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riclorian Fri 16-Nov-12 14:18:19

Hello fellow knitters , I love to knit - must be occupied in evenings !!-and I have for a while been knitting hats for prem. babies , and squares to make blankets for local homes for the elderly . I have wondered if there is a charity somewhere that would take jumpers and cardigans for small children ? I have in the past sent jumpers to Zimbabwe , but the postage is very expensive and I realise that there must be many needy young children in this country . So I would welcome any info from Gransnetters-------Many Thanks in advance .

mrsmopp Tue 04-Dec-12 19:05:11

We have Operation Sunshine in our area and our group knits for them. Goods are sent in containers and we have a contact the other end so we know the goods get through to the destination. In parts of East Africa the poverty has to be seen to be believed. I dont know your area but google Operation Sunshine and see if that's an option.
You do not have to pay postage.
I love my knitting and enjoy knitting clothes for the children, blankets, hats scarfs etc. People are very generous donating left over yarn and we use it all. Lots of jazzy striped tops - children love them.
Oxfam used to do this but they have changed now and it's stopped.
Hope this helps!

mrsmopp Tue 04-Dec-12 19:07:37

Should have said it's

knit987blue Mon 21-Apr-14 17:46:55

HI there fellow nutty knitters. There is a charity based I think in Scotland called loving hands they will take or redirect anything you can make. Also there is Knit for Peace. With both of these websites you need to post your work to them so there is a cost.
Oxfam will no longer take the teabag vests or blankets. Any blankets are now sold at music festivals. Which is good I know but after all the hours it took to knit/crochet a blanket I personally would rather it kept a kid feeling secure in a hostel or warm on the side of a mountain when their world has fallen apart. This as I said is only my opinion

rosequartz Mon 21-Apr-14 21:28:06

Hello knit987blue

I knit squares and premmie blankets for LILY (Love in the Language of Yarn). They also need warm knitted garments for babies and children.

They have to be posted to Turkey where they are made into blankets for Syrian refugees by a lovely lady called Dianne and her helpers. They also welcome donations towards transport costs.

janerowena Tue 22-Apr-14 14:41:17

Lots of charities here

I used to knit jumpers for a charity. It was exactly the same pattern for all jumpers, but in all sizes from baby to large male. I can't find it now, which is really annoying. It was for refugees arriving here in thin fabrics and no winter clothes.