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To think I have been scammed

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Buttonjugs Mon 15-Aug-22 09:59:07

I went online after I heard about Bingo games that paid out cash. I knew it was only pennies but I thought it would be fun. They asked me to log in to PayPal so they could pay me. Next thing I know they have taken 999 Euros from my PayPal account! Both PP and my bank say it’s not fraudulent so won’t help me! I have no money for rent or bills and at my wits end. Are there any legal steps I can take? The company are based in Spain.

FannyCornforth Mon 15-Aug-22 10:22:49

You need to contact Pay Pal asap.
If you log into your account it tells you how to get in touch with them.
It’s not difficult.
You might even be able to cancel the payment yourself

FannyCornforth Mon 15-Aug-22 10:24:23

Oh, sorry, I see you have contacted Pay Pal.
So what was the 999 euros payment for then, if it wasn’t fraudulent?

Granny23 Mon 15-Aug-22 10:26:58

Or phone the Scams hot line. Number is simply 159

Cheeseplantmad Mon 15-Aug-22 10:33:42

I’m surprised that your bank and pp both say it’s not fraudulent as it certainly sounds as if it is . I’d get back to them as them taking 999 euros is absolutely extortionate .

muse Mon 15-Aug-22 10:39:06

You haven’t purchased anything from them and that’s how scammers get into PayPal accounts so it sounds like they’ve accessed viewing and using your computer. Did they ask you to log onto a site called TEAMVIEWER?

Look at this link below, it might help but go back to your bank. They have to release money to your PayPal account and should have checked with you first as it’s a large amount.

Please - Never keep large amounts of money in your PayPal account. PayPal is like a credit card and easy to scam.

Hope you’ve changed your PayPal password.,-spoof-or-unauthorized-transactions-to-paypal-faq2422

muse Mon 15-Aug-22 10:41:49

Don’t think my link has worked. Try their help page on scammers.

MerylStreep Mon 15-Aug-22 10:48:42

I’m a bit confused. So all you did was log on to your account.?
You never had the page that shows the amount your paying and Pay now

annsixty Mon 15-Aug-22 11:13:51

I am sorry to be obtuse but who keeps such a large sum of money in their PayPal amount but has no money for rent or bills.
Never having had a PayPal account can you pay rent from it?

M0nica Mon 15-Aug-22 11:31:28

This all sounds very odd. I am sorry, this is true, but I smell a rat.

MerylStreep Mon 15-Aug-22 11:36:32

I thought you owned your own house. Have circumstances changed?

Grannytomany Mon 15-Aug-22 11:37:02

You don’t have to keep any money in a PayPal account to use it to make payments. Payments can be made and charged against debit or credit card details which PayPal hold.

Not very kind some of these comments. Some of those scams are very clever and many people are unsuspecting and too trusting.

NotSpaghetti Mon 15-Aug-22 11:47:23

If you pay anyone via PayPal (even if you use your credit card) you need to deal with PayPal as far as I understand it. It's the intermediary and your "contract" is with PayPal.
I did think they could do a z"charge back" though.

I would go back to PayPal and ask them again. Ask for advice if no joy.

Just read this:
"The PayPal Buyer Protection Program helps protect buyers from fraud, and PayPal offers dispute and arbitration services for buyers and merchants."

You may yet get help. 🤞

Elizabeth27 Mon 15-Aug-22 11:51:57

It was probably some sort of joining fee, is that money showing in the account you have with the bingo site?

If it states that an amount is to be paid to open the account in the terms and conditions then it is not a scam.

I am sorry that you find yourself in this situation and hope someone can help.

annsixty Mon 15-Aug-22 11:52:26

Apologies if I offended by my post but as I said I don’t know how PayPal works.
Someone upthread said not to have much money in your PayPal account so I presumed wrongly that you put money in to pay with.
Sorry if I upset the OP.

Blossoming Mon 15-Aug-22 12:03:30

You need to get back onto PayPal and raise a dispute. You believe you have not authorised a payment of 999 euros. If PayPal say you have then it sounds like these scammers have managed to access your account, posing as you. I would call that fraudulent. Muse has given you good advice, hope you get your money back.

Grannytomany Mon 15-Aug-22 12:04:06

Just to add that there is loads online about online bingo scams BUT there’s also mention of PayPal being used legitimately to fund an individual’s online bingo account. Presumably this bingo account is then used to pay for bingo games and receive any winnings. I think online gambling might operate in the same way.

So what’s happened might not technically be a scam (which would explain why the bank and PayPal don’t want to know). But it’s all conjecture on my part and quite confusing.

nanna8 Mon 15-Aug-22 12:45:00

I would never,ever touch any online gaming of any sort where money is involved. It’s asking for trouble.

Witzend Mon 15-Aug-22 12:53:47

I really don’t understand why anyone would have €999 in their PayPal account in the first place - is it just me?

Any time I’ve used PayPal it’s been a one off transaction via a cc - I’ve never kept money in it, like a current or savings a/c - is this a thing now?

Elizabeth27 Mon 15-Aug-22 12:55:02

Witzendthe money is taken from the linked bank account, the money does not have to be in your Paypal account.

Witzend Mon 15-Aug-22 12:55:42

Or does the OP mean that someone’s used her PP details to access her credit card? Sorry if I’m being a bit thick here.

Witzend Mon 15-Aug-22 12:56:16

Cross post, sorry! Yes, I was being a bit thick!

biglouis Mon 15-Aug-22 12:57:54

If you are in business on Ebay or elsewhere you do need to keep a balance in your PP account to pay for postage, refunds and purchases. I keep abut $500

I am sure I saw in their terms and conditions that Paypal do not allow funds to be used for "online gambling" and this may well include bingo. By giving them (the site) access to your account you may have (unwittingly) violated their terms of use.

My advice would be to go back to Paypal and specifically ask to speak to someone in the fraud department. They are usually quite helpful.

As a matter of routine PP will ask you to reset your password and may well restrict your account and ask you to go through a verification process. This happened to me when someone fraudulantly used my PP debit card. It took about 2 weeks to sort out but I did get all my money back (about £350)

FannyCornforth Mon 15-Aug-22 12:58:21

Don’t worry Witzend, following yesterday’s pig’s ear, I’ve just made a mess of the ‘4 Day Week’ thread…

biglouis Mon 15-Aug-22 13:02:11

the money is taken from the linked bank account, the money does not have to be in your Paypal account

Yes this is what happened to me. I had foolishly linked one of my bank accounts to my PP debit card. The balance in my PP account is mostly in US dollars (I have a shop on and other US sites) and the card can only access sterling. The scammer accessed the linked bank account and got into my bank and took £350. They tried to take more but the bank blocked it.

I dont have any bank accounts linked to that card any more.