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GHIC application. Why is it so difficult?

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Nandalot Sun 08-Jan-23 12:13:56

I cannot believe how difficult I am finding it to get a GHIC (Global Health Certificate). I don’t know if it is because my DH made the application for both of us or because I was born abroad while my DF was working in another country but they want 2 pieces of extra proof of where I live. They have accepted my winter fuel payment letter but I still need one more. All the utility bills are in my husband’s name, other evidence has to be less than three months old, so none of that available.
They would accept a bank statement showing recent transactions but I am loathe to send that. I We have lived in our house for over 35 years!
I shall have to contact local council office tomorrow to see if I can get a copy of the electoral register. (Though you would think they might have had a copy of that). Failing that I could get my doctor to write a letter.
I am definitely feeling like a second class citizen, as my DH’s went through with no problem!

Oldbat1 Sun 08-Jan-23 12:19:04

Bus pass if you are old enough? Driving licence? Income tax code notification? I don’t remember having to “send” any paperwork though. Hospital letter with your national health number on? Good luck.

Oldbat1 Sun 08-Jan-23 12:22:32

You still need insurance as Ehic/ghic in Europe only entitled you to what locals of that country would receive. It won’t repatriate you or your body as others have found to their cost.

Nandalot Sun 08-Jan-23 12:31:09

Oldbat1, I have bought insurance but DH thinks we need the certificate as well.
The evidence has to have my address on and be less than 3 months old so driving licence and tax code don’t qualify. I have hospital letters but all over 3 months old!

lixy Sun 08-Jan-23 12:41:58

Same happened to us - mine arrived almost by return of post OH's still hasn't arrived several months later.

I sent a letter from the bank regarding a change in the interest rates rather than a statement. Previously I have sent statements but used a Sharpie pen to block out account number, amounts etc.
Don't think it's personal, just the usual bureaucracy!

Cabbie21 Sun 08-Jan-23 12:44:41

I would certainly advise having both insurance and GHIC.
Insurance may refuse to cover the part covered by the GHIC.

Nandalot Sun 08-Jan-23 13:25:48

Yes, Cabbie21, reading our insurance documents it says if you have a GHIC the excess won’t be payable.

Witzend Sun 08-Jan-23 19:28:51


*Oldbat1*, I have bought insurance but DH thinks we need the certificate as well.
The evidence has to have my address on and be less than 3 months old so driving licence and tax code don’t qualify. I have hospital letters but all over 3 months old!

Do you really need the certificate if you’ve got insurance? Only asking because while we were staying at a BiL’s place in France, a fellow guest became seriously ill and when we visited him in hospital next day, the first thing I was asked was whether he had insurance.

I had sat with him until the ‘pompiers’ arrived, and luckily he’d told me where his paperwork was, so that had gone with him to the hospital.
Just as well he had insurance, since very sadly he had a 2nd more severe heart attack and eventually had to be switched off from life support - insurance paid for him to be repatriated.

Ashcombe Sun 08-Jan-23 20:30:20

I've just applied for a GHIC card online and was not asked for proof of address, just my N.I. number and address which they claim needs to be checked. Perhaps it was straightforward because I have had an EHIC in the past.

I wish you luck with your application, Nandalot.

Ashcombe Sun 08-Jan-23 20:39:19

which they claim needs to be checked

Sorry, I should have said that they said they'd do the checking.

welbeck Sun 08-Jan-23 20:47:51

can't you send a recent bank statement with the figures column obliterated.
you can buy a kind or roller rubber stamp that is v effective for doing this.
they will still be able to read dates, name address, and transactions, just not the figures.
good luck.

welbeck Sun 08-Jan-23 20:50:20

Grantanow Mon 09-Jan-23 12:58:41

It's good to have both GHIC and travel/medical insurance.

Ashcombe Mon 16-Jan-23 12:56:03

Further to my comment above, today I received my GHIC, about a week since it was ordered. However, I also have travel insurance, including for medical care.

Nandalot Mon 16-Jan-23 13:02:45

Update: They accepted my winter fuel payment letter as one piece of evidence.
I phoned my district council on Friday to ask them to provide proof of my inclusion on the electoral register. I received the letter back today (Monday). I am so impressed. Have now sent that as the final piece of evidence so am hopeful that I will soon have a valid GHIC!

FoghornLeghorn Sat 25-Mar-23 00:49:47

I’ve just received my first GHIC and wasn’t asked for any paperwork. Just the usual details plus NI number. Completed online and it came within ten days.

harrigran Sat 25-Mar-23 08:40:09

I went to the government website and filled in the form, name and address plus NI number, that was all. Card was delivered a couple of days later.

Freya5 Sat 25-Mar-23 10:49:22

I had no problem applying for GHIC online, beware the sites that charge,its free. Arrived within ten 10 days. Do I rely on it,no, some European countries, France, of course, didn't accept it , with a shrug of shoulders. Still good job a good Travel Insurance sorted the problem, and paid very quickly.

V3ra Sat 25-Mar-23 11:41:32

We always take the GHIC card plus separate travel/health insurance.

A few years ago we needed an ambulance for my mother-in-law after she fell and cut her head.
The only thing that the paramedics asked for was her EHIC card.
They took her to the local clinic for stitches.
She had excellent treatment, all free, that was in Lanzarote.

Lynker Sat 25-Mar-23 13:06:40

My husband fell breaking his nose in Portugal. We called an ambulance which arrived within 15 minutes.We were taken to a medical centre where he had an xray and stitches. We were then sent to a bigger hospital where he had a CT scan. We were asked to return the next day to see an ENT consultant, who re-set his nose and discharged us. I'm grateful it happened in Portugal and not UK. GHIC and passport were all that was required.