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Hairdressing rant

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honeyrose Fri 22-Jul-22 22:26:24

What is it with hairdressers?! They often don’t understand that one centimetre off the length means one centimetre off the length - please!! They nearly always cut off much more. My hair is collar length and I had it cut today. I indicated how much I wanted trimming off with my thumb and first finger as the word “centimetre” or “half an inch” seems to mean nothing. The hairdresser even agreed with me that that was all that was required. So what do I see on the floor afterwards? About an inch and a half of hair. The photograph I showed the hairdresser - twice - for the style I wanted wasn’t adhered to without a word as to why not. Why do I often come away from the hairdresser without the result I want, even though I’ve tried my hardest to explain my requirements? This was a new hairdresser I tried today, but it has happened before with other stylists. Frustrating.

MissAdventure Fri 22-Jul-22 22:31:29

I think they look at the pictures we shyly take in and show them, so they know to do the total opposite, and charge a bomb for the privilege.

Elizabeth27 Fri 22-Jul-22 22:58:27

The same has happened to me many times so why at the end do I say thank you and give them a tip confused

MissAdventure Fri 22-Jul-22 22:59:49

I think the demi wave was the ultimate "totally different than you wanted" hairstyle.

MissAdventure Fri 22-Jul-22 23:02:03

grin Elizabeth.
They're showing you the horror from all angles with mirrors, and you say "Lovely, yes, that's great, thanks".
Then go home and wash it!,

crazyH Fri 22-Jul-22 23:14:01

Never mind hair, what about eyebrows. I asked her to shape them, and fill in where necessary - I ended up looking like Dennis Healey 😡

MissAdventure Fri 22-Jul-22 23:16:42


honeyrose Sat 23-Jul-22 00:19:29

I’d love to hear a hairdresser’s comments on this phenomenon of cutting off much more hair than asked for. I came out of the salon £40 lighter and with less hair than I ideally wanted. It’ll grow, yes, but why am I repeatedly ignored?!

Baggytrazzas Sat 23-Jul-22 00:20:25

Well, for many years and several hairdressers I resigned myself to going home after every visit and re doing my hair. However, since I started with my current hairdresser about 4 years ago, I just leave him get on with it after he asks me first how it has been, whether I would like anything different and how much I want off the length, then sticks to what we agreed. Its brilliant. I wish he was much younger though - he is talking about retiring in the next year or two and then I'll need to start all over with someone else.

LOUISA1523 Sat 23-Jul-22 00:39:28

I've been with my hairdresser 17 years ....and she's still only 37😁.... she's great...does exactly what you ask for....makes good suggestions when you are 70 quid for half head foils and cut and blow ....which im happy to pay...I've had too many dodgy cuts in my lifetime I know the value of a good hairdresser

Chewbacca Sat 23-Jul-22 00:50:13

I think the demi wave was the ultimate "totally different than you wanted" hairstyle.

OMG MissA I'd forgotten about the demi wave! In the 1970s, I had bone straight, shoulder length hair and had a demi wave to "put some body" into it. I came out looking like a spaniel! grin

MissAdventure Sat 23-Jul-22 00:55:02

stardreamer posted a thread to the song 'Mississippi', and I was instantly taken back in time to a disco, where my best friend and I sat glowering all night.
Me looking like Leo Sayer and her looking like a poodle.

The result of mu mum giving us a half head demi wave "just to give it some body". smile

Chewbacca Sat 23-Jul-22 01:10:25

Do you remember those huge, wide toothed combs you had to use? My hair was so tightly curled, they were like bed springs, and it was just a mass of frizz in a morning and nothing could get through it! They seemed to last forever too!

MissAdventure Sat 23-Jul-22 01:12:55

Oh yes, I remember those.
Trying to tease some gentle waves out of the frizz. smile

SunshineSally Sat 23-Jul-22 01:25:14

Lol I still have one of those combs! 😂

MissAdventure Sat 23-Jul-22 01:36:59

They work, though, for lifting your hair a bit.
My friend uses one on her hair, which is a bit wavy.
It saves pulling the waves out.

karmalady Sat 23-Jul-22 06:58:52

every hairdresser I have had has started well, with me as a new client, listened to me and did what I asked, Then they became complacent and I was in and out in 30 minutes, which included a blow dry and cut. I have short hair and it got shorter and shorter and style went and they lost a customer

Now I go to a lovely experienced lady barber who only does barbering and she is the most fantastic barber, she never does washing or all the other fripperies that go with hairdressing. My hair is quite short now but at last it is very stylish. She even taught me how to use a dab of muk

sodapop Sat 23-Jul-22 07:20:25


The same has happened to me many times so why at the end do I say thank you and give them a tip confused

Yes why do you do that Elizabeth 27 one of the reasons why hairdressers do what they want with impunity.

Gingster Sat 23-Jul-22 07:26:28

I went to the same hairdresser for 20 years, first in the salon and then to her home. Her Dd and mine were friends so we had a lot in common. She always chatted for at least 20 minutes on my arrival, standing in her kitchen. Then it was a discussion about what I wanted (usually the same) . Then the colour put on , cup of coffee , biscuit and more chat. Washing off and cut and blow drying. I was always there for 3 hours and came out exhausted! Lovely lady but oh my!

After lockdown, she couldn’t fit me in for a few weeks, so I went to the local salon 5 min walk away. My colour had grown out and is a nice whitish/creamy colour. I pop in and have a dry cut ,£20 and I’m home within 30 mins. Wash and style it myself.

All good but I have to now tell my ‘old friend’ I won’t be going back to her ☹️

Ginny42 Sat 23-Jul-22 07:40:24

I once told a hairdresser to 'Stop cutting now!'

I was watching in the mirror as she attempted to get both sides even. I could see them getting shorter and shorter and had to do something before they we up to my ears. I left the salon with odd sides!

Marydoll Sat 23-Jul-22 07:56:08

I am so fortunate. I started going to mine in 1990, because it was next to the school, I worked in and some of my colleagues recommended it. I was there the other day and the same staff are still there. I love going, as they are like friends now!

Lucca Sat 23-Jul-22 08:01:57

BEfore my hair disappeared I went to the same man for about 8 years. He listened , advised , had good conversation (none of that “are you going out tonight/ on holiday “ stuff) and understood me! Good haircuts too!

henetha Sat 23-Jul-22 09:45:13

It's one of the reasons I stopped going to the hairdresser. They never did what I wanted. But there are other reasons too.

Mattsmum2 Sat 23-Jul-22 09:50:14

I have had a fantastic hairdresser for about 15 years. She’s a magician as far as I’m concerned. I even travelled from Wales to Wiltshire when I lived in Wales every 8 weeks or so.

Auntieflo Sat 23-Jul-22 10:25:25

I have found a local hairdresser who suits me. Just a dry cut every 6 weeks, to take off the growth. She does it fine. Just recently she has had a hip replacement and so I had her colleague last time. Oh my, how she can talk. One tiny snip, chat, chat, chat, another tiny snip, chat chat, chat. I heard her life story and that of her sisters, brothers, mixed family, the dog, etc, etc. The haircut was just about acceptable, but I am so looking forward to having the salon owner back ASAP. At least she can cut while chatting just a little bit.