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I’m fuming !

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NanKate Fri 19-Aug-22 11:47:20

I have a John Lewis card. Recently I received an email to say JL were issuing new cards as they were changing their financial company. They then said it was an easy 4 stage procedure to update your card. They gave 4 pieces of info I needed to hand when filling in the application. So far so good

It is now over an hour later and we have only just got there. I had to phone JL for help and it took the Operator some time to work out that the application had gone down because it had timed out! I suspect it will time out for many applicants and we thought we were pretty savvy on the computer. She then said to expect an email in the next few hours for us to continue.

They asked for an E-signature which I told the Operator we didn’t have and she said ‘just tick the box’ 😏

The Operator could tell how stressed I was and finished with ‘Have a lovely Day’. I could have strangled here (sorry that’s a bit much).

Pleased be warned to put time aside if you have to update your JL card.

When I have calmed down I will send in a complaint.

Saxifrage Fri 19-Aug-22 11:59:34

Yes, I also was irritated by the Complicated system. I think it is going to take a long time once I get the new card to try and change it on all the websites where I routinely have used it. Eg Amazon, insurance, eBay, parking apps.

Nannarose Fri 19-Aug-22 13:49:56

I am interested in who has been invited to apply. I haven't. I have had my card since its inception, and have always repaid in full!

NanKate Fri 19-Aug-22 14:48:34

I thought everyone who had a credit card had been invited.

I made an error - it was supposed to be 3 easy stages not 4 !

I sent a complaint email to JL and have just had a reply that they can’t help me as it is a financial matter. They say that in addition they can’t give me an email address to send my complaint to ☹️ but have given me a phone number. I shall be making notes so that I can make sure I list all the problems.

Wheniwasyourage Fri 19-Aug-22 15:06:05

I've gone off John Lewis since they closed their Aberdeen shop without even giving it a chance after lockdown and without seeing if the closure of Debenhams would give them a boost.

NanKate Fri 19-Aug-22 16:27:26

Eventually I have spoken to someone at JL Financial Services who was so kind and helpful and has written up, as I spoke, all my complaints and is sending it up the line for a response. More later……..

M0nica Fri 19-Aug-22 17:13:32

Nannarose I am in the same position as you - and I haven't heard from them either.

kittylester Fri 19-Aug-22 17:29:42

Nor us!

karmalady Fri 19-Aug-22 17:41:22

I did the application invite and it was very straightforward, I had all the requested info to hand before clicking on continue, I guessed that, like any bank, it could time out.

They actually increased my credit limit x 2.5, I was pleased about that, I do pay my card off every month but it could well be handy if I need a bigger purchase

karmalady Fri 19-Aug-22 17:44:36

btw I also had my phone handy, charged up and ready to use in case there was a verification text

Rosina Fri 19-Aug-22 18:20:49

I decided to go for another credit card - JL have cut down so dramatically on their reward vouchers that instead of getting about £75 each time, as I have for several years now, the last offering was £25.

NanKate Fri 19-Aug-22 19:19:00

I’m glad it worked for you karmalady. I too had all the info requested but they never asked for my updated bank details.

I managed after a couple of emails to get a number to phone to complain how I was treated on the phone and the difficulties I had experienced.

The second operator was great I gave her the whole story and at the end she said she had typed it all up ! She would pass it higher up and apologised profusely for the problems I had had.

We will wait to see what ‘higher up’ come up with.

For those of you not approached yet possibly they are contacting people alphabetically and my surname starts with B.

Aldom Fri 19-Aug-22 20:15:56

I completed my application form online yesterday. My new JL credit card will be sent to me in the next few days.

Aldom Fri 19-Aug-22 20:27:14

Someone I know who spends a huge amount of money with JL, using the credit card, hasn't even been notified of the change of bank for the JL credit card. I don't think people are being contacted by using the alphabet. This lady has a name beginning with B. I've already been invited and accepted for the new card and my name is nearer the end of the alphabet. Oh, and I don't spend anything like as much as she does.

M0nica Fri 19-Aug-22 21:42:42

I have posted on their Facebook page asking what is happening. I tried to find a phone number or email address but couldn't.

I think that John Lewis have handled this very badly. The first thing they should have done is contact all account holders telling them what is happening, a day ahead of the announcement to the media. This telling some but not others is no recommendation for how the new system will run.

Deedaa Fri 19-Aug-22 21:52:17

One thing John Lewis has done well - a few weeks ago I had my wallet stolen. One of the things I lost was the partner discount card that I inherited from my late husband. I rang their helpline and a new card was organised for me in 10 minutes. I had also lost my M&S discount card so I rang M&S and four days and numerous phone calls and emails later it was more or less sorted although I am still having problems.

Delila Fri 19-Aug-22 23:48:43

My new card arrived today. I didn’t receive an invitation to apply, but I went ahead anyway, and the online application process was very straightforward (just over a week ago). The new card is very ugly!
I suspect that’s the easy part over with, now to make the transition.

NanKate Sat 20-Aug-22 03:39:33

I’m glad it worked easily for you Delila I think our problem was that we went through it slowly as we wanted to make sure we did everything correctly and then when they downloaded 3 or 4 documents we started printing them off to read later. Then one of the documents was 23 pages long so we saved that and all this took time. The problem with the E-signature would have been overcome if there had been an explanation that just a simple tick would be sufficient.

I eventually got a phone number for the Financial Services, but no email, I can post it here if anyone wants it. They don’t make it easy to contact them. I emailed John Lewis first of all and they came back saying they couldn’t deal with my complaint and they gave me the number.

NotAGran55 Sat 20-Aug-22 06:41:37

Nannarose and Monica
If you log onto your partnership card account your invitation to apply should be there? Mine is.

I haven’t applied yet but I’m interested in knowing what is so difficult about the process please?

M0nica Sat 20-Aug-22 06:59:23

NotAGran55 I do not think I have ever opened an online partnership card account. On the exceedingly rare occasions I need to contact them, I ring them up.

NotAGran55 Sat 20-Aug-22 07:18:13

Oh I see Monica that explains it then.
I have not had any emails about it either but knew it was coming from an announcement on my account a few weeks ago.

(I like the excel version of the statement as I like to shuffle it into different categories to keep tabs on our spending.
We use the card as a charge card for almost all expenditure)

M0nica Sat 20-Aug-22 07:27:19

NotAGran55 I am a slave to spread sheets. I prefer drawing up my own to any personal accounts package. However my JL card is my personal account card, rather than a family one, and once I have taken my Waitrose bill off each month, not much is left.

Now the household credit card........., but, of course, I have a spread sheet for that!

NotAGran55 Sat 20-Aug-22 07:44:12

My favourite spreadsheet is my utilities 😂

dragonfly46 Sat 20-Aug-22 07:54:11

Think I will stick with my M&S card!

NanKate Sat 20-Aug-22 08:01:04

NotaGran have a look at my explanation at 03.39 (l know I shouldn’t have been awake then). Maybe I made a bit of a meal about doing it, I was just trying to make sure I read everything and completed everything correctly and I was annoyed when it timed out.