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Really crude birthday etc cards showing beside Gransnet.

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Bella23 Wed 06-Dec-23 12:38:04

I just wondered if anyone else is getting Advertising showing extremely crude cards a lot about older people on the right-hand side of their screen. Under Etsy. Or am I an old prude?

RosiesMaw Wed 06-Dec-23 12:38:49

Nope - not me.

Oreo Wed 06-Dec-23 13:16:24

I haven’t seen any as yet.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 06-Dec-23 13:20:50

Not seen any.

silverlining48 Wed 06-Dec-23 13:24:40

Me neither

Jaxjacky Wed 06-Dec-23 13:57:07

Nor me, I’ve got The Scottish Ballet.

Aldom Wed 06-Dec-23 14:03:12

I've got the card adds. I imagine it is because I recently purchased a beautiful, personalised card from Etsy.
Some of the cards in the advertisement are very funny. True they are mostly aimed at older people, but I'm an older person, and can laugh at myself. I'm not saying I would buy these cards, but they made me laugh. grin

Bella23 Wed 06-Dec-23 14:13:10

Well, I, 'm glad I'm not the only one Aldom and I think you have solved the problem I bought GD a lovely card from Etsy.
Must admit I did smile at one or two, if the Scottish ballet flashed what these are you would certainly know what a Scotsman wore under his kilt.

annodomini Wed 06-Dec-23 15:01:51

I have Adbloc, so don't get any ads.

Iam64 Wed 06-Dec-23 17:36:57


Callistemon21 Wed 06-Dec-23 18:23:37

I didn't but suddenly, next to this thread, there is an advert for Etsy - some rather nice gifts. Not that I ever go on Etsy.

Allsorts Wed 06-Dec-23 22:52:12

Used to have lots of adverts but not anymore. I did wiggle about in settings but don't know what I did or didn't do, but adverts stopped.

NotSpaghetti Thu 07-Dec-23 00:34:16

No, I'm not getting any.

BlueBelle Thu 07-Dec-23 03:58:11

No I ve not had them
I’ve got a luxury wedding venue in Dublin at the moment thankfully my mind seems to block them out

Ali08 Thu 07-Dec-23 04:07:00


I didn't but suddenly, next to this thread, there is an advert for Etsy - some rather nice gifts. Not that I ever go on Etsy.

Some rather nice prices, too. But, yes, Etsy do sell some really nice things.
You could try 'Not On The High Street', too.

Calendargirl Thu 07-Dec-23 07:00:55

I do my best to ignore any ads.

Whiff Thu 07-Dec-23 07:36:15

I but lot of things from Etsy. But there are some very rude things on there . But then again there are on a lot of online stores.

nanna8 Thu 07-Dec-23 07:44:04

I don’t get ads on my iPad but I do on the phone. I just ignore them, they seem to be all rubbish. I think what they don’t realise is I and many others avoid companies with irritating ads, not at all their intention.

Bella23 Thu 07-Dec-23 10:57:06

I've now got a winter wish list from a shop I've never used. I think they hope DH might be peeping over my shoulder, there is a sylphlike 20-year-old in a slip dress and a red velvet bra. They are just about 50 years too late.
Etsy can have some lovely unusual presents and cards.
If they are picking up on what I buy I'd better get what my mother would have called Winter bloomers in the shop, not online.blush

Derick Thu 07-Dec-23 16:05:15

Online advertising is algorithmic and heavily based on user activity. Ad tech targets users through IP addresses so platforms have an idea of your searches, shopping habits, online traffic, even location etc. The ads target the individual user. We aren’t all seeing the same ads all the time because our online experiences aren’t all the same. Websites make money by selling the data you agree for them to use in the terms and conditions. Make of that what you’d like…

Iam64 Thu 07-Dec-23 16:13:40

Derick, I avoided posting the way ads target individuals as the OP seems genuinely unhappy about the Etsy cards. It may be they’re simply as a result of your age group OP/
My ads are unsurprisingly all about dog training, dog food and before anyone makes an unsavoury crack - nope that’s never happened.

SachaMac Thu 07-Dec-23 16:17:52

No not me, yet.

Callistemon21 Thu 07-Dec-23 19:29:59

I've got an ad for a 12 days of Christmas Advent calendar!

Do you think they've missed the whole point of Advent?

Bella23 Fri 08-Dec-23 15:31:01

They just don't know their bible Callistemon or History.

Gwyllt Fri 08-Dec-23 19:01:37

Not me either. Perhaps it depends what else has been googled on your phone