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Faulty window blinds

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Missie22 Sat 06-Aug-22 10:21:25

Hoping for some advice please. I have new window blinds to all of my home and 2 of them are faulty. I have contacted the fitters/suppliers who have accepted that they are faulty and need replacing BUT heres the problem. They want to take the 2 blinds down (leaving me with nothing at the bedroom windows ) and return them to the manufacturer. Meaning until they manufacture replacements I have to put up with no privacy.
Am I wrong to expect them to provide new blinds and swop with the faulty?

tanith Sat 06-Aug-22 10:24:00

Well I would ask why they can’t manufacture the new ones before removing the faulty ones as they obviously did this with the original order.

aggie Sat 06-Aug-22 10:39:47

I would expect new blinds , not repaired ones

Jaxjacky Sat 06-Aug-22 10:47:39

You are not wrong Missie, but I would double check any small print in your guarantee. We had a problem with the tilting mechanism on our vertical blinds, the company came in, replaced and tested it in situ.

Smileless2012 Sat 06-Aug-22 10:51:29

If the supplier has accepted the blinds are faulty and need replacing, there's no need for the faulty ones to be removed and returned to the manufacturer until the replacements are fitted.

They have the original measurements so it shouldn't be an issue. That said if they're insistent, and this is the only way you'll get the replacements it looks as if you don't have any choice.

Contact the supplier again and say you'll be exposed with nothing at the windows and see what they say.

Good luck.

glammanana Sat 06-Aug-22 10:57:56

There is no reason why they can't supply new blinds and fit them for you then take away the faulty ones why pay all that money to have substandard blinds repaired,I would take to Twitter and name & shame them.Best of luck.

Smileless2012 Sat 06-Aug-22 11:32:35

As far as I'm aware a retailer/supplier is not legally bound to offer a replacement for a faulty item, they can have the item repaired. That said in Missie's case the supplier has said the faulty blinds will be replaced.

Missie22 Sun 07-Aug-22 10:27:41

I will see what he says when he comes back early this week. I am really cross that he even wants to take the faulty blinds back and leave me with NOTHING at both bedroom windows. There are no curtains at the windows even. Thanks for your comments.