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What are you knitting at the moment?

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ninnynanny Sat 17-Sep-11 09:02:05

I am knitting a red cardigan for my grandaughter but I think it's a bit big, will have to put it away until next year. I often have this problem with sizes, can't be bothered with the size swatch. I have bought lots of wool, if I see a good buy try to get some. Have some lovely wool now she is out of the baby colours, red, lavender, pomegranet. Hate sewing up though!

Twobabes Wed 21-Sep-11 12:11:30

Am knitting a warm hat with earflaps for GS, 10 months. Found pattern in charity shop, my usual source.
Usually I prefer plastic to metal knitting needles. I inherited knitting kit from my Gran, my M-i-L and my friend's mum and so have loads of needles, but am about to try new bamboo ones I've just bought. Any thoughts on these?
I only knit for children - get bored doing anything bigger.

Speldnan Wed 21-Sep-11 20:09:35

Knitting a little plain white cardigan for my 2nd Grandchild due in February. Have others planned too-my partner says it's a waste of time knitting for babies because they don't wear them for long-but we know better eh!!!

ninnynanny Thu 22-Sep-11 14:08:20

Thanks Baggy, garnstudio is my favourite knitting site as well as ravelry.

barbadosgan Thu 22-Sep-11 23:49:17

what about this for inspiration?

Oldgreymare Fri 23-Sep-11 00:06:36

Oh dear..... Felt like knitting, while visiting Anglesey, when I saw a notice saying: 'Dish-cloth cotton'. So I bought some. I had to buy needles too and knitted a dishcloth which turned out to be rather expensive!
There is a local 'Knit and Natter' group which I may go to as my evening class of choice is not running! I really would like to give it another go.

lucid Fri 23-Sep-11 10:43:32

After many years of not knitting I have started to knit myself a cardigan. I got so frustrated with attempting to buy a plain cardigan that fitted that I decided I'd have to make one for myself. Why does all knitwear only fit people with sticks for arms!
Wish me luck....I think I can remember the basics...

nanimoo Fri 23-Sep-11 16:59:22

I bought two balls of Loopy wool and made two scarves in one day it was that easy to knit with. Both scarves were for my youngest daughter but I am now having to make one for her older sister and my 3 year old granddaughter.

glammanana Sat 24-Sep-11 23:29:38

After reading all the post's I have picked up the Aran I was trying to finish and have started the second sleeve,so all looking good at the moment girls.Thanks for the

syberia Sun 25-Sep-11 09:33:49

Thank you for the "garnstudio" info Baggy, have looked and it's great. I am currently knitting a matching hat for a baby jacket I made earlier for first GC due in March, also have some socks on the go for Christmas pressies, and have cot blanket in process too!! I like a choice!!

glammanana Sun 25-Sep-11 09:46:56

Just come across a nice book called "Stitch London:20 Kooky way's to Knit The City and More" by Lauren Farrell,it has all the famous landmarks to knit to a miniture red phonebox.Saw it in WH Smith's yesterday and it looks very good.

Sook Sun 25-Sep-11 18:59:25

I'm knitting socks again. I bought the yarn in a local charity shop last week I don't think they were expecting to sell it.

Twobabes Mon 26-Sep-11 00:56:59

Thanks barbadosgran, I love that site! smile (see Thurs 22nd)

eGJ Mon 26-Sep-11 12:31:26

Just started on a cushion for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad!! They need 22,000 cushions for each Olympian or Para-olympian. Choice of pattern/stich up to knitter, but must be made with British Wool. explains it all. Mine is goping be cable in stripes of greys and browns. Anyone join me in this venture?

ginny3 Mon 26-Sep-11 12:46:11

Am making little knitted dolls for my 3 Gds, to go in their stockings at xmas, also making squares to use up leftovers which will eventually become a blanket!

Annobel Mon 26-Sep-11 12:46:49

I have just had a look at the web site, eGJ and love those patterns. I might have a go at one, but I think once I'd finished it I would be reluctant to part with it!

grannydjs Mon 14-Nov-11 22:47:57

I am knitting an Aran cardigan for myself, I knit one and after I've had it for about 3 months I start another one. In between times I knit for the grandchildren, hats and cardi's mainly. This last Aran is taking some time to get finished, but hopefully by Christmas!!. I tend to hoard old patterns and among my collection I have some with the price printed on, must be about 40 years old and the cheapest is 4d! My button collection started life in a small jam jar and then I inherited my sister's collection in a coffee jar and now I have to use a quality street tin. (I have a second tin standing by). Some of the buttons are quite an age, from suits and coats belonging to my mother and older sister, I'm sure I'll find a use for them one day but in the meantime, when I need a button, it's nice to look through the tin and remember.

ninnynanny Wed 16-Nov-11 10:50:01

Just finished knitting hooded jacket in lavender and a lovely bob hat in red for my beautiful grandaughter can't wait to try them on her. Looking at patterns wondering what to knit next, miss having some knitting on the go. Happy knitting.

Mishap Wed 16-Nov-11 12:25:09

I am crocheting a nativity scene at the request of my D.
I have made Mary and Joseph and a wee babe whom my 2 year old GS calls Cheeses!

greenmossgiel Wed 16-Nov-11 16:44:11

Cheeses! Oh bless him! smile

forbesisnow2 Wed 07-Dec-11 09:23:17

I am knitting a little jumper for my granddaughter with a big motif of Dora the Explora on the front!!! Not sure how this is going to go as its the first time I've done this sort of thing. I have completed a few jumpers and cardigans for both grandchildren, my last progect was a cardigan which was covered in different coloured bobbles, it was called a smartie cardie. She absolutely loved it. I got the pattern out of a Women's weekly. I agree that the price of buttons are way too high sometimes costing as much as the garment.

Annobel Wed 07-Dec-11 09:45:20

I am still trying to learn to crochet and have progressed to the stage of making a small circle!
Patons have a web site with free patterns and today I had an email with teacosy patterns, traditional and funky - may be useful for Christmas presents in a hurry. I am thinking of making the Aran pattern one. It's a members only web site, but costs nothing to join.

syberia Wed 07-Dec-11 10:03:03

Good luck with the crochet Annobel, that is something I, too, enjoy. Thanks for the Patons link

I have 2 more pairs of socks to knit before Christmas, then I can get back to the baby things! grin

Butternut Wed 07-Dec-11 10:46:11

I'm a complete novice ......... so I'm doing squares to make a throw. grin

syberia Wed 07-Dec-11 10:48:21

Butternut I hate sewing all the squares together, so if I do a blanket I tend to knit in long strips. smile

Butternut Wed 07-Dec-11 11:51:55

Well, I never thought of that! Thanks for the tip smile