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Any quilters around?

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Jacey Wed 07-Mar-12 13:08:17

Can anyone recommend a good quilting site for free patterns?
Inparticular ... for a handbag? flowers

fatfairy Wed 07-Mar-12 17:06:00

All the craft sites seem to be American these days - I'm reassured that somebody in the UK (this is an assumption) still likes to do handicrafts.
If you google "quilted handbag patterns" you get all sorts, eg

Stansgran Wed 07-Mar-12 20:58:21

Thank you I've bookmarked that site-I saw a bag organiser on the plane recently-rather expensive so I wasnted to make one and i think there is something suitable.
Coates also do free patterns-I've done a few

Jacey Wed 07-Mar-12 22:23:55

Thank you bothsmile ...have spent some time on the sites and found some possibles.

bagitha Thu 08-Mar-12 06:53:11

You could try quilting blogs as well.

Maniac Thu 08-Mar-12 10:10:44

Is there a quilters guild in your locality?
The monthly N.Somerset gp meets in our village
(more than 60 members).We have a swaps table where I pick up bits of material and past nos. of quilters magazines.
- also theme items made by members .
Last month it was 'bags'.I'll ask around for you.I've made several small quilted bags for mobile phone,camera etc.
'Patchwork and Quilting' magazine often has patterns and lots of info.on sources.
Happy quilting!

Jacey Thu 08-Mar-12 15:03:28

Thanx Maniac...look forward to hearing from