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Longies and soakers

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nanapug Thu 22-Mar-12 17:48:27

Is there any one out there who has a pattern for longies or soakers, knitted using Aran wight wool, but seamed and not in the round please? Am really struggling to find a pattern. Ravelry tends to have plenty, but they are mainly knitted in the round as they are from the States. Help please as I have some beautiful wool waiting to be knitted up!!

Jacey Thu 22-Mar-12 17:51:25

Sorry to be so ignorant nanapug but whatare "longies or soakers"? blush

nanapug Thu 22-Mar-12 18:50:30

They are supposedly the latest thing (but in truth you and I probably wore them but don't tell the youngster!!!) They are long or short trousers/shorts/pants knitted in pure untreated wool and lanolinised, and used over cloth nappies rather than plastic pants. Some mums (my DD included) now try not to use disposables and use the most amazing, pretty cloth nappies. I have been charged with knitting some but am yet to find a suitable pattern sad

Sewsilver Thu 22-Mar-12 18:50:38

Am also intrigued t.o know what longwise and soakers are. They are obviously made of wool but try as I might can't even hazard a guess.

nanapug Thu 22-Mar-12 18:51:58

If you google them you will see some good pictures smile

jeni Thu 22-Mar-12 19:03:51

My DD made some! I'll ask her at the weekend!

Sewsilver Thu 22-Mar-12 19:05:14

Ah now I see. As a very novice knitter still struggling with my first scarf don't think I'll be trying these for a while.

nanapug Thu 22-Mar-12 19:07:42

Thank you Jeni I would appreciate that very much.

Jacey Thu 22-Mar-12 19:25:21

Thank you for that nanapug

But ...if you know how many stitches to cast on to start with ...why can't you work the pattern on ordinary needles??

Just keep a count of the rows and you'll still know when to increase or decrease. If it is done in stocking stitch ...then you'll just do a purl row on the way back???

jeni Sat 24-Mar-12 19:38:06

Hello, jeni's daughter here (absconding from Mumsnet!)

Here is the pattern I used - very easy!

Hope that helps! grin

jeni Sat 24-Mar-12 19:41:35

Just to add, using woolies for over night nappies especially is brilliant. As the wool is much more breathable than the plastic (PUL) covers, they are actually cooler, and mean less nappy rash.

However, her nappy does end up smelling somewhat like a hamster cage by morning..... shock

Right, I'd better get off Mother Dearest's log in... grin

PS I'm very jealous that you have a sunshine smiley and a cupcake smiley - we don't have those on Mumsnet... envy

<wanders off grumbling mildly....>

jeni Sat 24-Mar-12 19:43:39

Right she's gonegrini can go back to being myself again sunshine

nanapug Sun 25-Mar-12 11:42:37

Thank you very much Jeni and your (cloth bum mum) DD. It is very kind of you. I am interested that you find the DK wool sufficient as my DD is convinced that it needs to be Aran weight. Do you use pure untreated wool as all the run of the mill wool suppliers seem to sell treated wool which I am led to believe does not work as well?
OT I had a really great hour with the knitting lady at John Lewis yesterday being taught how to knit in the round. Maybe I will have a go now wink

grandmaflump Mon 26-Mar-12 19:45:19

Hi nanapug, try this link for a free pattern . Hope it helps.