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toy knitting patterns.

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happytrish Sun 13-May-12 16:58:26

Hello everyone. If anyone is having a clear out of any toy knitting patterns could you send me a private message. I will pay expenses ie: postage. thanks, Trish

jessbrewer Thu 08-Aug-13 07:33:56

What toys are you thinking of knitting ,I knit toys and could copy some for you. Jess

glammanana Thu 08-Aug-13 08:50:16

I have a farmers family collection you are welcome to if that is the sort of thing you are looking for. ?

oomie Fri 08-Nov-13 14:52:48

Hi all, I am new to the gransnet site and it looks really interesting. I am an enthusiastic knitter of toys. I wonder if anyone knows where they can be donated. My grandkids are all past the stage of wanting any. Thanks for any info.

jennycockerspaniel Sat 09-Nov-13 23:55:17

jJust read my Grandsons Christmas list - clothes for baby Lois his little dog has had since baby so looking for 7inch clothes for him teddy bers clothes Can some body help Have one some where but cannot find it Thankyou

FlicketyB Sun 10-Nov-13 07:06:25

Have a look on ebay. They have an enormous range of knitting patterns on sale and most sell for a couple of pounds at most.

Brendawymms Sun 10-Nov-13 07:45:01

Garnstudio also have free knitting patterns for toys.

Nonny Sun 10-Nov-13 20:23:03

The Ravelry site has many free patterns for both toys and dolls clothes.

greatgranma Fri 29-Nov-13 14:32:07

i don't make many toys now DGC in main to old 9 between ages 25 to 16 :D only unexpected one of 1 & new DGGC 3 weeks but finding patterns expensive for maybe making one or two off i got books from library, & managed to buy one or two in charity shops also magazines are a good source at this time of year

Nelliemoser Fri 29-Nov-13 14:39:52

I am sorry but I cannot help myself! Why not get real knitting patterns to knit toys with.