apr-19 16:52:29

Ginny I ve yet to see a man with a beard shake himself with hairs a flying, neither have I seen him drooling with saliva hanging round his chops, none I ve known have had fleas or scratched left right and centre
Think I can manage eating with a bearded human

Sara65 Sun 14-Apr-19 16:58:10

I agree BlueBelle, my husband has a beard, but so far has refrained from drooling and scratching, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have fleas

Sparklefizz Sun 14-Apr-19 17:01:38

I always avoid holiday places that state that dogs are welcome, but we stayed once in a cottage in Cornwall which had made no mention of dogs but which absolutely reeked of "wet dog" and was vile.

I mentioned it in the comments book.

bikergran Sun 14-Apr-19 17:10:59

Friend and I went to little cafe in Lytham St Annes last year.

WE had sat down and ordered and paid before we realised it was a dog friendly cafe and they started barking (hadn't noticed them when we went in) 2 little yappers under the table! Staff didn't seem to bother.

Bottom line is we wont be going in again and in future will check to make sure it's not a dog friendly cafe.

I would have walked out but I had already paid for my food.

jura2 Sun 14-Apr-19 17:15:31

Sara65- I'm afraid I disagree- so you pick the dogs not allowed places, and I'll give my custom to the dogs friendly ones - and we will never meet. Hurrah ;)

But - I'll agree totally, that dog owners have to respect that not everyone loves dogs- and that a dog in a restaurant has to behave. We keep ours on a short lead- and will only let her go closer to those people who take an interest and normally ask 'can we say hello, or pet her'- and would never allow her on a seat, let alone on the table. We often keep titbits for her from our plate- which we put in napkin and I will then take her out of the pub/restaurant and give them to her outside- never inside.

Bad dog owners sadly give us all a bad name, just like parents and grandparents of kids allowed to run riot in such places.

KatyK Sun 14-Apr-19 17:23:17

It's all very well saying don't go in but at biker says, sometimes you don't realise and you are already eating and a troublesome dog arrives. Yes badly behaved children are a nuisance too.

jura2 Sun 14-Apr-19 17:26:11

If you feel strongly about it- then ask when you get there.

BTW we always go and sit in a corner, out of the way, just in case. Emma is so cute and beautiful and totally safe with children, difficult needs, the elderly, etc. Never ever had a complaint.

mumofmadboys Sun 14-Apr-19 17:33:52

We live in the Lakes. Lots of dog friendly eateries here.

Sara65 Sun 14-Apr-19 17:34:41

Jura2- I agree with you totally, I hope we never meet!

sodapop Sun 14-Apr-19 17:35:09

Sorry Jura2 I disagree, restaurants etc are not places for dogs however well behaved. I love all my dogs but I also like to relax and enjoy my meal knowing they are safe at home. If all dog owners took their dogs it would be chaotic. I wouldn't like to think I put others off eating somewhere because they don't like or are scared of dogs.
I also don't like to see dogs being taken to busy areas with lots of traffic or crowded outdoor venues where they are just in the way. We take our dogs out for a walk in a quiet area at least twice a day usually three times, the rest of the time they settle happily at home.

jura2 Sun 14-Apr-19 17:36:23

Many Hôtels which are dog friendly will have some rooms which a dedicated dog-friendly and others which are not. Fair enough.

jura2 Sun 14-Apr-19 17:39:20

Sara65, lol, I wondered how long it would take you ;)

Sodapop- we adopted an older dog in difficult circumstances- and we have had to adapt our lives in many man ways. But I am damned if I'll accept that from now on, I have to stay at home for the next few years.

Some place are dog friendly- so if you disagree, don't go there.

KatyK Sun 14-Apr-19 17:44:35

I think it's almost a criminal offence to say you don't like dogs. I said it to someone once and she said 'oh and I always thought you were such a nice person' confused

grannyrebel99 Sun 14-Apr-19 17:46:40

I love dogs and they can do what they like as far as I'm concerned. I think it's great that they are now accepted in most cafes and restaurants. This has been commonplace in other European countries for years. However I think they should be kept under control and not a danger to anyone.

sodapop Sun 14-Apr-19 17:59:04

If dogs did as they liked it would truly be chaotic Grannyrebel Dogs need to know their place and are happier with boundaries.

sodapop Sun 14-Apr-19 18:03:14

Jura2 we choose to have our pets, others did not. I'm sure your rescue dog has a happy life with you. I think we must agree to disagree about the way our dogs live.

jura2 Sun 14-Apr-19 18:12:03

... and that is fine. Can't see why, however, there shouldn't be places that do accept dogs and others that don't - and we pick accordingly.

KatyK Sun 14-Apr-19 18:14:06

It's also very annoying when some owners assume that everyone likes dogs. Like the one who jumped up beside me while I was eating in a pub, a bulldog or something. The owner said 'oh he likes you' like I should be pleased. I wasn't.

Sara65 Sun 14-Apr-19 18:22:46

I agree! People can have as many Dogs as they like, but please do not assume that we all find them cute and cuddly x

Silverlining47 Sun 14-Apr-19 19:19:26

The two cafes that I mentioned in my post are both in central London and are the nicest ones in the area (ambiance and food). Neither have notices about dogs either being allowed in or banned. Should I have to find another less nice cafe to go to? Maybe dogs would be allowed there too without me knowing before I went in.
In my opinion dogs should not be seen in cafes or restaurants unless they are guide dogs.
I understand dogs are not allowed in food shops or supermarkets so surely they should not be allowed in eating places.

Anja Sun 14-Apr-19 19:41:36

Simple solution. Ask the proprietor if dogs are allowed when you ring up to book or when you go in an eating place. If he or she says ‘yes’ then find somewhere else to eat.

What’s the problem?

chaffinch Sun 14-Apr-19 19:44:14

If I see a cafe or guest house saying “dog friendly” or “dogs welcome” I avoid it like the plague. On a different note, I hate to see people allowing their dog to lick their(owner’s) face or mouth. Ugh!

Anja Sun 14-Apr-19 19:47:03

That’s the ticket chaffinch 👍🏽

mumofmadboys Sun 14-Apr-19 19:56:32

I would prefer a dog or two in a cafe than humans who talk loudly any day!

Riverwalk Sun 14-Apr-19 19:58:24

Usually, dogs are allowed in places like these though because the place might have a guide dog acceptance. I still don't think it's acceptable for places where people eat to have these guide dog allowances.

Dinnno nothing to do with 'acceptance' or 'allowances' of Guide Dogs, it's the law.

Usually people tend to lie about owning a guide dog, it being just a regular dog, and you can tell if the dog is misbehaving.

I've never seen such a thing - never mind usually !

Anja Sun 14-Apr-19 20:00:29

Ah Dinnno 🐾🐾

janipat Sun 14-Apr-19 20:05:17

It's law that assistance dogs are permitted anywhere that the public can go. These dogs will know they are "working" and will usually be impeccably behaved. They will not engage with others around them, and my cousin's guide dog was never to be petted by strangers while she was working. Few family pets are trained to the same high degree, and that's where problems start. Maybe it should be a requirement for all establishments to display a clear sign as to whether or not they accept dogs ( other than assistance dogs) My son is severely allergic to cats and dogs (amongst other animals) and can suffer a frightening asthma attack after the briefest contact. The animal doesn't even have to be present, some symptoms will appear, swollen eyes, laboured breathing, in a place where one has been and shed hair or dander. He of course understands the needs of an assistance dog and owner take priority over him.

Iam64 Sun 14-Apr-19 20:23:21

So many grumpy grannie threads on this forum today. I'm away in the Lake District where dogs are generally welcome in cafe's and pubs.
I don't expect people to love or even like my dogs, who are trained to sit by me, or lie under the table if in 'dog friendly' pubs or cafe's. I've never been into a cafe or pub that didn't have the 'well behaved dogs welcome' sign on the door. If there isn't a sign, I assume the place doesn't take dogs. For those of you that loathe dogs, the vast majority of places don't welcome dogs so what's the problem?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 14-Apr-19 20:39:21

iam64 👍🙂.

It is horses for courses isn’t it? We generally go out for a long walk at least once a week and have lunch in a pub or decent cafe/restaurant. They all take dogs. Ours sits under the table, and people are generally unaware that he is there snoozing after his walk.

jura2 Sun 14-Apr-19 20:40:41

Simples indeed.

nanny2507 Sun 14-Apr-19 21:19:59

I have no issues with dogs in cafes. I have 3 i wouldn't take them in a cafe as they are too "naughty" the worst they would do is go under tables looking for crumbs but people might not like it and rightly so, Now...i feel the same about children..fine have them in cafes and restaurants but i would like an area where i could sit that is child free but that is frowned upon...

Hm999 Sun 14-Apr-19 21:29:34

Well this has been an illuminating thread.
Many people holiday in UK because of their dogs, so there are proportionally more doggy people about in relaxed environments than elsewhere.
I notice the money-to-food hands more than animal-touching hands in eateries.
I notice people talking very loudly to each other or to mobiles more than yapping/scrounging dogs in eateries.

Goodbyetoallthat Sun 14-Apr-19 21:56:24

We live in an area where a lot of people (with & without dogs) come on holiday. A few cafes/ pubs (no restaurants as far as I am aware) allow dogs & all make this quite clear. We tend not to take our large puppy with us, as could not vouch for her behaviour at this stage, but why choose a dog friendly place if you don't want dogs around & there are plenty of other non dog friendly alternatives?

sodapop Sun 14-Apr-19 22:01:21

Me too Nanny2507 I would prefer my dogs to some children I have encountered in restaurants.

hicaz46 Sun 14-Apr-19 22:33:11

All dog owners say their dogs are cute and well behaved. Nobody on here is going to admit to a badly behaved dog. Restaurants are not the place to take a dog however well behaved. Animals who lick their own genital area and then may lick a plate or someone’s hand should not be allowed near food.

Anja Sun 14-Apr-19 22:43:13

So go to a dog-free cafe.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 14-Apr-19 22:49:16

There was one time when people did notice our canine friend. We were eating lunch in a pub with a lovely log fire.
Duncan the dog spent the time stretched out in front of the fire warming his tummy and frequently snoring. I saw nothing but smiles.

Goodbyetoallthat Sun 14-Apr-19 22:52:41

I wouldn't & I haven't! Our dog is a puppy & not fully trained yet so I would not take her to a cafe etc.
Of course places differ but where we are there are about 20 cafes that don't allow dogs & 2 that do (& clearly advertise it) so people can make their choice.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 14-Apr-19 22:54:30

What I will say though is that imo the human species is much more of a pariah species than dogs. We are destroying the world in which we all live. Dogs in cafes pales into insignificance in comparison.

Callistemon Sun 14-Apr-19 23:00:13

Silverlining I used to think that it was illegal to take dogs, apart from guide dogs, into places where food was served but apparently it is not.
The other week we went for lunch at a nice farm shop and café and a man on a table across from us sat his medium sized dog on his knee and fed it food from his plate.

A dog under the table or lying quietly in a pub is one thing but that was unacceptable in my view.

Eloethan Sun 14-Apr-19 23:00:50

I like dogs and it wouldn't bother me at all, though continual yapping would.

When we take our dog to a hotel or B&B they generally have rooms that are allocated specifically for people with dogs.

People seem to grumble about so many things these days.

chaffinch Mon 15-Apr-19 07:12:25

But I suppose years ago no one would dream of taking their dog to a restaurant or hotel so no one would be grumbling about that, Eloethan.

Anja Mon 15-Apr-19 07:31:51

Eloethan that is so true ‘people seem to grumble about so many things these days’

Sad isn’t it?

harrigran Mon 15-Apr-19 07:32:04

Any establishment that allows dogs does not get a second visit from us. I walked out of a Michelin starred restaurant in France because a dog at the next table came and snapped at my ankles.

Whitewavemark2 Mon 15-Apr-19 07:33:53

They are much more relaxed about dogs in France.

I’ve even seen a dog sat at the table with its owners being fed from their plates. No one took I blind bit of notice.

Alima Mon 15-Apr-19 07:58:39

Cannot ever remember seeing a dog in a cafe. We haven’t had a dog since our Spaniel died ten years ago. Do remember travelling with her through Wiltshire looking for somewhere to eat. Stopped in Tetbury and saw a pub sign saying “dogs welcome”. Chuffed to bits, stopped for refreshment refreshments and Chloe had a bowl of water under the table. No offence caused to anyone.

Iam64 Mon 15-Apr-19 08:11:32

Dogs went everywhere in the past chaffinch. My grandparents dog didn't have a lead, he just followed us into town, including hopping on and off the bus. He came round the market and into the cafe for lunch. There was so little traffic children and dogs had much more freedom than they do now. They were probably less anxious and fitted into life ore easily as a result

sodapop Mon 15-Apr-19 08:28:20

There is a lot of truth in what you say Iam64 also there were less dogs bred for their looks etc than there are now. There seems to be little thought given to temperament when cross breeding dogs today.

Iam64 Mon 15-Apr-19 08:38:26

sodapop - I agree with your comment about temperament. Yes, there are some lovely (for example) poodle crosses but many have temperament or health problems.
I'm not joining the bash 'designer' dogs gang, its tedious but so is the mythology perpetuated by the press that poodle crosses don't shed, are easy to train, always good with children etc etc.

Kittye Mon 15-Apr-19 09:05:19

Oh dear ! all I can say to most of you is don’t go to Norfolk.
It’s the most dog friendly place I know. We take our dogs there for that reason. We’ve taken them into eating places and they’ve been really well behaved, just lay down at our feet and been no bother at all. We’ve been in places where very badly behaved children have been screaming and running around while parents sit there talking on playing with their phones. It’s all down to the owners ( or parents ) of naughty dogs or children to keep them under control.

Deedaa Mon 15-Apr-19 17:52:26

We took two Border Collies into the Cafe De Paris in Monte Carlo and no one was at all bothered. Also took them round a museum and everyone seemed to think it was quite normal.

sodapop Mon 15-Apr-19 19:25:49

And your point is ?

Mycatisahacker Tue 16-Apr-19 21:00:05

God where do some of you live?

Out local beautiful pubs are dog central. In the bars obviously not the restaurant but you can eat in the bar.

Much rather see a few dogs than kids.

But I love dogs grin

Callistemon Tue 16-Apr-19 22:04:07

I like (most) dogs too and seeing a dog snoozing under the table or in front of the fire in a pub is lovely.

But I was not keen on seeing a dog sitting on its owner's knee in a café being fed from the table then snuffling around in the plate of food.

Perhaps it is just me that thought this was not acceptable then.

Anja Tue 16-Apr-19 22:14:09

Callistemon so long as it wasn’t your plate of food I wouldn’t worry.

Also most cafes and restaurants have very hot, efficient industrial dishwashers which is why you rarely see a pattern on plates on these places.

Mycatisahacker Tue 16-Apr-19 22:16:05

Wouldn’t bother me anymore than seeing a toddler with a runny nose wiping it on their fingers and touching the table. Apparently research shows that the average mans beard has more bacteria on them than the average dirty dog. grin

Humans are pretty gross. Dogs are lovely and their best point? They can’t talk grin

Moocow Tue 16-Apr-19 22:50:23

I don't like it but understand needs must for the owners. However like cafés with people taking up a whole table with their laptop and long finished cup of coffee I rarely include coffee stops in my outings now. Saving a lot of money!

BlueBelle Wed 17-Apr-19 00:00:41

I don’t understand why the doggie people on here keep quoting good behaviour, it’s nothing to do with the dogs behaviour I totally trust that most people bringing a dog into a cafe or restaurant will bring a well behaved dog it’s the fact that dogs however clean have a doggie smell they can slobber they can wash their bits they can shake themselves In my experience they are fed and drink off the plates and saucers (as I said I watched happening in an earlier post) There’s nothing wrong with sitting in an outside area or garden with your dog but in a confined indoor space
I ve yet to see a man with a beard clean his bits in public and although I don’t doubt it could happen I ve as yet not watched a child with a runny nose sniff on the table cloth

Eloethan Wed 17-Apr-19 00:55:45

Well, the answer is simple really. Just don't go in anywhere that allows dogs if you don't like it. It won't be a major issue for you because most eating establishments don't allow dogs.

Anja Wed 17-Apr-19 07:09:10

I have never seen anyone feed their dog off a plate in a cafe.

And yes, the answer is simple.....if I have my dog with me I ask ‘is it ok to bring Fido in?’ So I suggest others do the same and ask ‘are dogs allowed in here?’ and if the answer is ‘yes’ then find other watering hole.

sodapop Wed 17-Apr-19 08:30:30

I am most definitely a doggy person but I agree with BlueBelle, dogs are fine in outdoor areas but not in confined indoor ones. We dog owners should not inflict our pets on others who often have good reason to dislike them.
In response to Eleothan and Anja I would say that cafes and restaurants are for humans not canines.

Iam64 Wed 17-Apr-19 08:38:27

If the place states dogs are welcome, those of you who don't like dogs indoors have an easy choice, don't go in. Those of us who want/have to keep our dogs with us will obviously choose establishments that welcome dogs. I know, I've already posted similar comments but it really isn't complicated.
Dogs who are taken about with their people are rarely smelly or badly behaved because they'll be bathed, groomed, trained properly . Like Anja I have never ever seen a dog eating from a plate of human food.
Another issue is that many holiday lets that take dogs, do not want the dogs left alone in the accommodation. British weather isn't always conducive to sitting outside whilst you eat.