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Kupari45 Mon 12-Aug-19 16:35:55

AIBU to think that overweight ladies look absurd in leggings and short T shirts?
Just come home after shopping in local town. While waiting for the bus I couldnt help but notice how many ladies wear tight leggings and tight t shirts - some almost look naked- in fact one had pale pink leggings on and looked obscene.
Before some of you shoot me down in flames I will admit to being size 16- but I wear clothes that fit me.!
Apart from looking a mess - surely on a hot day tight polyester isnt very comfortable.
I thought leggings were supposed to be worn under "Tunic Tops"- but apparently not.
This is just an observation- but would be interested in your opinions.

Oldandverygrey Mon 12-Aug-19 16:37:57

Kupari - am trying to drum up the courage to buy a pair of leggings, am now wondering if this is such a good idea!

RosieLeah Mon 12-Aug-19 16:38:28

This is something I mentioned on another site..perhaps you brought it up on there too?
These women always look to me as though they rushed out of the house and forgot to put their skirt on.

Gonegirl Mon 12-Aug-19 16:41:04

Oldandverygrey grin Get some nice ones from Marks and Sparks, and wear a t-shirt or blouse that covers your bum. They are useful togs.

Lilypops Mon 12-Aug-19 16:44:17

Hi am 71 a size 14/16 and I wear good leggings and a tunic top and I think I look ok , but I would never wear a short tshirt with leggings , In my opinion it looks awful , you can see the outline of their anatomy "down there" and with fat sausages legs it's just not a good look , You just have to look in the mirror first and check what you look lik before venturing out, clearly some don't.

Oldandverygrey Mon 12-Aug-19 16:45:55

Thank you Gonegirl, anything that covers my bum is helpful!

M0nica Mon 12-Aug-19 16:47:10

You have to be very young and very slim to be able to wear a short top over leggings.

Oldandverygrey Mon 12-Aug-19 16:53:56

Well that rules me out on both counts Monica!

Gemmag Mon 12-Aug-19 17:02:42

Fine if you’re a size 8/10, and not over 25. They must of course be black/ navy or else you can see what’s ‘down there’.

The little dress is much worse I think especially when it’s blowing a bit and you can see their knickers and their not even bending over. It’s not always a pretty sight😞.

gillybob Mon 12-Aug-19 17:04:19

I wear leggings and long tunic tops . Would never wear them with short tee shirts though .

M0nica Mon 12-Aug-19 17:08:47

oldandverygrey You can still wear leggings, with a big sweater, long shirt or tunic top, they really are very comfortable, it is the short top, especially if stretched over a less than svelte torso that is less than flattering.

dragonfly46 Mon 12-Aug-19 17:13:29

My DD is 41 and wears tight fitness gear most of the time and looks great. It is not the age but the size I think.

EllanVannin Mon 12-Aug-19 17:16:26

Humpty Dumpty springs to mind.

I've never bought/worn leggings but if we have a bad winter I'd buy them for wear under trousers instead of the thinner tights being that I can afford layers with my long thin legs.

rockgran Mon 12-Aug-19 17:23:34

I remember the "Max Wall" look from 1990 -it was comfortable but in my opinion not a good look then and even worse now!

Oldandverygrey Mon 12-Aug-19 17:41:59

That's ok Monica my comment was a bit tongue in cheek!

Grannyjay Mon 12-Aug-19 17:48:36

When they first came out, the material used was way more substantial but unfortunately profits come before quality. When they realise women/girls will wear them because they are comfortable they just eat and there is no tight waistband to restrict the volume they eat. They look a bit chavvy to me when worn with inappropriate t shirts.

arosebyanyothername Mon 12-Aug-19 17:51:48

I’ve grown to like leggings in recent years but always buy decent quality ones and wear tunics or long jumpers to cover my bum.
Pink leggings look horrendous!

tanith Mon 12-Aug-19 18:02:25

I have calf length leggings on today I hate the ankle length ones. I have a long short sleeve shirt on over them I do wear them to the gym with a long t-shirt. But otherwise only when I’m pottering round indoors it’s a bit chilly today otherwise it would be shorts.
Don’t like them on bigger ladies with short t-shirts especially if there is an overhanging tummy. Just look in the mirror please.

Septimia Mon 12-Aug-19 18:04:40

Fine with tunic tops. Otherwise can look pretty awful - and over-revealing!

FlexibleFriend Mon 12-Aug-19 19:00:51

My bum doesn't need covering it's very firm and where it should be. I used to wear leggings to the gym with a crop top when I could walk. The problem is bigger bodies with too much fat tend to wear insubstantial leggings rather than ones that would hold them in. It's not only a problem of size though a skinny saggy butt looks just as bad.

Pittcity Mon 12-Aug-19 19:06:33

I've got below knee leggings to wear with above knee dresses, mainly to protect others from my thighs.
The ankle length ones come out for colder weather with thigh length tops.
I like jeggings for comfort with shorter tops.

wildswan16 Mon 12-Aug-19 19:09:40

Even if you're slim, you need to cover your bum if over 25 and in leggings. Also the leggings need to be reasonably robust - some of them are barely thicker than a pair of 30 denier tights.

BlueBelle Mon 12-Aug-19 19:11:49

I like leggings but only with tunics or jumpers that cover not just the bum flexiblefriend but the front bit which can look terrible in leggings, camel toe and all

FlexibleFriend Mon 12-Aug-19 19:41:16

My front bit looks as good as my arse thanks, I don't wear cheap almost see through leggings though I wear quality ones. I've seen plenty of 25 year olds and younger with an arse that should be covered mine on the other hand looks damn fine as do many others.

GagaJo Mon 12-Aug-19 20:33:58

I think it's unkind to say slim women can wear short shirts with leggings but not fat. No one gets to make that choice for anyone else.

As women we should support and build each other up. Not divide into small groups and infight.

The world is hard enough for women without attacking each other and being unduly cruel and critical.

GagaJo Mon 12-Aug-19 20:34:11

Body shaming

M0nica Mon 12-Aug-19 20:52:09

Oh come on, in every aspect of life somethings look good and other's don't. I would never tell anyone what to wear, they are free to wear what they like, but I do not have to like them in it or think it suits them.

All of us at sometime in our lives come to terms with the irregularities of our figures, none of us is perfect. I have no waist, my hips are where most people have a waist and I have learnt from the bitter experience of photographs, that anything that belts around the waist, makes me look like a sack of potaoes tied in the middle and 5 sizes bigger than I actually am.. This applies whether I am overweight, weigh just right or are under weight, while clothes with a high waist or no waist at all are more flattering.

As a general rule if you are plump, it is best to avoid clothes that cling. If you do wear them, you have to accept that others will think you foolish.

It has got nothing to do with women supporting each other of getting into groups and fighting. It is a simple aesthetic judgement.

annep1 Mon 12-Aug-19 20:52:39

I love my thick leggings with long tops and thinner ones under tunic type dresses ( seasalt do lovely ones)

I do not think anyone should wear short tops with leggings especially ones that totally mold to your body parts. As Rosieleah said its as if they've forgotten to put a skirt on.

I'm afraid I'm a bit of a prude and think they are immodest and not flattering at all.

And off topic a little, the shorts which don't completely cover their cheeks are unbelievable!
I'm sure men are enjoying them. But of course they're wrong for looking.

MiniMoon Mon 12-Aug-19 20:54:13

I've got a couple of pairs of leggings. I wear them with long tunics, swing dresses and the like.

Iam64 Mon 12-Aug-19 21:36:40

I like clothes and dress to suit myself. I recognise I can be sniffy about people wearing clothes I wouldn't choose to wear for various reasons - but this thread had me feeling I should rush out and buy some truly awful leggings and a short T-shirt that would expose all the flaws I dress to cover. I'm with GagaJo - body shaming is not a Good Thing.

GagaJo Mon 12-Aug-19 21:46:49

There's enough social pressure on women telling us what we should and shouldn't do without women joining in with it.

Laugh at the fat woman with visible rolls of fat if you like. How judgemental.

annodomini Mon 12-Aug-19 22:28:11

A sad example of a young woman in not very opaque leggings through which it was possible to see, without even looking (IYSWIM), that under the leggings there was a Tena Lady or equivalent.

annep1 Mon 12-Aug-19 22:48:11

Annodomini that is bad. Do people not use mirrors. I always look when I dress.

agnurse Tue 13-Aug-19 00:28:27

IMHO leggings should never be worn as regular pants. Way too tight.

I see nothing wrong with wearing them under a dress or skirt. I do this myself. I only wear dresses and skirts since I've been married (personal choice) and my leggings help keep me warm in winter.

Grandma2213 Tue 13-Aug-19 00:46:31

Only rarely wear leggings, usually black with a tunic top. They are actually quite slimming as I have quite thin legs but need the bum and belly hidden away! They need to be worn with short (or long ) boots though, as otherwise my feet look huge next to my skinny ankles!

I never wear tight or short tops. They just make me look awful!!

Jeans with a longer loose T shirt are also not so bad.

Rowantree Tue 13-Aug-19 01:10:09

GagaJo you spoke the words I wanted to say.
We are surely not going to sink into 'fat-shaming', are we? You might have personal feelings about what looks good, but that's your personal opinion only and it doesn't make it right.
My mother used to mutter 'Wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on a plate...' when she saw a woman wearing trousers. It irritated me as a teenager and I resent the legacy it left me. I am still struggling to emerge from the self-conscious body hater I was. Nobody should judge what anyone else chooses to wear. There are things I wouldn't wear - either from lack of confidence or because I don't think they are 'me' - but that's that.

By implying that 'down there' is visible, I assume it's meant the awful term 'camel toe'? While I wouldn't like mine on display, it strikes me as odd that we can display breast cleavages but labia are taboo. H'mmmm....

As I said on another thread, I recently went to the Green Gathering festival for the second year running. It is the ONLY place I can wear what the hell I like without feeling judged. I could walk around stark bollock naked with a sandwich on my head and no one would bat an eyelid. Being there was a real treat in that respect - not feeling judged. No one staring, no one making snide comments or sniggering. Instead, friendliness, acceptance, compliments, kindness and a sense of shared humanity.

Makes yer think....

Namsnanny Tue 13-Aug-19 02:19:45

Sounds great Rowantree!! smile

All I have to say on the matter is please make sure they are thick of my sons girlfriends always wore thin ones and nothing was left to the imagination!

annep1 Tue 13-Aug-19 07:48:37

Agnurse you haven't worn trousers since you got married. Just wondering why you made that decision.
It's not the camel toe thing- its wearing leggings that cling to our bum and show the outline of pants. It just doesn't look nice. I personally dont think showing too much cleavage is flattering either. Nor are very tight trousers on men where you can see their bits defined. And why would anyone want to walk around in public stark naked?
I don't think its right though to make fatter people feel bad. My daughter is quite big and only feels comfortable in black loose clothes.

harrigran Tue 13-Aug-19 08:54:39

I have always worn leggings, initially when I was travelling to sports hall where I played badminton several times a week, continued to wear them with tunic tops as I got older.
Leggings are convenient and comfortable for my tummy after the needlework I have had done on it.

jura2 Tue 13-Aug-19 09:00:39

I am chubby - and there will be no 'fat shaming' from me. But I agree with OP- and often wonder why some young women (and not so young) who are overweight (like me) choose to wear things that make it so much more obvious and in 'everyone's face'. I do wear leggings sometimes, with a long top or short dress.

M0nica Tue 13-Aug-19 09:08:56

My DD is overweight, body like a beach ball, but long slim legs. Like me, though for different reasons, she has no waist and skirts are really not flattering. She lives in leggings and trousers. With loose fitting, but never baggy tops in all kinds of colours and designs.

annep1, your daughter sounds like mine, and mine wears bright colourful clothes, goes swimming a lot, so wears a swimming costume and never lets her weight limit her life in any way, encourage your DD to do the same. I think hiding under baggy black clothes draws attention to people's size, rather than allowing them to to hide it (and themselves?).

fizzers Tue 13-Aug-19 10:11:31

I'm a big lass and I wear leggings with long tops, long T shirts and longer length jumpers. I don't care what anyone thinks.

There's too much going on in the world to be worrying and commenting on what other people wear, if they are happy leave them be.

Theoddbird Tue 13-Aug-19 10:19:00

I have seen the same.... Do their family not tell them?

GoldenAge Tue 13-Aug-19 10:21:18

I can’t believe this posting !!! I have always said that women are their own worst enemies - how condescending to comment on the physical appearance of another woman - we need to support rather than attack - there’s enough of that in our patriarchal society

lovebeigecardigans1955 Tue 13-Aug-19 10:23:40

Yes, it has to said that leggings look better with long tops.

I wear jeggings which are a half-way house and don't think they look too bad. In this heat it's dresses which are cooler than separates.

Of course we shouldn't criticise others for their clothing choices. Many of us try to make an effort to look smart and reasonable.

Nanny27 Tue 13-Aug-19 10:27:39

How can you not understand Rowantree that cleavage is considered acceptable but public display of genitals is not. (camel toe)?

jaylucy Tue 13-Aug-19 10:29:08

I've only gone as far as wearing jeggings that are thicker and always with at least a hip length top
Leggings are fine - really comfortable apparently, but if over a size 14, should be worn with a tunic top or as one of my friends does, with a dress.
I think they are worn because they can be really comfortable and because of this, some people just sling anything else on with them.
Worst ones I have ever seen were on a young girl, they were white, very tight and so thin that you could see the colour of her knickers - they weren't white or nude colour either!
Oh, and the part you don't want to see "down below" is apparently a "camel toe" !!!!!

Greciangirl Tue 13-Aug-19 10:31:27

I quite agree. Fat women should not be wearing leggings.
Or if they do, at least wear a long top.

I think they just don’t care what they look like.

Nannan2 Tue 13-Aug-19 10:32:29

Some people have nothing else to worry about.....grin

Blondiescot Tue 13-Aug-19 10:32:46

Well said, GagaJo! I thought we were trying to move on from the days of body shaming. What's it got to do with anyone else what someone wants to wear? I'm short and fat and if I want to wear leggings, then I bloody well will! I have a health condition which means I can't wear anything with a fixed waistband, so it's comfort first every time for me. I sometimes see larger girls or women wearing things I wouldn't dare to - but good on them! Wear whatever you want - life's too short to worry about what others might think.

NotANana Tue 13-Aug-19 10:33:29

I remember seeing a youngish woman wearing a pair of black leggings and a tee shirt and she obviously had not looked in a mirror before leaving home because I could clearly see her thong and her tattoos....awful. I felt so sorry for her, but perhaps she didn't mind? But good quality leggings worn with a long tunic so that one's derriere is covered should be OK. But not for me - I prefer skinny jeans and a tunic.

jenpax Tue 13-Aug-19 10:34:01

I wear black leggings year round but always with a long tunic top or wrap dress. I do not have the figure to carry off a short t shirt and skimpy leggings look🤦🏼‍♀️

nipsmum Tue 13-Aug-19 10:34:30

Even with Tunic tops I can't wear leggings, I have short spindly legs. I look ridiculous. I do sometimes wonder if some people look in the mirror before they go out. We had a full length mirror beside the front door so you could check you didn't look ridiculous before you left.

lizzypopbottle Tue 13-Aug-19 10:36:22

I agree that sometimes the cheaper, thinner leggings become almost transparent when stretched over a very large backside. Couple that with a thong underneath and it's positively indecent, especially from behind! My mum would've said, "Like two boys fighting in a sack!" I think a lot of people forget to check their back view before leaving the house! Of course it might be that they simply don't care and just go for comfort.

In the immortal words of Robert Burns:
"O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us."

Nannan2 Tue 13-Aug-19 10:36:49

And if the 'fat people' dont care what they look like,why on earth should we? That seems very rude you know?(no im only a size 16,not 'very' fat.but it seems rude to comment on others.) They might not like what you wear either,but dont say so..just saying..hmm

Scottiebear Tue 13-Aug-19 10:38:46

I wear leggings a lot of the time, particularly in summer. I am a size 12 but would not dream of wearing them with a short top. I always wear a tunic type top. Leggings can look quite smart. I have a couple of smart skater type dresses that I wear with lace trimmed leggings and high heels. But I too have seen people who make me cringe. Leggings so stretched to the limit that underwear is clearly visible, and worn with short tops. Recently i saw a very large lady wearing leggings so thin and see through that her very small thong was clearly visible. Peoples heads were turning as she passed. She was walking alongside her (presumably) boyfriend or husband. You would think he would have said something to her.

Funnygran Tue 13-Aug-19 10:41:27

My late Dad was in the fashion trade all his working life. He used to say ‘the hot weather certainly brings them out’ if he saw people showing off more than he thought was decent. His other saying was ‘didn’t they look in the mirror before they came out?’ I admit to being a fan of leggings with a tunic top that covers the lumps and bumps but I can’t think what he would have made of them!

absthame Tue 13-Aug-19 10:46:41

Yes it is not at flattering at all, killing any idea that women wear clothes to attract a mate gringrin

Kartush Tue 13-Aug-19 10:47:31

Firstly let me say i am over 60 and the size of a small hippo and i wear leggings with long tops.... i like the leggings, they are comfy and i wear the long tops because i like them as well....but....if i wanted to wear short tops, no top, half leggings or whatever i or anyone else should be able to without fearing disdain from anyone else. I spent most of my life listening to nay sayers and being afraid to wear the things I liked until one day my husband said “ sweety you are 6o years old, wear what you darn well please” . I guess what im saying is if these people are happy with how they look...good on them

camia Tue 13-Aug-19 10:48:44

I agree Blondiescot, personal taste plays a part and also, never hear as many judgemental comments about men and their appearance and clothes choices.

Nannan2 Tue 13-Aug-19 10:50:00

No M0nica,you dont have to like it,but you dont have to comment on it either! Or you,kupari45,or anyone else putting these women down.i am size 16 due to not knowing i had an underactive thyroid problem,some of these 'bigger' ladies may have same,or other reasons they're overweight.but its not for us to comment, or about their choice in clothes.just same as we shouldn't if you ladies wore laura ashley prints,or chintzy patterns,or 'old granny knickers' etc.(see how it sounds now?)blushhmm

RomyP Tue 13-Aug-19 10:53:38

Leggings are the mainstay of my wardrobe from September to May if I'm not wearing skinny leg jeans but I'll only wear them with tunics or long jumpers. Beige or pink leggings on a woman of any age look like a walking Biology lesson, so embarrassing to see, even on the slimmest woman. I am wondering if I'll still be wearing leggings when I'm 80, lol, I love them so much for comfort and because I don't always need to sit like a lady when with my grandchildren. I have thick quality ones for going out in but am happy to wear thinner ones around the house. I'd never wear them with a short top though, that would just look dreadful but I'm lucky cos I can afford to choose what I wear, not everybody is that lucky so I suppose we should be a bit more understanding of others who do wear natural coloured leggings with short tops. Maybe they don't have anything else they can wear even though they detest them too, which is really very sad.

Florida12 Tue 13-Aug-19 10:57:58

I don’t like the feel of them on my legs, and I have bought various types. My daughter looks fab in them, she is 5’7”I am only 5’2”and look ridiculous mainly due to my short legs.

inishowen Tue 13-Aug-19 11:00:58

Pink leggings are a big no no. You will look naked. Leggings with a long top are fine for any size.

BBkay Tue 13-Aug-19 11:02:24

63 and only just started to wear leggings, I love them, but I alwayas wear with a top that covers my bum

TrendyNannie6 Tue 13-Aug-19 11:03:05

Maybe these ladies are buying the clothes they can afford while I myself wouldn’t wear thin leggings not everyone can afford more substantial leggings . Personally I don’t fat shame anyone. Why does it bother you anyway? Live n let live

Nannan2 Tue 13-Aug-19 11:03:40

Any clothes are fine for any size..its nothing to do with anyone else but us what we wear.angry

Jaye53 Tue 13-Aug-19 11:06:11

They are soooooo comfy tho!!

BusterTank Tue 13-Aug-19 11:14:48

Leggings are ideal for any shape of person because of there comfort . If you are a larger lady , like myself , then a longer flowing top is always better . They can be dressed up or dressed down . The rule of thumb is always keep your bottom covered .

Scottiebear Tue 13-Aug-19 11:15:48

I understand people who are commenting we shouldn't be so critical of others. But this is not a criticism of people's dress sense or tastes. I agree people are entitled to dress as they like. But this is more of a decency issue. And hygiene too. I wouldnt like to sit on a cafe chair after a large lady wearing next to nothing on her lower half.

Margs Tue 13-Aug-19 11:15:54

Legging/Jeggings are a sloppy way of dressing, letting it all hang out whilst kidding yourself at the same time that you ain't put THAT much weight on.

annep1 Tue 13-Aug-19 11:20:57

RomyP A long top and dark leggings will cost the same as a short top and light coloured leggings.
Why comment? Because I find it embarrassing when I see women in such revealing leggings/shorts.
If men wore skimpy shorts that revealed so much or walked around in ballet tights I would comment. I'm sure many people commented on the male fashion of trousers hanging down to their knees with boxers on show.

Diane227 Tue 13-Aug-19 11:21:58

I dont think its body shaming . Its fashion shaming. Some things suit some people and not others.
There are lots of things which I look awful in since I gained weight so I try to choose my clothes more carefully.
Leggings or Jeggins look great on most people if they are wearing a long top covering their bum but otherwise I dont understand why women would want to people to see the outline of their bits.
Lets face it , if men wore them we would have a good laugh wouldnt we .smile

debgaga Tue 13-Aug-19 11:27:04

As a size 16 woman, I don’t find this body shaming at all. Leggings look awful on most women unless they are thick exercise ones OR the wearer has slim legs. If you are wearing a long top then fine, if you must. I work in an office where some women wear thin leggings and tops just covering their bottom and most look dreadful. Pyjamas would be better in fact

Crazygran Tue 13-Aug-19 11:40:29

It amazes me to see some of the things people wear when they go out.
Surely they have someone to be honest and tell them how bad they look.
If fashion doesn’t suit you don’t wear it.
Some larger people manage to look great .

Nanastomant Tue 13-Aug-19 11:47:06

I feel the same I have leggings am a size 20 but make sure my top covers my bum.
Also find it annoying when girls wear mini skirts/dresses but have to keep pulling them down as they walk along

Saggi Tue 13-Aug-19 11:57:35

I’m neatly 70 and wear good fitting leggings with tunic top or long shirt. I’ve a small bum so like to hide it! Eat them 3/4 length with flat pumps...great look!

Saggi Tue 13-Aug-19 11:58:42

....ooops...thats ‘wear them’ wouldn’t want to eat them would you!?

Alexa Tue 13-Aug-19 12:00:58

Some fast women have magnificent legs and can wear decent quality leggings . Some fat women even have curvy torsos and look fine in small tops, Some thin women look pathetic in tight fitting clothes .So much depends on if your muscles are toned or not.

Hazeld Tue 13-Aug-19 12:32:08

I sometimes wear leggings with long tops/tunic tops but NEVER a t shirt. I don't think they look nice at all even on the younger generation.

ReadyMeals Tue 13-Aug-19 12:36:42

Even some young slim girls are not very toned and their bottom and thighs wobble under the leggings as they walk. I definitely prefer a top that covers bum and upper thighs on most people.

Alexa Tue 13-Aug-19 12:39:56

Hazel, the problem of shirts with leggings is shirts stick out and the little legs hang down underneath them. Would you agree?

4allweknow Tue 13-Aug-19 12:42:18

Some leggings are so thin that when worn by larger females they look see through. Okay if worn with a long shirt or tunic but as trousers with short tee shirt, no way!YANBU

oodles Tue 13-Aug-19 12:43:58

I've taken to leggings in recent years, sometimes under skirts, sometimes under longer tops, while I'm larger than I'd like to be from the top if my legs upwards my legs are not. I tried cheapie ones first but they went saggy quickly and into holes, so eventually I got some mint velvet ones in the sale and they are good, best ones have a little skirt around the bum area, and fit snugly down the legs. While they were dearer than the cheapobmatalan ones they will work out less per wear as they have been washed and worn all winter and still look as good as when I got them. Am sorry for those who can't afford the initial outlay, but don't think that ought to stop me getting them specially in the sale, they are dear if not. One thing I like about them in the winter is being able to wear socks in my boots, I can wear warmer socks in the dead I'd winter or thinner ones and don't need to change as I would if I was wearing tights if I got wet feet.
I don't agree that wearing baggy clothes is most flattering for larger ladies. It's mist flattering to wear well fitting clothes, ideally ones that don't cling too much in plump places but which can be form fitting in other areas, and show that you have got a waist. A well fitting correctly sized bra can make a huge difference to how you look
If I've been out and someone has told me I've got my skirt tucked into my knickers I'm grateful to them for pointing it out, or if there is a label on show. Maybe some people don't have a person who can tell them that their knickers are visible, maybe sometimes if you think the persin might feel embarrassed a quiet word might be kind. Maybe day to the tena lady that maybe get knickers have slipped down cos you can see the TL, or if someone had a period leak she'd not seen. At school we'd all look out for eachother if our slip was showing, anyone remember saying Charlie's dead.
But if it's just fashion, men went through a time when they showed off their Calvin Klein waistbands on their underpants, and women wore things above the trouser top. Shirt lived fortunately
Things change though and things previously unacceptable are ok now, fil thought it was vulgar to have your braces in show, so you'd not have your photo taken with them showing nowadays they are a fashion accessory. Going back centuries men would wear codpieces to draw attention to their genitals and it was accepted in all strata of society, nowadays we'd not think it ok
It used to be unacceptable for women to wear trousers at all, and in my young day girls used to campaign to be allowed trousers at school, now some schools ban skirts. It uses to be unacceptable for men to wear anything but dark dull colours, thank heaven those days are gone

Alexa Tue 13-Aug-19 12:48:20

Oodles, you are right it's all down to cultural values which change. Or ARE changed by the damnable fashion industry.
It was once fashionable for women to look unhealthy and still is according to some model agencies.

GrannyBeek Tue 13-Aug-19 13:12:40

I’ve been wearing leggings for a while with long tops/short(ish) dresses at the suggestion of my DD (style consultant). She also persuaded (i.e. forced) me to try jeggings. I was very surprised to find that they quite suited me as I am pear shaped. I’ve always been very conscious of my back view and love the fact that I can check this easily by standing with my back to the mirror and using my mobile phone camera.

MissAdventure Tue 13-Aug-19 13:17:37

Leggings are cheap and cheerful (or not so cheerful, depending on your point of view)
That's probably why a lot of people wear them.

Really, don't look if you don't like it.

b1zzle Tue 13-Aug-19 13:18:58

I may only be a size 10 but I can't wear them - wouldn't want anyone to witness my knocked knees!

knickas63 Tue 13-Aug-19 13:31:17

I like leggings - but always with lose a tunic that covers my backside, preferably thigh length!

Jacks1 Tue 13-Aug-19 13:31:22

If I wear them it's with a long tunic top but not very often, prefer Jean's or casual tapered trouserd

Hetty58 Tue 13-Aug-19 13:32:14

Very true GagaJo, yet still I have problems with how some people wear leggings. It's not to do with size, rather shape. First, I think most people don't realise that when they bend over, their leggings can become transparent when stretched - not a pretty sight.

Second, they don't seem to check their appearance from a side or rear view in the mirror. if they did, I'm sure they'd wear a longer top.

My sister says that we automatically pull in our tummies and arrange a pleasant facial expression before looking in a mirror. That explains a lot!

margaretmc Tue 13-Aug-19 13:34:40

I think maybe people should stop being so judgemental .Live and let live .

keffie Tue 13-Aug-19 13:54:45

Nothing wrong with leggings worn properly. I'm a bit (well wild) with my colours and dress sense.

However I would not wear anything that didnt enhance my far from perfect figure.

I love leggings with a jersey skirt or/and tunic etc. and my ways accessorizing etc.

Good quality leggings, with in my case bright colours, in with them too leggings are a wardrobe staple to me

nipsmum Tue 13-Aug-19 13:57:59

Oh I don't comment. I just quietly shake my head to myself and never out loud.

Rosina Tue 13-Aug-19 14:06:14

Kupari I have been amazed at some of the latest leggings; several times I have seen young women who look naked from the waist down - absolutely nothing left to the imagination - as the fabric is so sheer and clinging that it looks as if the wearer has the finest possible tights. I do like leggings as they can look smart with a tunic or jacket, and I do have a very live and let live attitude to what others wear - photos of my clothes years ago are quite an eye opener, but I have to say I really don't like the 'naked from a distance' new look that is around right now.

Mistymorningstar Tue 13-Aug-19 14:09:01

Hi there, i am simply stunned at the shapes sizes and ages that wear leggings. I have never worn them as i personally feel they are for long legs and young faces. My next door neighbour is 52 size 24 and she lives in them and looks ridiculous though must admit they are always black - or the same pair, no idea. But then at 72 i also despise tattoos as well on everyone, especially on older ladies. I've always felt that if it doesn't look good on you - don't wear it no matter what the fashion is.

Tillybelle Tue 13-Aug-19 14:11:15

I agree that leggings or even tight trousers can look too revealing on a large lady. I do feel sorry for younger women though who are overweight, possibly have little money to spend on clothes and don't have much dress sense.

I do remember walking behind a young woman who was large and wearing white tight-fitting trousers of a see-through material. Underneath she must have been wearing those thong knickers because both cheeks of her ample bum looked naked and were bulging and thumping around as she walked. I was mortified for her. But it is not easy being hard-up and young and overweight. Bad enough being old and overweight but we seem to have grasped some basics on how to cover ourselves better by the time we get this age.

I strongly believe, despite my not liking the look of some styles people wear, that people are entitled to wear what they choose without censure from the older generation. I think we can be a bit too hard on the younger ones regarding such things as their dress choices. I do know that being on a low income, with children to look after, is not easy at this time and having to dress up to please the standards of some oldies who think you look embarrassing is the last thing these lasses need right now.

I like to wear leggings but always with a long top. Even some tunics are not long enough for my liking, even though I've never had a particularly big bum. I am not overweight but my problem is a large bust. It has been the bugbear of my life since I was about 16. I hate it.

Guineagirl Tue 13-Aug-19 14:11:31

Worn appropriately I think they are very comfy especially with my Lichen Sclerosus but agree about bum and belly on show yuk. I wear them with long tops or blouses and they look smart especially for cycling. Maybe as they are tight some women who don’t look good in them think they are slimming lol

Guineagirl Tue 13-Aug-19 14:12:33

What about leggings and women bursting out of tight vest tops coupled with leggings

oodles Tue 13-Aug-19 14:14:42

keffie, where do you get your bright coloured good quality leggings from? The ones I've got are black, grey, dark brown, one thing with the cheaper leggings I liked was that they did come in more colours

One thing I don't get though is why people make such a fuss about burkinis, saying that women should wear swimming cossies, you're over here now dress as we do, how nasty the French are about them gets me, in public I'm happiest if I'ma bit covered up, these days, and if you're covered up less chance of getting sunburnt. I've had criticism myself for wearing shawls and scarves to avoid sunburn on the beach. Honestly, in our grandmothers' young day women wore concealing garments at the beach, it's not that unBritish. And wetsuits are a bit like a burkini and they are ok. In the days of the Raj, Memsahibs didn't dress in Indian clothes, they dressed much like they'd have done at home.
As I grow older I try and avoid clothes that make me think of old ladies, as I feel they're ageing, but neither do I wear the latest fashions, but that's just me and I think over the years I've become more aware how things look on me