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Shoes off

151 Nansnet

AIBU……just not responding to texts.

15 CanadianGran

I find it difficult to cope with people who talk too much

87 BrandyGran

AIBU to think that a parent should be able to deal with a 10 year old threatening her with a hammer and garden shears?

87 OldFrill

Disco at a function spoiling the evening- AIBU?

65 Magnolia62

Returning to shift work after retirement

59 Freshair

Totally exhausted from babysitting GC

129 eazybee

Vaping around newborn

19 silverlining48

AIBU with elderly parent

101 Sally97

Irritating Mother In Law

26 Philippa111

About my neighbour ?

94 biglouis

Payment for a cancelled hair appointment?

80 Fleurpepper

Daughter starts horrendous arguments within minutes of speaking to me.

54 Pumpkinpie

Looking after DGS for 2 weeks

81 NotSpaghetti

Family who don’t bother

45 alchemilla

Dancing partners

75 ileea

Taking in neighbours parcels

92 biglouis

Is it me or them?

69 Sawitch

Knickers lost in Super Market!

93 SuperTinny

Equal treatment at different ages.

56 GrannySomerset

Hidden friendship between Mother and Mother in Law for 24 years

6 pascal30

About dogs wearing clothes?

78 Chakotay

goodwill vs exploitation ?

63 biglouis

daughter refusing to continue relationship with DGD

13 Bunn1e

Simple things WOMEN are unable to do!

33 henetha

Water, Mud, Poop...!

13 icanhandthemback

Simple things that men are unable to do!

190 Witzend

Am I wrong to think this is rude ?

91 Kalu


85 Braego18

Shoplifting rising and rising, have you ever witnessed it?

98 Dickens

Daughters partner visiting massage parlours

23 Caleo

My adult DCs don't get on

10 Whiff

Minding GC for four days

93 Nightsky2

Adult DC potentially making me choose between them and partner

113 Sapphire24

Should I have said something?

150 Nannyof4mummyof2

How long would you wait?

26 Ladyleftfieldlover

Feeling sad and envious

10 LadyGaGa

GP is not providing Covid vaccinations

99 Cherrytree59

Thinking about this football winners kiss .

107 karmalady

Forced mingling at an event.

77 Raggletagglegypsy

Letting a delivery driver use your loo

131 MayBee70

Being a grandma compared to being a mother

95 Lookingupatthestars

Manners and saying thank you

44 Ali08

Food bank rollercoaster. Huge empathy to Fury!! Is it just me?

166 NotSpaghetti

Trans Teacher

1000 VioletSky


12 silverlining48

Home & garden makeover programmes

29 merlotgran

Being bullied by kindness (bullying)

60 pascal30

Asking for money back

40 tictacnana

Wanting the house to myself

125 annie61