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to ask why several prominent members seem to have vanished?!?

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jura2 Mon 09-Apr-18 16:44:10

Could anyone help here - some long serving and very interesting members seem to have just vanished. How did that happen. DJ, GGMK2 and WW. Where? and Why?

NanaandGrampy Mon 09-Apr-18 17:02:21

Having recently watched a number of movies with a similar theme - I think its a conspiracy Jura2 or potentially alien abduction?

Or...... they got fed up or name changed.... but my theory is more interesting smile

Bathsheba Mon 09-Apr-18 17:04:34

I've noticed a few missing names lately. But GracesgranMK2 and Durhamjen have posted very recently, and I'm pretty sure I've seen Whitewave in the last few days too. I'm assuming you're referring to these three? If so, they definitely haven't vanished!

ninathenana Mon 09-Apr-18 17:05:41

Hmmmmm assuming WW is whitewave I have seen posts in the last few days, as for the others

Jalima1108 Mon 09-Apr-18 17:15:25

Name changes?

Lots of posters seem to be doing it

Chewbacca Mon 09-Apr-18 17:17:50

I wish that Anna and Anya would come back. Miss them very much and hope they're ok.

Jalima1108 Mon 09-Apr-18 17:21:04

Yes, there have been quite a few posters who have disappeared - I'm sure that some do come back under another name but I never realise unless they give very big hints.

Ana and Anya disappeared a while ago now sad and some of our older members such as PRINTMISS and Bijou.

jura2 Mon 09-Apr-18 17:27:46

imho coming back under a different name is bordering on fraudulent- unless it is very obvious (as in granjura, juragran and jura2, lol- not fooling anyone). Style and content usually quickly points you out anyhow.

MissAdventure Mon 09-Apr-18 17:30:37

Some people change their names as they fear being (or have been) recognised.

Chewbacca Mon 09-Apr-18 17:53:02

Fraudulent jura? It's only a forum for grandparents to chew the fat on, not court of law! grin I know that one long time poster changed name because of the leaks on the DM and they were concerned at being outed. Certainly nothing as sinister as fraud!

mostlyharmless Mon 09-Apr-18 17:59:35

There was a spat on one of the oft repeated News and Politics threads last week. Several members seem to have despaired of ever having a proper, objective discussion on this thread.

Jalima1108 Mon 09-Apr-18 18:12:22

imho coming back under a different name is bordering on fraudulent
hmm I think that some posters worry that they have revealed too much of themselves and could be recognisable to friends, family - particularly now they realise threads are linked on FB and Twitter.

Several members seem to have despaired of ever having a proper, objective discussion on this thread.
Surely no poster would disappear because they thought there could not be a 'proper, objective discussion' on any particular thread. If so, just avoid that particular thread surely?
I don't believe that for a minute, particularly the posters jura mentioned in the OP - they are more robust than that!

Perhaps they are on holiday/taking a break/looking after GC, there could be many reasons.

Elegran Mon 09-Apr-18 18:13:59

This has been the Easter holiday week. A lot of people are doing more interesting things than posting on GN.

Jalima1108 Mon 09-Apr-18 18:16:10

I was missing for a couple of months last year and am very gratified that someone missed me eventually grin

Situpstraight Mon 09-Apr-18 18:21:03

You can’t keep your original name if you leave and then come back. So it isn’t by choice that GNrs have different names.

mostlyharmless Mon 09-Apr-18 18:24:34

It is made clear in that discussion that at least one well respected poster of long standing named above has left (hopefully temporarily) because of the insults and acrimony.

Jalima1108 Mon 09-Apr-18 18:25:25

several prominent members
Interesting description.

That's right situpstraight, I had an email crisis and had to come back again but I did choose a similar name; several other names were rejected as being already taken although I have never seen posters who used my would-be names.

jura2 Mon 09-Apr-18 18:30:20

Yes Elegran 'This has been the Easter holiday week. A lot of people are doing more interesting things than posting on GN.' been busy with visitors myself- so probably missed what happened- which is why I asked.

situpstraight- yes, of course. But as Jalima says- you can choose a name that makes it clear who you are. Coming back as if you'd never existed here, as it were - seems all wrong to me- as you don't know who you might have interacted with in the past, on GN and in Pms.

kittylester Mon 09-Apr-18 18:35:28

several prominent members etc
Indeed an interesting description.

Surely, we are all equal - those posters are not prominent in my mind - nothing personal but I could come up with more prominent ones in my mind!

kittylester Mon 09-Apr-18 18:37:55

Too many 'in my mind'!

Bathsheba Mon 09-Apr-18 18:56:50

coming back under a different name is bordering on fraudulent

Fraudulent? Good grief, that's a bit of an over reaction isn't it? confused. This is only a forum for Pete's sake; I don't think anyone changing their name is doing so in order to defraud someone grin

varian Mon 09-Apr-18 18:58:52

I think it would be good to be able to see a list of usernames with the date of last posting. Why not? It does not disclose their identities in RL.

M0nica Mon 09-Apr-18 19:18:52

There have been no new political threads recently and several of those posted missing, post mainly on those threads.

jura2 Mon 09-Apr-18 19:21:42

Prominent as in frequent posters- with strong opinions- and yes, we are all equal.

merlotgran Mon 09-Apr-18 19:22:37

I'm a bit out of touch as last week was really busy.

They didn't all leave, surely?

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