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Knitting the Olympics

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Annobel Tue 13-Mar-12 09:37:13

This is fantastic:

GoldenGran Tue 13-Mar-12 10:10:53

I loved it, how clever, I wonder who it was.

harrigran Tue 13-Mar-12 11:09:34

Wow, so much time and effort. I wonder if they lurk to watch people react.

absentgrana Tue 13-Mar-12 11:15:56

It's great isn't it and doing much for tourism in Saltburn.

wotsamashedupjingl Tue 13-Mar-12 11:19:26

Absolutely amazing! They must have been working on it for so long!

syberia Tue 13-Mar-12 11:38:31

To have that idea and then carry it out! The detail is really good. smile

jeni Tue 13-Mar-12 12:00:29

What a lovely idea! grin

Annobel Tue 13-Mar-12 12:02:29

Surely it's the work of more than one knitter?

Elegran Tue 13-Mar-12 12:57:42

Read that as more than one kitten. Must get new glasses.

Maybe Bloshy cat's wifelet has taken up knitting kitten mittens.

Annobel Tue 13-Mar-12 13:17:09

I suspect it would take more than one kitten! Though it's amazing how much knitting a small feline can unravel.

Oxon70 Tue 13-Mar-12 19:38:48

Mind you if you've made this, what do you do with it? Seems a good solution.

Jacey Tue 13-Mar-12 19:44:10

Thanx Annobel really is amazing

petallus Fri 16-Mar-12 17:09:22

That's really brilliant

Elegran Sat 17-Mar-12 11:32:25

Here are some more nutty knits.

shysal Sat 17-Mar-12 11:39:30

Love it elegran. Perhaps we should all start in our home towns.

Elegran Sat 17-Mar-12 12:09:30

I was disappointed to see that one installation had been stolen within 24 hours.

Oxon70 Sat 17-Mar-12 20:12:15

I must alert my knitfanatic friend in Queensland!

artygran Wed 11-Apr-12 17:34:42

I have just come across this thread, and the link to this amazing bit of knitting. On Saturday, I took my 17 yr old stepgrandson to an exhibition at one of our local art galleries, and in the gallery next door was another small exhibition called "Under the Sea", part of which was a knitted coral reef. It was extraordinarily realistic and covered most of one wall. We could only marvel.