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clover Thu 19-May-11 17:01:08

Someone where I worked has just started "extreme knitting". This involves using oversized needles (like broom handles) and seven strands of wool per stitch. She is really enjoying it as the knitting grows so quickly. I just wondered if anyone else had tried it. I think you have to sit on the floor to knit because the knitting becomes so heavy.

Notsogrand Thu 19-May-11 19:33:36

I wonder what's she's making?

clover Thu 19-May-11 20:02:14

She's making a throw.

Notsogrand Thu 19-May-11 20:19:51

Sounds like a really quick way of making something big like a throw. Not heard of it before.

SuzieB Thu 19-May-11 20:47:37

It does grow quickly - if you can stand holding the needles for more than 10 minutes! I had a go at it once (with needles made from broom handles) and found it really hard to manipulate the wretched things. But I guess you could make a throw in a couple of evenings. Type 'extreme knitting' into Google because there is someone called Ingrid (can't remember her surname) who has a funny website all about it.

Joan Fri 20-May-11 08:47:55

I thought this extreme knitting would be about the terrible knitters of Dent. There was an article I read years ago in an issue of 'The Dalesman' - apparently these knitters would carry their knitting around in a special holder, and knit at every spare moment at a furious pace. The 'terrible' adjective was not a character assassination of these tough Yorkshirewomen, but related to the terrible, or terrific speed at which they worked.

I don't fancy the broomstick thing - too much like hard work.