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ARGH Miss Marple played by Jennifer Garner?

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Maze14 Thu 07-Apr-11 16:50:46
So they're making a new (ok it's Disney) film of Miss Marple - and Jennifer Garner is playing the main part. They're turning one of the best older female characters in detective fiction into a 20 something? what else are they going to change, I wonder? This is completely outrageous i am so angry!

Avocado Thu 05-May-11 10:40:48

Yes, I thought it was a bit of a duff decision.

I have no issue with them making a super sleuthing, gorgeous young detective who always solves the case. But WHY call her Miss Marple?

Is it so they can just pinch all the plot lines and dialogues?

Lancashirelass Thu 05-May-11 18:11:23

Why dont they just clone all celluloid detectives? You are right Avocado, they are pinching the good ideas, and dropping anything that does not fit the stereotypes. How disappointing.!

nannyogg Thu 05-May-11 22:47:25

Agatha Christie would weep

HildaW Fri 06-May-11 16:47:24

The whole thing about Miss Marple is that she has a lifetime of experience.....thats what has made her good at being a detective! In the novels her past plays an important part in how her deductions are made.

mollie Sun 08-May-11 09:00:37

I was gobsmacked when I read this too but that's the Americans for you...they seem to miss the point every time!!!

lionlilac Tue 10-May-11 11:03:48

Is nothing sacred?

Hunt Thu 16-Jun-11 09:39:16

Come on everyone- who was the best Miss Marple then? Starting with Margaret Rutherford.

Grumpyoldwoman Thu 16-Jun-11 10:06:02

Joan Hickson ..because she looked like my Grandma.
I hated Geraldine McKewan at first but warmed to her.
I love Marple !!! smile

Hunt Fri 17-Jun-11 11:05:37

Have I got this right? I seem to remember that Joan Hickson met Agatha Christie who told her that when she was older she woud be the perfect Miss Marple.

HildaW Sat 18-Jun-11 17:48:47

Joan Hickson was wonderful ..... but if you watch one nowadays they are very slow. I quite like Julia McKenzie she has a good balance of authority and gentleness about her portrayal.

Margaret Rutherford was a wonderful actress...I loved her in Blythe Spirit.

SoNanny Wed 06-Jul-11 18:10:26

you're so right HildaW, I also found the Joan Hickson dvds slow. However I do think she was the best Marple. I did warm to Julia Mc.

GoldenGran Wed 06-Jul-11 18:13:48

Margaret Rutherford definately, with her crumpled face and big cloak, she looked like a benign dotty bag lady, but underneath you just knew she was a super sleuth with a needle sharp mind!