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pollytunnel Thu 12-Apr-12 13:47:31

Hello all I have dabbled in watercolour and have been a pretty good seamstress for many I feel the urge to make a wall hanging for my bedroom...I want to use cotton velvet as a base ...colour it in a wash of different colours and add things...maybe net,chiffon,foils and of course machine embroidery....the painting of fabric is new to me any of you tried it? and how did you get on?


NanaChrissie Sun 29-Apr-12 11:44:14

Hi Pollytunnel. Don't get excited. I know nothing about this craft. But have you tried asking one of the Art Colleges. I understand that Nottingham has a good Textile Degree Course - as does Stella McCartney's old alma mater of St Martin's Art College London.

PatB Sun 29-Apr-12 18:40:53

I haven't tried it either but the crafting superstore Hobbycraft sometimes have day courses or demonstrations so it might be worth looking out for your local one having something suitable. Your local FE college might do courses as well.

pollytunnel Thu 03-May-12 20:53:09

Thanks for that...You tube has been a revelation...I love looking at the videos and have found some fab ones about textile painting ..hope to start soon


SuzieB Mon 14-May-12 19:39:42

Yes - Youtube is wonderful for instructions! I don't know where you are, but I could recommend a couple of places where you could possibly do a day course. The first thing to remember with fabric painting is to start with fairly dilute colours. You've done watercolour painting so adopt the same attitude to painting fabric. You can always add colour, but you can't take it away. It's great fun - I love it - watercolour and fabric painting. I like painting yarn too.

echinos Mon 03-Dec-12 20:56:07

Hi - Only just joined Gransnet (Dec 2012). I've been reading the messages re fabric art and noticed that it's seven months since the last one so I don't know if this will be relevant. I do a lot of fabric art work and get the best info from 'STITCH' magazine which is the mag of The Embroiderer's Guild. It's as easy and as economical to join the guild and get the mag free as it is to search for the mag in W H Smith. Also it's possible to buy stuff on-line from 'Art Van-go' for use in fabric art. Plus 'Stitch' mag has lots of ads for fabric-art suppliers.