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Have you ever seen a Ghost

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Msida Sun 16-Jan-22 19:39:40

Just before my Nan died she said she could see my grandad, she said he had come back for her

Have you ever seen a ghost..

MerylStreep Sun 16-Jan-22 19:50:59

Yes, 2. Bizarrely one was a cat. The cat one was a bit embarrassing. The cats owner was a woman that I had been having massage from for some time.
I knew the cat had been unwell. I went to her house one day and twiddles was on the sofa.
I said to the masseuse oh, I see twiddles is ok, no, came the reply, twiddles died
I told her what I had seen which made her very happy.
I knew of the person I saw.

GagaJo Sun 16-Jan-22 19:53:55

I used to see a black cat that wasn't real in a friend's house. Hadn't been hers. Must have belonged to a previous owner.

25Avalon Sun 16-Jan-22 20:25:22

I haven’t but my mum did when she was about 18 cycling to work early one morning with her sister. They both saw it. When the got to work each asked the other had she seen what she saw.Mum always said she didn’t care if you believed her or not, she knew what she had seen. It was a figure in white with a shining light down the front that glided along, reached the corner where they could see both ways and disappeared. She later discovered an old lady had died in the house opposite a few days before. She was found sitting on the stairs in a long white nightdress holding a torch shining down her front.

BlueBelle Sun 16-Jan-22 20:27:54

No because I don’t believe there is anything that isn’t in your own mind

Hithere Sun 16-Jan-22 20:30:11

My beloved kitty came to pay us a visit.

Best peaceful feeling ever

Msida Sun 16-Jan-22 20:41:30

Wow so interesting got goosebumps

I hope there are more to come

I have another

My grans mother was cooking one day and her grandchildren came in running so scared, trying to get words out, what's the matter she asked, we have seen a lady she had a black dress, she was so scary my great grandma said, don't be scared she has come for me, meaning death, two days later she died, this is the story my Nan told me, never forgotten it

AreWeThereYet Sun 16-Jan-22 20:42:28

No but my DF said he did. Not long after they were married parents lived in military quarters. They were put into officers quarters (he was a corporal) and told they were the only quarters available. He always said he saw a woman in a long grey dress walk into the kitchen carrying a lamp and walk out through the wall. He was a very down to earth Glaswegian not given to much imagination. One day he mentioned it to someone he worked with and was told yes, the house was haunted, no officers would live there. Some time later he found the house was built on the site of a nunnery that had been attacked by someone or other and the nuns killed. None of us have ever been quite sure what to make of it, as he never saw any thing else.

Msida Sun 16-Jan-22 20:45:46

Not all those officers could be wrong about it being haunted and not one of them wanted to live rhere!

AreWeThereYet Sun 16-Jan-22 20:53:03

Well they lived there for a year and he never mentioned any more visitations 😄 My brothers would have been infants there and nothing bothered them!

Coastpath Sun 16-Jan-22 21:00:56

We once lived in a house where someone would wake us calling "Hello down there" from the top of the stairs and we would be woken suddenly in the night by someone whispering our names into our ears.

Several people on unrelated occasions, including my very sceptical and sensible husband, told us they saw or sensed 'ladies in white dresses' in the basement. It was a Georgian House dating from 1730 and before we lived there it had been a maternity hospital and a girls' school. Dogs, and on one occasion a visiting child, absolutely refused to go down into into the basement level where our bedroom, bathroom and utility room were.

On several occasions we lay in bed and saw sparks fly from the sockets and ghostly 'flames' lick across the ceiling !!!

Last month I returned to the street and stayed in a hotel exactly opposite the old house....after not hearing it for decades I was woken by a whisper in my ear.

Reading this back it seems crazy but it's all absolutely true.

nexus63 Sun 16-Jan-22 21:21:25

yes, my gran was standing at the bottom of my bed at 5.05 one morning, she smiled and gave me a small wave, later my husbands dad came round and said to phone my mum, i said thanks and told him my gran died this morning, when i got the death certificate it said she died at 5.05, i had been to visit her the day before and she just kept looking at me and holding my hand, she started to silently cry as i was leaving, i told her i loved her but i would be okay, she just took my hand and gave it a squeeze, a stroke a few weeks before left her unable to speak. i hope she went to a better place and was happy.

Serendipity22 Sun 16-Jan-22 22:26:18

I agree with you BlueBelle.....

M0nica Sun 16-Jan-22 22:54:54


Grandma2213 Sun 16-Jan-22 23:14:18

My aunt had a heart attack and was taken to hospital. She told us that her long dead dad appeared at the end of her bed and said, 'You're going to be fine Lucy'. Easily explained through drugs, dreams, stress etc except that the next day a nurse asked her, 'Who was that doctor in the brown suit, talking to you last night? I've never seen him before.' Her dad always wore a brown suit. She lived for many years after that.

Kate1949 Sun 16-Jan-22 23:22:06

Not seen but I've never believed in such rubbish, until... When first married in 1970, we lived in a lovely newly built flat. Lots of odd things happened. My husband worked nights and one night our baby was tucked up in bed and I was alone in the living room and I heard a loud bang behind me. I looked around to see a heavy glass ashtray in pieces on the table.
Another night, we were in bed and I woke up to feel someone trying to pull the blankets off me with force and a light zooming around the room. I tried to turn around to see who was pulling the blanket but I couldn't move.
Toilet rolls would be removed from their holders, the immersion heater kept going on and off.
We had a pvc sofa which made sort of a 'phff' sound when you sat on it. My brother babysat one night. When we got back he said he went into the kitchen and heard the sound so went in and there was a dent in the sofa as though someone had sat there. If someone had told me these stories I would have laughed but it happened.

A couple of years later, our daughter said to me 'I don't like that man who is in the bathroom.' Our upstairs neighbours said one of their bedrooms was like an icebox.

thorns2roses Sun 16-Jan-22 23:33:54

As a bairn there were certain shadowy areas of the house that I was scared of. It was all too much for my imagination and I would run as fast as I could past those spaces. One winters night my older brother came into the bedroom to tell us to watch out for the ghost with one hand. The curtains were open throwing shadows on our bedroom wall from the tree blowing around in the wind outside. We fell silent, watching and watching... then we saw it, a gloved hand wafting in front of the window. We pulled the covers over our heads. Never saw it again.

Shortly after this it was my turn to get a shovel of coal from the coalhouse at the bottom of the garden. I headed out into the pitch black, down the long, long garden path (I had short legs) and quickly pushed the shovel into the depths of the coal house; at which point a large black cat jumped off the coalhouse shelf onto my head. I didn't see a ghost but my life passed before me, scared the living daylights out of me.

Greendress Sun 16-Jan-22 23:57:41

I vividly remember when I was 4 years old I saw a rosy cheeked old lady sitting on our stairs. Possibly my Great Grandmother. In my Fifties, about 6 months after my FIL had passed - he appeared in the corner of the lounge. Only stayed for seconds then faded away. Since my Mum passed 20 years ago I haven't seen her but often smell her perfume and wake up feeling that she is sitting on the bottom of my bed. Always comforting.

Msida Mon 17-Jan-22 02:18:30

Such amazing stories again goosebumps Was a bit worried about reading late at night because I live on my own now as some may know but I was fine I don't really scare easily and they are all nice stories about families coming back to see us

Hope there is more to come so so interesting

Ailidh Mon 17-Jan-22 07:27:15

No but I've heard two or at least, two atmospheric auditory disturbances.

Once I walked from a side chapel into the main body of the church to see what all the chatter was about, and there was no-one there. The church door was locked, no one had beaten a hasty retreat.
Once I was coming up the church path (different church) and heard the organ playing, so decided to go in to chat to the organist. I unlocked the "staff " entrance but when I got in, the church and the organ were silent. No other way out of that building either.

BladeAnnie Mon 17-Jan-22 07:57:25

We live in a very old building which was originally a corn mill and we certainly have a presence in part of the house. Nothing menacing but I have felt on occasions something brush past me and on our back stairs there's very often a very flowery perfume smell - like I would remember my nanna wearing when I was a little girl. Often things go missing and turn up in really strange places too. We also have had issues with lights and taps turning themselves on. Before he retired Mr BA used to travel quite a lot so I was often on my own and have never felt afraid. Believe or don't believe but these things happen and can't be explained

3dognight Mon 17-Jan-22 08:25:10

I’m writing this having slept in my haunted childhood home for the past few nights. It’s an old five story town house in the middle of the town.

In the attic the temperature drops and things are thrown as witnessed by my brother who lives here still . I am happy to believe him, he is a reasonable level headed man. When he slept in the main bedroom he did have episodes where he was physically thrown from his bed across the room. In this same room my DF has on many occasions heard a small child crying, and I as a child saw a long haired girl floating above the ground in this same room, a rope from her neck to the ceiling.

I have one more night to sleep here on this visit, it’s easy to get paranoid but the ghosts do not disturb us very often.

I had a peaceful sleep last night and I hope to do so tonight as well. But there is definitely some sort of phenomena going on here.

Pammie1 Mon 17-Jan-22 08:36:03

Haven’t seen a ghost exactly but I had some kind of experience a few days after my husband died. It was in the early hours and I was sitting up in bed having a weep. The end of the bed moved, as though someone was sitting down on it. I put my hand out to touch where the mattress had depressed and couldn’t feel anything, but I could feel a presence in the room and felt calmed by it. It couldn’t have been more than a minute or so later, I felt the bed move again as though someone had stood up and then it had gone. I know this wasn’t a dream because although the lights were off, the TV was on in the corner of the bedroom - went through a phase of having to turn it on for company. It was a very odd experience and there was no fear. I like to think it was my husband visiting me one last time and trying to comfort me.

Sara1954 Mon 17-Jan-22 08:37:26

We lived in a house once, where we could hear children running from room to room upstairs, we all heard it regularly, and our own little ones were fast asleep in bed.

Allsorts Mon 17-Jan-22 08:39:22

I haven’t seen one and certainly don’t believe all that rubbish in the programme where film crews descend on a house waiting for ghosts, the woman verges on hysterical most of the time. However I do think some people have seen them. There’s more than just this world I’m sure. My late husbands uncle a very down to earth man, in the First World War marching in France, knew the village they were going to, knew it well, it was familiar to him, he had never before the war travelled beyond a couple of miles radius of his home. He wouldn’t make things up, he didn’t talk about the war, man of very few words, just fortunate he got home.