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TrishB Tue 15-Nov-11 14:18:23

Can anyone recommend an introductory course on freehand machine embroidery in the Surrey/Hampshire/West Sussex area? Am keen to try my hand and thought some initial advice would be useful.

apricot Tue 15-Nov-11 19:24:14

Is there a local branch of the Embroiderer's Guild? Perhaps ask at the library. Our's is large and active with lovely people all doing different things.

starrygal Sun 11-Dec-11 10:33:55

TrishB you can do an introductory online course here in machine embroidery for £75. They do other online courses as well, including City & Guilds.
I'm considering taking the course myself.

NanaChrissie Fri 08-Jun-12 17:58:23

Has anyone checked You Tube. Neither have I, but I will as a matter of interest as soon as I have signed off GN. I brought my all singing dancing sewing machine from John Lewis about 6 years ago (but it is hardly used as I still have to work full time) and the rep who sold it told me that the Chinese ladies in this area (Milton Keynes) were hot, hot, hot! But I never see anything for sale so what they do I have no idea.

Jacey Fri 08-Jun-12 18:40:28

trishB I've sent you a private message about a course ...didn't think I could do it here, as it may be seen by GNHQ as advertising confused.

I hope it will be of interest for you ...but often the places that sell these machines run courses too. have fun smile

Stansgran Fri 08-Jun-12 18:46:48

I have a book from That Patchwork Place called Machine Quilting Made Easy by Maurine Noble which is a beginners course-might be out of print(1994) but very clear and helpful just on basics.