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grumpysmrs Wed 02-Jan-13 10:27:14

Having just read a post by member ticktock about making Christmas gifts I thought it might be an ideas to have an on line craft group where you post your ideas or ask for idea, help etc. I have a craft group at our local church in Torquay (anyone interested in joining PM me) I could tell you what we are making each week and hopefully get some ideas. We try not to buy to much and to recycle whatever we can, I love the idea of making something out of nothing. in the past our group has made clocks, padded notice board, jewellery,we've done glass painting, soap making, decorating candles in fact we've had a go at most everything, what I tell my ladies if you see something you'd like to have a go at, get as many details as you can even take a sneaky photo and together we can work out how to do it. I've only just found this site so you may have something like this already.

Ana Wed 02-Jan-13 10:29:21

If you look on the forum index, grumpymrs you'll see there is an Arts and Crafts section - have a look around that and if you want you can start a thread on there. smile

Ana Wed 02-Jan-13 10:30:11

Oops, I see you already know about the Arts and Crafts section! Sorry....blush

grumpysmrs Wed 02-Jan-13 10:37:28

no problem Ana, thanks for helping, I'm reading through now. I think gransnet is going to be great and will tell friends about it, I'm a bit afraid of networking sites like twitter and facebook

NanaNel Wed 02-Jan-13 11:14:20

Happy New Year everyone. Got my Christmas bunting kit on Christmas Eve from gransnet. Too late to do for Christmas but am turning it into a birthday bunting. I would love to join a craft group but there is nothing around here. Told DH that I wanted something crafty and musical for Christmas so I got a Ukulele and watercolour painting equipment. Have been on YouTube to get help with both. Wish me luck.

grumpysmrs Wed 02-Jan-13 12:05:33

well nananel do what I did and start a craft group, you would be surprise how many are thinking as you and wishing there was one they could go to, or you could invite like minded friends around to craft items for charity. I love youtube, everything seems to be on there. just type how to ?????? whatever it is you want to try and several options will pop up. what was the bunting kit and am I too late? have I missed out?

NanaNel Wed 02-Jan-13 12:32:44

That's not a bad idea grumpymrs What I need to do is organize my time so that I can do that. The Christmas bunting set was a competition before Christmas. It is really good. I love knitting so I will adapt the pattern to make a birthday bunting for my GC.

grumpysmrs Thu 03-Jan-13 13:34:37

thought you might like this, winner of our Christmas comp


On a Monday morning we do meet
all kinds of things we try to beat
All kinds of different items we make
you do not have to partake
Our husbands say "WHAT IS THAT"
they think all we do is sit and chat
At 11 O'clock we take a break
if only to have coffee and cake
Towards August we make things for Cockington fayre
we assemble earrings to sell at 50p a pair
Last week we made a rag wreath
lots of mess on the table and underneath
And boxes of all shapes and sizes, which may
gifts for friends and family make way
Next week - chocolates "oh what a treat"
I hope they're good enough to eat
This week we have our Christmas dinner
my gosh we won't get any thinner
Never mind time passes so quick
the whole years has gone in just a tick
Most of the time we have fun
across the room things could be flung
I wonder what next year will bring
anyway- we'll have a go at anything