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Rishi addressing the nation.

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Sago Fri 01-Mar-24 17:49:08

Just listening to our Prime Minister addressing the nation.
It is truly appalling that he is being heckled.
Where on earth are the Police?
Says it all about our Country right now.

Urmstongran Fri 01-Mar-24 17:50:56

Shouting out is allowed provided the law is not broken.

Urmstongran Fri 01-Mar-24 17:54:08

Good speech I think.
Words are cheap though.
Actions speak louder - we need action on our streets by the Police.

Anniebach Fri 01-Mar-24 17:56:28

Depends whose action

Cossy Fri 01-Mar-24 17:58:47

Cannot comment as not heard it yet! I’ll listen then digest, then comment. My only observation this fair is words are cheap!

M0nica Fri 01-Mar-24 18:05:28

I was expecting an announcement, that would reveal decisive action to be taken on some issue (obviously did not know what, in advance)

What a disappointment, all it was was something that could jsut as easily have been announced in Parliament. or published as a press release.

When will this lot (or any lot) realise that words mean nothing and we are no longer deceived by them. What we want is decisive action.

Maremia Fri 01-Mar-24 18:06:36

What we want is a General Election.

Cossy Fri 01-Mar-24 18:42:33


What we want is a General Election.

I’d say want and need!

Glorianny Fri 01-Mar-24 18:46:37

OMG a rich bloke asking us all to be united. I passed a food bank yesterday with a long queue waiting outside. We are not united Rishi, we are divided, and words will not change that, or put food into the mouths of poor children.

MayBee70 Fri 01-Mar-24 19:00:55

All of this division began with the referendum. Imo.

ElaineI Fri 01-Mar-24 19:07:23

Why is he speaking to nation? What a weird time to do that! People are generally cooking, going home from work, collecting children etc at this time. DD collecting child from after school club, me cooking so missed whatever it was!

Sparklefizz Fri 01-Mar-24 19:12:05

I thought it was a good speech.

Oldbat1 Fri 01-Mar-24 19:15:06

Missed whatever he has said but unless it was to call a GE im not interested.

Chardy Fri 01-Mar-24 19:29:00

The bit I heard on the radio
"our streets have been hijacked by small groups who are hostile to our values".
He and previous Tory govts going back to 2010 have divided people, Brexit, state pension age, old vs young, white vs non-white, disabled vs rest, unemployed vs working folk.
Consequently I don't know whose values he refers to when he says 'our values', but I don't think they're mine.

MayBee70 Fri 01-Mar-24 19:54:35



What we want is a General Election.

I’d say want and need!

Todays ‘ address to the nation’ was just electioneering. Imo

Smileless2012 Fri 01-Mar-24 19:58:10

I thought it was a good speech too Sparklefizz and I don't see what difference him being 'a rich bloke' makes, would it have been better coming from someone poor and impoverished?

AlwaysSmiling Fri 01-Mar-24 20:07:01

Sadly this is the world we live in now, violence, protest marches, homelessness, burglaries all the time, it is a country that I no longer recognise. Great Britain is no more. If I had a time machine I would go back to the late 50's and go no further forward than the 80's. Those were the years I absolutely loved.

AmberSpyglass Fri 01-Mar-24 20:43:53

I’d rather live in a world that allows protests than otherwise…

Glorianny Fri 01-Mar-24 20:49:40


I thought it was a good speech too Sparklefizz and I don't see what difference him being 'a rich bloke' makes, would it have been better coming from someone poor and impoverished?

If you don't understand that there are two worlds here the world of Rishi Sunak, with private swimming pools and houses all over the world, and the poverty stricken who depend on food banks and who can't earn enough to feed their children, then you need to get out and about more. A rich bloke telling those people that he has ideals, that he feels his country is threatened means nothing. His country is not their country, how can it be?
If you want to unite a country begin by recognising the needs of the people you are speaking to. Don't preach at them.

Anniebach Fri 01-Mar-24 20:52:13

Does income matter if your house is surrounded by protesters

Galaxy Fri 01-Mar-24 20:52:58

I agree but it applies to all. At Manchester uni this week they had to escort those attending a pro life meeting for their own safety. I am pro choice to my bones but those people had a right to meet safely.

Smileless2012 Fri 01-Mar-24 20:53:34

No, I shouldn't think it does Annie.

CoolCoco Fri 01-Mar-24 20:55:03

Who’s been in power for the last 14 years whilst all this has been building up? cutting police, youth services, prison staff, probation service, privatising much of the
public services so they are money making . Sunak doesn’t have a grip on running the country.

Galaxy Fri 01-Mar-24 20:55:16

Glorianny I am on a middle class income, which I guess so are you, you and me are richer than the majority (worldwide) , is your opinion of no value.

Galaxy Fri 01-Mar-24 20:56:13

Oh and I am no supporter of Sunak I have no idea who he thinks was in power whilst all he described was happening.