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elsnana Wed 15-Jun-11 18:36:53

I am an avid toy knitter ... i have searched high & low for alan dart's honey bear, snow family & pierrot doll.... if anyone has these & would like to swap patterns for any they may want off me, then please get in touch.
Thanks Janet

Chris1943 Thu 16-Jun-11 13:57:54

Alan has his own website

and the Pierrot Doll is available on it and also The Snowmes and different bears.

Can't find Honey Bear and Snow family though are you sure they Alan Dart or were they published under another name

elsnana Mon 20-Jun-11 21:32:22

Hi Chris...... i have got honey bear, but 'snow family' i cannot get it, it is quite old, i have emailed alan dart website but they dont have this pattern anymore, it was printed in the 'chat' magazine some years ago, i have even emailed back issues but 'chat' have said if the issue the pattern was in was over 3 years then they destroy.
So i am still searching to see if someone bought that particular magazine with 'snow family' in, i cant even find out how long ago it was.
It would seem all avid alan dart knitters are after this pattern !!!!!!!

Kazle Wed 26-Oct-11 22:11:15

Hi elsnana.....Have you tried ebay in your search for patterns. I have been quite quite lucky and have manage to buy a few of Alan Darts out of print patterns. I think there is a Pierrot Doll on there at the moment, worth a look.
I'm still trying to get hold of the Alice in Wonderland pattern of the tea pot with the dormouse popping out of the top...... Does anyone one have a copy I could buy.

crosstitch02 Sun 24-Jun-12 14:23:02

I am trying to track down the knitting pattern for a snowman jumper with a stiped scarf which Woman's Weekly produced in the 80s. The jumper as I remember was knitted on a navy background and the scarf was knitted in red and white stripes, hung loosely and was tied. It had fringing on the bottom on the scarf. Does anyone have this pattern and would be willing to sell it to me.

happytrish Sat 30-Jun-12 21:57:23

I know this posting is late for KAZIE about the dormouse tea cosy pattern by Alan Dart. Just thought I would let you know that debi birkin has a similar one available as a download for a reasonable price. I have actually made this myself and it was great. this is the link for it - hope it may be of some use to you or others.