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maggiemay42 Wed 11-Apr-12 18:16:34

Could anybody recommend anice cd rom for making cards that contains a bit of everything ie papers inserts toppers ect.

NemoNan Wed 11-Apr-12 18:37:17

Hi maggiemay42, I recently bought a magazine called Digital Crafting which had a double DVD with it. I have only looked through it as yet, not had time to use anything, but there's an awful lot on it. It cost £7.99 I think. Hope that helps

shysal Wed 11-Apr-12 19:31:04

maggiemay42 I recently searched ebay for a CD such as you describe but found nothing, they all seemed to cover a narrow subject. I did find a CD of fractals which contained a few images suitable for 3D cards, but with limited uses. I had never heard of these computer-generated patterns and started a thread about them. They are fascinating
I hope Gransnetters come up with some useful suggestions..

maggiemay42 Thu 12-Apr-12 13:06:02

thanks for answers will look out for magazine sounds interesting NemoNan and try your link shysal

maggiemay42 Thu 12-Apr-12 13:14:21

just watched Fractals on youtube AMAZING found through your link shysal