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mrsmopp Fri 08-Jun-12 22:13:51

Bback in the 80s I had a pattern for a bolero, I suppose you would call it a shrug now. It was very easy and knitted all in one piece; just the side seams to join at the end. It had little cap sleeves & was ideal for a cover up for a strappy dress. I remember it was using chunky wool on big needles and could be made in a couple of evenings. Have looked online endlessly and not found it. So many are that odd shape with drooping long corners hanging down and they don't suit me. I wish I could find my pattern- does anyone have anything similar?

Sook Fri 08-Jun-12 22:45:23

Have you tried ebay mm? There are a number of sellers who specialise in selling copies of vintage patterns.

glammanana Fri 08-Jun-12 22:47:30

mrsmopp might it have been in Womens Realm they did a lot of knitting patterns and some of them where very easy as the one you have mentioned.Have a look on "google" and do a search you may be lucky

Happygardener Mon 25-Jun-12 19:47:32

You could try contacting one of the editors of "Womens Weekly". Their knitting patterns were always reliable. Happy hunting!

Woolliegran Sat 30-Jun-12 04:59:10

Why not join Ravelry? More patterns than you can shake a stick at there! (I'm woolliewoman on Ravelry).

Maelbrigda Sat 30-Jun-12 05:46:44 is a brilliant UK auction site where many sellers have vintage patterns (including me i must admit) I'll look through my collection and see if there is anything similar

Bags Sat 30-Jun-12 08:35:20

Another good site for free patterns is Drops Design