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AIBU not to bang my head against a brick wall.

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MarilynneT33 Tue 17-May-22 16:31:27

We had our smart meter installed last year and all was ok until March when EON was changing to EON Next and of course the price rises. My handset tells me what Kw I'm using but I'm on Economy 10 so have 2 tariffs - Peak and Off Peak. I've just be on EON next messenger and after nearly an hour feel like banging my head against a brick wall. The man on the other end kept telling me to go to the main meter and press to get the two readings but 3 times I told him it kept asking me for a pin no. but every time I tried I kept getting an error. The handset only tells me what I have used but not what each tariff has used. Only the main meter will tell me that. He said it takes 8 to 12 weeks from when EON next took over to get proper readings. I gave up in the end and said well can you send me an up to date bill. So he said it will only be estimated....aghhhh No I don't want an estimated so he said I should get an up to date one on the 6th June. angry

lixy Tue 17-May-22 17:45:21

Sending sympathy; the whole smart meter thing drives me mad.
Don't bang your head though - walls are expensive!

Jodieb Tue 17-May-22 17:59:16

I'm glad I never got one. I read today that some are not giving accurate readings.
Apparently the meters will soon be obsolete!

rockgran Tue 17-May-22 18:56:10

Mine only works for the electric and I still have to read the gas meter myself. The electric meter is inside and dry - the gas meter is outside and I usually get wet! (I didn't even want a smart meter but agreed to it for the cheaper tariff. hmm)

BeEmerald Tue 17-May-22 18:59:34

Horrid things. Aren’t accurate, put the meter readers out of business, only save money for the energy companies and give you a heart attack when you’ve made a piece of toast and see what it’s cost you.
They’re an invention of the devil.

dragonfly46 Tue 17-May-22 19:03:02

I just press 9 on my Smart meter to get my reading then I upload it to Eon. They have just told me, however, that they can now read it directly even though they did not install it.

henetha Tue 17-May-22 19:04:08

I'm so glad I read this thread. I was seriously considering giving in to the energy company's endless pleading with me to have one.
I definitely won't now .

BlueBelle Tue 17-May-22 19:07:57

Mines being put in on Saturday 😳
But hey ho my daughte4 and best friend have never had any trouble so fingers crossed

StarDreamer Tue 17-May-22 19:20:06

I don't have an eletricity smart meter but I do have Economy 7.

The display on the meter shows the number reading for the currently active part of Economy 7.

So I read it in the morning just before switch over and about ten minutes later after switch over, thereby gathering the two readings needed.

So no pushing of a button is necessary.

Is that possible with a smart meter?

StarDreamer Tue 17-May-22 19:26:32

One can email Eon next at [email protected]

MarilynneT33 Tue 17-May-22 23:15:13

Thanks for your comments. We have underfloor heating and up to last year we had two different tariffs one for the heating which was half the rate of the normal usage. We don't have gas. EON decided we had to change so we went for E10. The heating only works on the cheaper 10 hours but we only used it for a few hours when the weather was really cold. The costs didn't change much so we try not to use it at all. Fortunately our flat is well insulated so it is quite warm most of the time. I don't mind the smart meter just wish I could read the damn thing instead of it asking me for a pin which it won't let me set. Why do you always seem to get idiots on the phone or messengers when you eventually get through to anybody?

Chestnut Tue 17-May-22 23:53:09

Two of the flats in our house are having Smart meters installed soon, both in the cellar and away from the flats. I'm assuming the old lady with dementia will not have to go down in the cellar to read anything! Surely the meters send accurate readings without her being involved? That is the whole point. The cellar steps are too dangerous for her. She has Economy 7 for her storage heaters.

MarilynneT33 Wed 18-May-22 00:40:50

They should do Chestnut, that's the whole point. She shouldn't have to go into the cellar at all. Do you not have handsets that give you the meter readings. They come with the smart meters.

biglouis Thu 19-May-22 01:09:13

I dont have a smart meter and am not about to get one. I distrust any machine which "thinks" its smart, Both meters are outside so when the meter reader comes they can do it without disturbing me. My nephew photographs them when he goes to re-charge the ring camera/doorbell.

Oldwoman70 Thu 19-May-22 08:55:25

I don't understand why you have to read the meter - I have a smart meter which automatically sends readings to my supplier.

Jaxjacky Thu 19-May-22 09:04:23

My smart meter lives in its box switched off. The readings are sent from the actual meters outside, I have no wish to see the numbers on permanent display.

ElaineI Thu 19-May-22 09:04:54

My Mum has a smart meter as we have and DD2. Mum's has been a farce. Took the entire afternoon to install. Chap asked if she needed a desktop device which I refused as she has AMD and can't see and panics with unusual objects. She was with peoples energy who then ceased trading. Moved to British Gas and has caused no end of problems involving me reading the meters several times. Now I think my brother has sorted it. Ours I never look at. DH does sometimes. DD2's won't display now since she changed companies so she has to read the meters. Waste of time and expense I feel.